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Fast Food Deals to Feed the Whole Family

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Crowd Pleasers

Crowd Pleasers

Many families are cooking more now that they're social distancing, but if you're not used to cooking every day, it can get tough. So to give yourself a break and the whole family a treat, take advantage of the family-sized meal deals that many fast food restaurants are offering now for takeout or delivery. It's a good way to break up your new self-isolation routine.

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Burger King
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Burger King: $13 Family Bundle

Burger King always has lots of offers and deals on its website and app, and one is especially good for small families right now. The $13 Family Bundle is for burger lovers because it comes with three Whoppers, three cheeseburgers, and three small french fries. If you ordered those items a la carte, the total would come to around $20, so it's a good savings.

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Taco Bell
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Taco Bell: $14 Taco Party Pack

There is a whole section of the Taco Bell menu devoted to Party Packs, and an at-home coronavirus taco party seems like a great idea. The basic Taco Party Pack includes 12 tacos, and you can mix and match with soft or crunchy shells for $14. For a couple more bucks, you can get Party Packs of supreme tacos or Nacho Cheese Doritos tacos. They all come in an easy-to-carry cardboard box.

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Pizza Hut: Big Dinner Box
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Pizza Hut: $24 Big Dinner Box

Pizza will forever and always be a great crowd-pleasing meal, but variety is the spice of life. That's why Pizza Hut's Big Dinner Box is so popular. There are four combination possibilities in one box: three medium 1-topping pizzas, or two medium 1-topping pizzas with five breadsticks and either pasta, wings, or boneless wings. Depending on your location and choice, the price will be around $24.

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KFC: $30 Fill Up

Who doesn't like cold fried chicken the next day? The new $30 Fill Up deal at KFC is an extension of the popular $20 Fill Up meals but with more chicken so you have leftovers. You get two buckets of chicken in any combination of 8-piece regular or extra crispy, or 12 chicken tenders, plus two large mashed potatoes and gravy, large coleslaw, and four biscuits.

Domino's: $19.99 Perfect Combo Deal

Domino's: $20 Perfect Combo Deal

For families who like a little something sweet with their meal deals, Domino's Perfect Combo Deal for $20 will hit the spot. It comes with two medium 1-topping pizzas for a little variety, plus a 16-piece parmesan bread bites, 8-piece cinnamon twists, and a 2-liter of soda.

Popeye's: $24.99 14-Piece Family Meal

Popeye's: $25 14-Piece Family Meal

Fried chicken restaurants always have family meals, and usually, the bigger the meal the bigger the deal. Right now Popeyes has a 14-piece Family Meal for $25 that includes two large sides and seven biscuits. It feeds up to seven people, or you can just plan to have lots of leftovers for tomorrow.

Subway: Family Takeout Special

Subway: $12-$18 Family Takeout Special

Sandwich shops don't normally have family-sized meals, and Subway is no exception. However, they do have a pandemic special right now that can feed the entire family. The Family Takeout Special gets you a free footlong sub when you order two other footlong subs. Add some chips at home, and you've got a meal for six people.

Hardee's: Family Bundles

Hardee's: $15 Family Bundles

Hardee's has released six Family Bundles deals, three each for breakfast and lunch/dinner. At breakfast, you can get four sausage and egg or bacon, egg and cheese biscuits with four small hash rounds, or swap out two of those for cinnamon and raisin biscuits. Later in the day, your options include: 12-piece chicken tenders and two medium fries, four cheeseburgers and four small fries, and 6-piece chicken tenders, two double cheeseburgers, and four small fries.

Del Taco: Fiesta Pack
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Del Taco: $6-$8 Fiesta Pack

There are three Fiesta Packs of tacos and burritos at Del Taco that can easily feed four or five people. The least expensive option includes six value tacos and six bean and cheese burritos. For a little more, you can upgrade to six Del tacos or six grilled chicken tacos with six large half-pound bean and cheese burritos.

Panda Express
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Panda Express: $20 Family Meal Deal

A limited-time offering at Panda Express right now is a $20 Family Meal deal. It includes your choice of three large entrees and two large sides. You think the employees would bat an eyelash if you ordered orange chicken for all three?

Steak 'n Shake: Family 4 Pack Meal Deal
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Steak 'n Shake: $20 Family 4 Pack Meal Deal

The Family 4 Pack deal at Steak 'n Shake is essentially four combo meals, so it's one of the few deals that includes drinks. You get four Double 'n Cheese Steakburgers, four small fries, and four regular soft drinks for $20.

White Castle: Super Sack
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Jersey Mike's: Giant Subs
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Jersey Mike's: $12-$15 Giant Subs

Though there's no family meal at Jersey Mike's, all of the subs come in giant size, which feeds 3-4 people. Depending on which sub you choose, you're paying $12-$15 for a giant size, which makes for a pretty reasonably priced meal.

Boston Market: Rotisserie Chicken Family Meal
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Boston Market: $27 and Up Rotisserie Chicken Family Meal

Boston Market is great if you want a homestyle family dinner of comfort food. The Family Meals feed 3-6 people, and the most popular comes with a whole rotisserie chicken as the main, plus 3-6 sides depending on the size of the meal. You can also get meals with barbecue ribs, roasted turkey, or meatloaf. The best deal? Adding a whole rotisserie chicken to any meal for $2.

Long John Silver's: Family Meals
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Long John Silver's: Family Meals

Like fried chicken restaurants, Long John Silver's always has Family Meals available. They come in 8-, 12- and 16-piece fried pollack or chicken tenders, plus family-size sides and of course, hushpuppies.

El Pollo Loco Patio
El Pollo Loco Patio by Cynthia Smoot (CC BY-NC-ND)

El Pollo Loco: $19-$36 Family Chicken Meals

If a chicken dinner sounds great but you'd rather not have fried chicken, El Pollo Loco's Family Dinners are a good option. The 16-piece Family Dinner comes with grilled, citrus-marinated chicken along with three large sides, tortillas and salsa. If you don't need to feed eight people, there are also 8-, 10-, 12- and 14-piece meals.


Wingstop: 40-Piece Group Pack

If your family loves spicy wings, Wingstop's family meals are a good choice for a fun dinner. The 40-piece Group Pack feeds 5-6 people with 40 traditional or boneless wings tossed in up to four different sauces or rubs, plus a large family-sized fries, two orders of fresh veggie sticks and four dipping sauces. For smaller families, there's a 30-piece option as well.

Church's Chicken: 20-Piece Meal
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Church's Chicken: 20-Piece Meal

Go big or go home with the family meals at Church's Chicken. Grab the largest one they offer with 20 pieces of original or spicy fried chicken, your choice of four large sides, and eight honey butter biscuits. It'll feed eight people for one meal, or plan on getting a couple meals out of it and save yourself some time. For smaller families, you can order the 10-piece meal with two large sides and four biscuits, or the 15-piece meal with three large sides and six biscuits.

Bojangles': 20-Piece Jumbo Tailgate
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Bojangles': 20-Piece Jumbo Tailgate

The family meals at Bojangles' are called Tailgates, but you don't have to attend a sporting event to enjoy them. The 20-piece Jumbo Tailgate comes with four picnic sides like green beans and dirty rice, plus 10 biscuits and a gallon of iced tea. There are also 8- and 12-piece meals available for smaller families.

Einstein Bros. Bagels: Take & Make Pizza Bagel or Deli Kit

Einstein Bros. Bagels: Take & Make Pizza Bagel or Deli Kit

Einstein Bros. has released new family meal kits that are especially great for kids since they're create-your-own. The pizza bagel comes with six bagels, pizza sauce, shredded cheese and pepperoni, enough to make 12 pizza bagel halves. The deli kit comes with six assorted bagels, sliced turkey, ham, cheese and fresh toppings for six sandwiches. If you're a brunch fan, there's also a brunch box with hot sandwiches, bagels and cream cheese, muffins, and hash browns.

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Fazoli's: $15-$17 Fresh Tossed Duo

Pasta is always a crowd pleaser, especially with kids. Fazoli's family meals include the Fresh Tossed Duo that comes with two big bowls of pasta, including fettuccine alfredo and spaghetti with marinara or meat sauce, plus eight garlic breadsticks. For a few dollars more, you can also substitute a baked pasta like lasagna or ziti for one of the tossed pastas for a heartier meal.

Moe's Southwest Grill: Build Your Own Taco Kit

Moe's Southwest Grill: $35 Build Your Own Taco Kit

Moe's Southwest Grill has developed a build-your-own taco kit as a fun way to feed your family during quarantine. The kit comes with 12 soft flour tortillas, a choice of two proteins like steak or chicken, and lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo and sour cream for toppings. Plus, there's sides of rice and beans and chips and salsa for a full meal for up to six people.

Dickey's Barbecue Pit: Classic Family Pack Special

Dickey's Barbecue Pit: $35 Classic Family Pack Special

Dickey's Barbecue Pit is running a special on its Classic Family Pack. For $35, you get 1 pound of brisket, 1 pound of pulled pork, potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, six dinner rolls and your choice of barbecue sauce.

Pollo Tropical Express
Pollo Tropical Express by Phillip Pessar (CC BY)

Pollo Tropical: $20 Special Grande Family Meal

For about $20, you can feed the whole family with the Special Grande Family Meal at Pollo Tropical. This Cuban-style meal comes with a whole grilled chicken, roast pork, white rice, black beans, sweet plantains and four rolls.

Zaxby's: 30-Piece Chicken Fingerz Family Pack
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Zaxby's: $25-$29 30-Piece Chicken Fingerz Family Pack

Zaxby's has created new family packs for dealing with this pandemic. The 20-piece Chicken Fingerz family pack comes with 20 regular or buffalo chicken fingers, two large orders of fries, four pieces of Texas toast and dipping sauces.