5 Common Scams People Really, Really Need To Stop Buying Into

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With the wealth of knowledge available at our fingertips, it's a true shame that so many of us still fall prey to all kinds of elaborate scams. And we're not talking about a one-off, "I got scammed, but learned my lesson" situation. Nope. There are far too many repeat instances involving the same scams. We combed through this informative Reddit thread and identified five common scams you'd do well to avoid. 

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1. Streaming Platforms

Unfortunately, streaming platforms have transitioned into the outer fringes, if not actually being in full-fledged scam territory. Subscription prices for a mere month to one of the streaming services that previously seemed affordable have inflated like never before, and it doesn't appear that they're going to slow down anytime soon. 

Want to save money on streaming? You'd be wise to just rotate your subscriptions.


2. Timeshares

Oh, boy. If you know anyone in your inner or outer circle that invested in a timeshare back in the day, you've likely heard their stressed venting about how the timeshare "economy" seems to be speeding at a terrifying rate towards rock bottom. As a depreciating asset, timeshares are full of financial pitfalls and surprise fees.


3. Minor Textbook Upgrades

As if college wasn't already expensive enough. Over 43 million Americans have federal student loan debt — a loan that they might very well never manage to pay off. And then you add pricey yet minimal "textbook upgrades" onto that mess? Get out of here with that noise. 

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4. Chiropractors

This is definitely a useful one to keep in your back pocket. Apparently, it's far more beneficial (and financially worthwhile) to visit a physical therapist instead of a chiropractor. The former actually possesses a medical degree to help you with your pain. 

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5. Alkaline Water

This one's sure to be a tad bit polarizing. You likely know someone who's an alkaline water fan — or maybe you subscribe to the apparent wonders associated with consuming the notably pricier alkaline waters of this world. 

Well, Redditor u/hdorsettcase writes, "I was in line behind a guy buying a big jug of alkaline water. Label said 'guaranteed pH > 8.8.' I asked him why that high of a pH was necessary. 'Ramble, ramble, ramble, city water isn't that high.' I informed him the city's water was higher 9.2. He questioned how I knew that. I told him I was the QA Chemist for the drinking water plant and had tested it three times today. 'Well...I just don't like the taste.' Fair enough."

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