The Best Signature $10 Dish in Every State

Dune Brothers Seafood

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Ike’s Korner Grille
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Sampling some of the best foods America has to offer doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Across the nation, each state has delicacies you can enjoy for $10 or less. Take a look at the dishes you can enjoy without breaking the bank in each state and Washington D.C., from hearty sandwiches to sweet pies and smoked meats. 

Please note: Menu prices are subject to change and prices listed are before tax unless otherwise indicated.

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Gibson’s Bar-B-Q
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Alabama: Smoked Chicken Wings With White Sauce

Best: Gibson’s Bar-B-Q in Decatur

Runner-up: Saw’s (various locations)

Mostly found in Northern Alabama, white sauce typically combines mayonnaise, vinegar, salt, and pepper. Decatur’s Gibson’s Bar-B-Q invented it served on top of smoked chicken from their pit, serving the dish today for $8. The smoked chicken thighs at Saw’s locations such as Saw’s Juke Joint in Crestline offer wings with a combination of their signature red and white sauce for under $10.

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Tia’s Gourmet Sausage and Hot Dog
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Alaska: Reindeer Sausages

Best: Tia’s Gourmet Sausage and Hot Dog in Anchorage

Runner-up: Red Umbrella Reindeer (various locations)

One of the specialty items you’ll find when visiting Alaska is reindeer sausages, which typically incorporate caribou with pork or beef. They often come served grilled with toppings like glazed onions at spots like Tia’s, where their reindeer dogs in your choice of hot or mild come in at $9 and topped with Coca Cola-caramelized onions. The Red Umbrella Reindeer stand also serves up a popular reindeer or hot reindeer dog served with a house-made mustard.

El Charro Cafe
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Arizona: Chimichanga

Best: El Charro Cafe in Oro Valley and Tucson

Runner-up: Carolina’s Mexican Food in Phoenix, Mesa, and Peoria

Several restaurants lay claim to inventing these deep-fried burritos, including El Charro Cafe, the nation’s oldest Mexican restaurant continuously operated by the same family. Get the four-count of the mini chimichangas with a side of sour cream and salsa for $8 at El Charro, or go for the regular sized chimichangas at Carolina’s with your choice of machaca or chicken topped with cheese and green onions at just $9,.

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Heights Taco and Tamale Co.
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Arkansas: Cheese Dip

Best: Heights Taco and Tamale Co. in Little Rock

Runner-up: Stoby’s in Conway and Russellville

Cheese dip is a favorite in Arkansas, with claims that the original cheese dip hails from either North Little Rock or Hot Springs. It can be found in a range of flavors and colors, served hot and bubbling to make an ideal accompaniment to chips. You can even explore a cheese dip trail in Arkansas, and be sure to stop at Heights Taco and Tamale Co. to try their award-winning Melting Pot Cheese Dip for $9 and at Stoby’s, where you can get their original cheese dip or the spicy white starting at $6 for the small and $8 for the large thick dip made with 100% cheese.

Cha Cha Chili's
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California: Korean Tacos

Best: Kogi Korean BBQ in Los Angeles

Runner-up: Cha Cha Chili in Los Angeles

This fusion became popular in Los Angeles before spreading out across the state and nation. The Kogi Food Truck brought Korean tacos onto the scene, with their famous $3 short rib taco featuring caramelized Korean barbecue short rib, a salsa made with Mexican and Korean chilis, cilantro-onion lime relish, and chili soy slaw. Try their individual tacos starting at $3 for spicy pork, chicken, or tofu. Cha Cha Chili also offers spicy pork tacos, Korean marinated steak tacos, and hand-battered fish tacos under $6, and a popular Korean marinated short rib taco for $7.

Gray’s Coors Tavern
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Colorado: Sloppers

Best: Gray’s Coors Tavern in Pueblo

Runner-up: Star Bar in Pueblo

Sloppers — cheeseburgers topped in green chile, raw onions, and shredded cheese — are a local delicacy in Pueblo, Colorado, where two restaurants often duke out the claim to its invention. They’re typically eaten with a fork and knife thanks to their “sloppy” but delicious structuring, and should not be missed at both locations taking stake in its creation. At Gray’s, you can get the half-slopper, which comes with one patty for $10 all the way up to a triple for under $15. Star Bar is the other location in Pueblo known for its slopper history. 

Ted’s Restaurant
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Connecticut: Steamed Burgers

Best: Ted’s Restaurant in Meriden

Runner-up: K LaMay’s in Meriden

Steamed burgers are a specialty of the state and popular in Meriden. While they may draw mixed opinions, steamed burgers are a specialty due to the meat that becomes juicy and the cheddar that tops it in a glorious gooey pile thanks to also getting steamed. Try it at Ted’s Restaurant, and make sure to go for the steamed cheeseburger which is $7 or head to K LaMay’s to try their version topped with sharp Wisconsin cheddar.

Warren’s Station
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Delaware: Peach Pies

Best places to try them: Warren’s Station in Fenwick Island

Runner-up: The Middletown Old-Thyme Peach Festival in Middletown  

Peach pie is Delaware’s state dessert, with the state becoming one of the first to offer commercial peach orchards in the nation. Diners say the peach pie at Warren’s Station is the best they’ve ever had with its flaky crust and heaping serving of the fruit. The restaurant has been a local favorite for 55 years, and to see some of the state’s top contenders battle for the best pie, head to the Middletown Peach Festival, which usually takes place in August.

China Town Carryout
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District of Columbia: Wings with Mambo Sauce

Best: China Town Carryout 

Runner up: Smokey’s

Debates surround this tangy, slightly sweet, and spicy sauce referred to sometimes as mambo and other times as mumbo, but the sauce, which is usually made with vinegar, tomato sauce, ketchup, hot sauce, and paprika, is a must-try here. It’s best enjoyed on fried wings found most commonly at Chinese carryout stops like China Town Carryout where you can get wings with the sauce starting at four pieces for $7. Smokey’s has also been serving its crispy wings with the sauce for decades starting at under $5 and up.

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Florida: Cuban Sandwiches

Best: Enriqueta’s in Miami

Runner-up: West Tampa Sandwich Shop in Tampa

Varieties of the Cuban can be found in Florida, including Miami style that omits salami and uses a combination of ham, pork, Swiss, pickle chips, and mustard in between Cuban bread, or a Tampa style that includes salami in the mix. Enriqueta’s is a no-frills stop loved by locals for its hearty sandwiches, including a Cuban that comes with ham, cheese, pork, pickles, mustard, and mayonnaise for $8. West Tampa Sandwich Shop also is known for its Cuban dishes and specialty sandwiches like the Cuban filled with ham, pork, salami, Swiss, mayonnaise, mustard, and pickles at under $5.

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Jonah’s Fish and Grits
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Georgia: Peanut Butter Pies

Best: Jonah’s Fish and Grits in Thomasville

Runner-up: Pie Bar in Woodstock and Marietta 

Georgia may be known for its peaches, but it’s also the nation’s number one peanut producer, which is why it’s no surprise that peanuts feature in delicious dishes you won’t want to miss, like peanut butter pie. The pie is known for its perfect balance of sweet and salty, with a crumbly crust often incorporating cookies and a gooey peanut butter filling. The peanut butter pie at Jonah’s comes topped with chocolate ganache and house-made whipped cream for $8. At Pie Bar, go for a slice of the creamy peanut butter cream pie, which comes stuffed with peanut butter on top of a chocolate cookie crust and a topping of whipped cream, peanut butter cups, and milk chocolate drizzle, for $5. 

Cafe 100
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Hawaii: Loco Moco

Best Place to Try It: Rainbow Drive-In in Honolulu, Aiea, Ewa Beach, and Waipahu

Runner-up: Cafe 100 in Hilo

Traditional loco moco is made with white rice, hamburger patties, fried egg, and gravy. The Rainbow Drive-In has been known for its loco moco since opening in 1961, with their bowl at just under $7 featuring one patty, one scoop of rice, one egg cooked how you like, and house-made gravy. You can also get a loco moco plate featuring two scoops of each item at $14, while Cafe 100 is also a popular stop for loco moco, offering various takes on the dish from grilled fish loco moco to bacon and Spam loco at $9.

Burger N’ Brew
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Idaho: Finger Steaks

Best: Burger N’ Brew in Boise

Runner-up: Westside Drive-In in Boise

Finger steaks are a Boise specialty consisting of crispy breaded and batter-fried beef strips often served with a tangy fry sauce. A great location to try them for under $10 is at Burger N’ Brew, where you can get seven ounces of tri-tip doused in their batter and served with BBQ sauce for $8. While the finger steaks are pricier at Westside Drive-In at $14, the charm of the '50s style eatery might sway you to spend more.

Gene and Jude’s
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Illinois: Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

Best: Gene and Jude’s in River Grove

Runner-up: Portillo’s (various locations)

Also known as a Chicago Dog or Red Hot, these beef frankfurters are topped with yellow mustard, relish, chopped onions, tomatoes, pickles, spicy sport peppers and celery salt. They come served in a poppy seed bun. Gene and Jude’s has been serving up what’s often touted as the nation’s best hot dog since 1946, with their regular red hot coming in at just over $4 and the double dog coming in at a little over $5. At Portillo’s, go for the original dog with all the fixings for $4, or the jumbo for $5.

Nick’s Kitchen
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Indiana: Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches

Best: Nick’s Kitchen in Huntington

Runner-up: Lumpy’s Cafe in Cambridge City

Breaded pork tenderloin is so popular in Indiana that the state has a Tenderloin Lovers Trail where you can visit more than 70 restaurants offering their version of the tenderloin sandwich, featuring thinly-pounded, deep-fried pork in a soft bun. Nick’s Kitchen is where the dish is believed to have been invented, and they still serve it the same way as its origins with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and mayo for $10. At family-owned Lumpy’s Cafe, the breaded tenderloin sandwich comes with chips and a pickle for $7.

Canteen Lunch in the Alley
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Iowa: Maid-Rites

Best: Canteen Lunch in the Alley in Ottumwa

Runner-up: Taylor’s Maid-Rite in Marshalltown

Loose meat sandwiches, also known as scrambled hamburgers, loose hamburger sandwiches, and Maid-Rites are like a variation on a Sloppy Joe, using ground beef served inside a hamburger bun. Try it at Canteen Lunch in the Alley, where loose-meat sandwiches have been a hit since the early 1900s and cost under $5, or head to Taylor’s Maid-Rite, which has been in operation since 1928 and cooks their ground beef in their cast-iron cooker to serve Maid-Rites.

Carriage Crossing Restaurant and Bakery
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Kansas: Cinnamon Rolls

Best: Carriage Crossing Restaurant and Bakery in Yoder

Runner-up: Mrs. Powell’s in Manhattan

Kansas may be well-known for its barbecue, but there’s another sweet dish the state nails — cinnamon rolls. At Carriage Crossing crossing, the giant cinnamon rolls at $4 get topped with homemade icing for a gooey bite. Mrs. Powell’s has been serving their famous cinnamon rolls for decades. It opened in 1988 and still sells soft rolls topped with sour cream icing as well as twists on the original like cherry and pecan.

Moonlite Bar-B-Q
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Kentucky: Mutton

Best place to try it: Thomason’s Barbecue in Henderson

Runner-up: Moonlite Bar-B-Q in Owensboro

Kentucky has its own style of barbecue, including pit-cooked mutton that’s either sliced or chopped. You can mutton for a half pound at $10 or in a sandwich for $7 at Thomason’s, which opened in the 1960s and is known for its mutton and baked beans. The meats are all smoked over hickory wood in a pit in the middle of the restaurant. Moonlite has been cooking old-fashioned Kentucky barbecue since 1963, including mutton you can try sliced in a sandwich on white or wheat bread with pickles, onions, and chips.

Lasyone’s Meat Pie Restaurant
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Louisiana: Natchitoches Meat Pies

Best: Lasyone’s Meat Pie Restaurant in Natchitoches

Runner-up: Maglieaux’s Riverfront Restaurant in Natchitoches

Louisiana's version of an empanada was created in Natchitoches and has become one of the state’s official foods, featuring a filling with ground beef, ground pork, onions, garlic, peppers, onion, and spices that get stuffed into a pie crust. Lasyone’s, which opened in the 1950’s, is a historic location for trying the meat pie offering both the traditional at $6 and a crawfish version at $8. At Maglieaux’s, try a mini meat pie served with Cajun remoulade for $10 while enjoying scenic waterfront views.

Helen’s Restaurant
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Maine: Blueberry Pies

Best: Helen’s Restaurant in Machias

Runner-up: Moody’s Diner in Waldoboro

Wild blueberries often feature in desserts like blueberry pie in Maine. Helen’s Restaurant has been serving its award-winning wild blueberry pie for over fifty years, opening in 1950 and baking pies that come stuffed with berries piled high on a flaky crust and topped with fresh cream daily for $8. Moody’s Diner, open since 1927, is also famous for desserts like whoopee pies, blueberry muffins, and slices of its blueberry pie that cost $6 and come oozing with blueberries and an ideal balance of sweet and tart flavor from the fresh fruit.

Chaps Pit Beef
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Maryland: Pit Beef Sandwiches

Best: Chaps Pit Beef in Baltimore, Aberdeen, Frederick, Rehoboth Beach, Burnie, and Media

Runner-up: Pioneer Pit Beef in Windsor Mill

Pit beef is beef, usually top round that gets quickly grilled over charcoal to make for a deep crust on the outside and a juicy piece of meat on the inside.It’s commonly served in sandwiches featuring thin slices of the meat with horseradish, mayonnaise, and sliced onions. Chaps Pit Beef is the most famous stop for the sandwich, which costs $10. Pioneer is a hidden gem that deserves a visit to taste its succulent pit beef sandwiches that come in under $7. Diners recommend getting the tiger sauce, a combination of mayonnaise and horseradish, for the ultimate bite.

Union Oyster House
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Massachusetts: Clam Chowder

Best place to try it: Union Oyster House in Boston 

Runner-up: Maguire’s Bar and Grill in Easton

Many variations of clam chowder exist throughout the nation, with New England style most commonly associated with Massachusetts and Maine. This style typically includes a thick chowder made with clams, potatoes, onions, milk or cream, and sometimes salt pork. It’s often served with oyster crackers, and has been on the menu at Boston’s Union Oyster House since the 1800s. Get it here in a cup for $10. At Maguire’s, the creamy clam chowder comes served in a bread bowl for a decadent bite. 

Jean Kay’s Pasties and Subs
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Michigan: Pasties

Best: Jean Kay’s Pasties and Subs in Marquette 

Runner-up: Joe’s Pasty Shop in Ironwood

Pasties are a specialty in upper Michigan hailing from Cornwall, England. The hand-sized savory pies traditionally have a filling of beef and root vegetables that get baked inside of a crust. At Jean Kay’s, try steak, steak with rutabaga, and vegetarian pasties for $7 or head to Joe’s Pasty Shop where they have the traditional version as well as twists like a breakfast pasty with eggs, bacon, and ham and a cheeseburger pasty with beef, bacon, cheddar, potatoes, and onions.

Matt’s Bar
Mindy B. / Yelp

Minnesota: Juicy Lucys

Best: Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis

Runner-up: The Blue Door Pub in Minneapolis and Saint Paul

Juicy Lucys are burgers that come stuffed with the cheese inside your patty, making for a super moist bite. Matt’s Bar, dating back to 1954, claims to have invented the burger alongside contender 5-8 Club, and still offers their signature Juicy Lucy with its gooey cheesy molten interior to try for under $10 today. Try the original, or go for a version stuffed with blue cheese at the Blue Door Pub.

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Council House
M. A. / Yelp

Mississippi: Mud Pies

Best: The Chimneys Restaurant in Gulfport

Runner-up: Council House Restaurant in French Camp

This dessert is a chocolate lover’s dream, topped with oozing chocolate sauce, a crumbly chocolate crust, and fudge layers, though they can often vary on what’s in between. It’s the official dessert of the state, and sometimes it’s also called mud cake when it omits the crust. The mud pie at Chimneys may be $, but it’s worth it when you taste the dessert made true to the original recipe, with its gooey chocolate sauce. The Mississippi mud cake at Council House  features fudgy pecan pieces and marshmallows topped with house-made caramel and chocolate sauce, served on its own for $5 or with ice cream for $6.

Chicken Parm Sandwich at Fozzie's
Zach H. / Yelp

Missouri: Chicken Parm Sandwich

Best: Fozzie's Sandwich Emporium in St. Louis

Runner-up: Grassi's in St. Louis

Try this St. Louis specialty when in the Italian neighborhood of the Hill, where chicken parm doesn't have to be so formal. Fozzie's serves up a massive sandwich for $10, while Grassi's Becky Debby (or chicken parm) has been a longtime favorite.

Huckleberry Patch
Trixie N. / Yelp

Montana: Huckleberry Pies

Best: Huckleberry Patch in Hungry Horse

Runner-up: Two Sisters Cafe in Babb

Huckleberries, known for their sweet and tart flavor, grow in several U.S. states and are a favorite in Montana, where they’re found in everything from sauces to ice cream and pies. Try a slice at Huckleberry Patch for $6. Two Sisters is also known for their huckleberry desserts like the pie with its flakey crust and tart filling. Get a slice for under $10, and add huckleberry ice cream on the side if you like.

Carrie P. / Yelp

Nebraska: Runzas

Best: Runza Restaurant (various locations)

Runner-up: Sehnert’s Bakery in McCook

Runzas, also known as bierocks, can also be found in a few other U.S. states but are a popular treat to enjoy when in Nebraska. Runzas are ground beef and cabbage stuffed inside of a bread pocket. Runza Restaurant opened in 1949 in Lincoln and expanded to over 80 locations to serve their version of the treat made with cabbage onions, ground beef, and store-baked bread starting at $5 for the original. The bierock at Sehnert’s won the James Beard Foundation America’s Classics Award, and comes with cabbage or kraut and ground beef inside the baker’s bun dough for $5, with your choice of cheese for an additional 50 cents.

Ogi Deli
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Nevada: Basque Chorizo

Best place to try it: Ogi Deli Bar and Pintxos in Elko

Runner-up: Louis’ Basque Corner in Reno

Several restaurants serving Basque cuisine can be found throughout the state. Ogi Deli specializes in Basque and American sandwiches, incorporating Basque chorizo into a sandwich served on a French roll for $8, with piperade, Basque cheese, and roasted garlic mayonnaise added for a total of $9. Louis’ Basque Corner, opened in 1967. It’s to-go chorizo sandwich ($10) is stuffed with Idaho Basque chorizo link and sautéed peppers and onions.

Puritan Backroom
Steve D. / Yelp

New Hampshire: Chicken Tenders

Best places to try them: Puritan Backroom in Manchester  

Runner-up: Charlie’s in Goffstown

Chicken tenders can be found throughout the nation, but the Puritan Backroom, opened in 1917, claims it invented the dish in 1974. Today it serves the original, spicy, Buffalo, and coconut versions of the marinated tenders, with an appetizer portion available for $9. The crispy coconut tenders coated in coconut flakes are a favorite at Charlie’s, but they also offer Buffalo tenders for under $10.

Dickie Dee’s
Sebastian H. / Yelp

New Jersey: Italian Hot Dogs

Best: Dickie Dee’s in Newark

Runner-up: Tommy’s Italian Sausage and Hot Dog in Elizabeth

The Italian hot dog, invented in Newark, consists of pizza bread loaves stuffed with deep-fried sausage, peppers, and crispy fried potatoes. Head to Dickie Dee’s, where you’ll find single dogs for $6. When outside of Newark, try Tommy’s Italian Sausage and Hot Dog to taste in-house sausages at a single for under $10, and try the famous potatoes in a cup, too.

The Shed
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New Mexico: Green Chile Stew

Best place to try it: The Shed in Santa Fe

Runner-up: Frontier Restaurant in Albuquerque

New Mexico is known for its green chile, topped on burgers, fries, and best enjoyed in the traditional green chile stew — roasted chiles, chunks of pork, potatoes, herbs, and spices. The Shed, opened in 1953, is often touted as having the best in the state. Its version comes with roasted green chiles, potatoes, and pork, in a cup at $56or a bowl for $9. Frontier Restaurant, open since 1971, also gets rave reviews for its green chile stew made with chilis roasted on the spot and served with house-made tortillas. You can get it five ounces (or more) for cheap.

Joe’s Pizza
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New York: Pizza Slices

Best: Joe’s Pizza in New York City

Runner-up: Louie and Ernies in New York City

New York-style pizza is its own distinct style, known for features like thin and crispy yet chewy crust, and you can find pizza joints offering a range of slices with varying toppings all across the state. It’s tough to pick just two contenders for this category, but one of the most famous in New York City is Joe’s Pizza, where most slices come in under $5, from a classic cheese or pepperoni to veggie and meat lover’s. Louie and Ernie’s is another classic stop that started in Harlem in 1947 and offers slices starting at $4.

Lexington Barbecue
John K. / Yelp

North Carolina: Barbecue

Best place to try it: Lexington Barbecue in Lexington

Runner-up: Skylight Inn BBQ in Ayden

Both Lexington-style, typically incorporating pork shoulder and a tomato-based sauce, and Eastern-style, which uses whole hogs and chopped pork and vinegar-based sauces. Lexington Barbecue roasts pork shoulders for almost half-a-day over hickory coals and serves it with a tomato-ketchup barbecue sauce in chopped or sliced trays $8 and sandwiches with slaw for $5 or under. For Eastern style, head to Skylight Inn BBQ, where a whole hog gets cooked over wood and served on small trays for $9 with one side and bread.

Kroll’s Diner
Sandra W. / Yelp

North Dakota: Knoephla Soup

Best place to try it: Kroll’s Diner in Minot, Fargo, Bi

smarck, and Mandan

Runner-up: Frieds Family Restaurant in Mandan

Originally from Germany, this hearty and creamy soup is made with dumplings, potatoes, and vegetables like carrots and celery. It can be found in states that include Minnesota and South Dakota, with one of the most famous locations to try it at Kroll’s Diner. The diner serves German specialties like the soup for $6, while Frieds is also well known for its hearty knoephla.

Blue Ash Chili
Rusty H. / Yelp

Ohio: Cheese Coneys

Best: Blue Ash Chili in Cincinnati

Runner-up: Gold Star in various locations

The Cincinnati version of a coney is topped with onions, mustard, and chili spiced with cinnamon and chocolate. Cheese coney come topped with all of that plus a mound of shredded cheddar, and some of the best are found in the city’s famous chili parlors like Blue Ash Chili, where the classic cheese coney is $3, and at Gold Star, where the cheese coney comes tucked inside soft and fresh buns.

Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler

Oklahoma: Theta Burgers

Best: Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler in Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Moore

Runner-up: Smitty’s Garage Burgers and Beer in various locations

Oklahoma has a few burger specialties, from the onion burger to the theta burger — a burger topped with hickory sauce, mayonnaise, dill pickles, and shredded cheddar. Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler has been whipping up theta burgers since 1971 at its first location in Oklahoma City. It comes with the signature sauce, mayo, and pickles for $7 while the BBQ Bacon Theta from Smitty’s Garage has BBQ aioli, pickles, BBQ sauce, bacon, and cheddar for $8.

Willamette Valley Pie Company
Devin R. / Yelp

Oregon: Marionberry Pies

Best: Willamette Valley Pie Company in Salem

Runner-up: Chalet Restaurant and Bakery in Newport

Marionberries are known for their tart flavor and grow throughout Oregon, making the berry a popular feature in desserts like marionberry ice cream and marionberry pie. At Willamette Valley Pie Company, you’ll find a range of marionberry products you can buy from the retail shop like jams and syrups, in addition to a thick slice of the pie you can enjoy in the seating area for $3. Family-owned Chalet Restaurant and Bakery has been dishing out delicious pies for over 30 years including its marionberry with its buttery and flaky crust and thick filling for under $6.

Ida’s Cafe
Renee L. / Yelp

Pennsylvania: Scrapple

Best place to try it: Ida’s Cafe in Lancaster

Runner-up: Dutch Eating Place in Philadelphia

Scrapple is a dish commonly served for breakfast in Pennsylvania’s Dutch Country and consists of pork scraps combined with spices, cornmeal, and buckwheat before getting fried. At Ida’s Cafe, enjoy scrapple in a roll for $4 or with eggs, home fries, and toast for $10. In Philadelphia, head to the Dutch Eating Place in the Reading Terminal Market to sample authentic scrapple served in a range of breakfast options, as a side or in a sandwich.

Dune Brothers Seafood
Courtney W. / Yelp

Rhode Island: Clam Cakes

Best: Dune Brothers Seafood in Providence

Runner-up: Iggy’s Doughboys and Chowderhouse in Warwick and Narragansett

Try this light and crispy New England specialty when in Rhode Island. They range from more chewy versions to others with a fluffy interior and crisp exterior, filled with chopped fresh clams. Dune Brothers is known for having “baseball-sized” clam cakes, with three available for $6 or six available for $9. Iggy’s, which first opened in 1989, is known for its clam offerings including its clam cakes, with your choice of three,a half dozen, or a dozen available.

Ike’s Korner Grille
Lizzy B. / Yelp

South Carolina: Pimento Cheeseburgers

Best: Ike’s Korner Grille in Spartanburg

Runner-upRockaway Athletic Club in Columbia

Pimento cheese, a combination of cheddar with mayonnaise and pimento peppers, can be found throughout the South, and pimento cheeseburgers are a great way to try it when in South Carolina. Head to Ike’s Korner Grille and get pimento cheese for $10 that comes with a large patty grilled and topped with a creamy and sharp blend of the spread in between fluffy buns. Rockaway Athletic Club is also known for its pimento cheeseburger and its pimento cheese fries. Opened in 1982, the eatery serves a signature pimento blend on the burger.

Meridian Corner
Laura P. / Yelp

South Dakota: Chislic

Best place to try it: Meridian Corner in Freeman

Runner-up: The South Dakota Chislic Festival in Freeman

These deep-fried pieces of meat, ranging from mutton and lamb to beef or venison, are served cubed, often medium-rare. You’ll find variations on chislic depending on the area of South Dakota where it’s served. Meridian Corner is famous for its chislic, served on a stick with your choice of lamb or mutton with garlic salt and saltine crackers at market price. Head to the festival taking place this year on July 29 to try various versions of the signature dish.

Loveless Cafe
Katie F. / Yelp

Tennessee: Biscuits

Best: Loveless Cafe in Nashville 

Runner-up: Maple Street Biscuits (various locations)

You can find great biscuits throughout the state at spots like Loveless Cafe, which has been churning out Southern staples for over 60 years. The biscuits, all under $4, come in flavors ranging from ham to pulled pork barbeque and pimento cheese with fried green tomatoes. You can add sausage gravy to them starting at $3. Maple Street Biscuits found in various states, is also known for its biscuits and gravy, offering both sausage gravy and a shiitake gravy. A plain buttermilk biscuit goes for $4.

Goode Company Barbecue
Stephanie C. / Yelp

Texas: Brisket

Best place to try it: Goode Company Barbecue in Houston

Runner-up: Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ in Austin

Texas barbecue is world famous, including its brisket that often gets stuffed in between breads ranging from thick Texas toast to softer buns. Juicy brisket can be enjoyed in sandwiches at Goode Company, where you can choose between jalapeño cheese bread or buns and sliced, chopped lean, and loose cut, brisket. It’s topped with pickles, onions, and jalapeños, and costs $10. At Valentina’s get their smoked brisket tacos, with a sharp mesquite flavor, sea salt, lime, guacamole, and fresh salsa for $9.

Pork Belly’s Eatery
Katie S. / Yelp

Utah: Funeral Potatoes

Best: Pork Belly’s Eatery and Catering in Cedar City and St. George

Runner-up: 5 Star BBQ Company in Orem

The ultimate comfort food, this cheesy potato dish is similar to potatoes au gratin, with potatoes topped with cheese, onions, a cream soup or sauce, butter, and a crunchy topping made from crushed chips or corn flakes. The funeral potatoes at Pork Belly’s come as a free side when ordering breakfast or lunch plates like the cheeseburger for $10. At 5 Star BBQ, the casserole gets a fried update with pieces that are rolled in corn flakes and deep fried starting at two for $3 and six for $8.

Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks
Emily H. / Yelp

Vermont: Maple Creemees

Best: Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks in East Montpelier

Runner-up: Canteen Creemee Company in Waitsfield

Maple syrup is a famous product from Vermont and goes into treats like maple creemees — maple-flavored soft serves that are more creamy than soft serve but have less milk-fat content than ice cream. Try them at Morse Farm, a maple sugaring operation with over 200 years of history that puts maple syrup into various products including the creamy dessert with a large costing under $5. Canteen Creemee, has both the traditional version starting at $2.50 for a small through $3.75 for a large, and a maple doused update called the Bad Larry that includes the creemee topped with maple crystal, maple drizzle, maple cookies, and maple floss for $6.

Old Chickahominy House
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Virginia: Ham Biscuits

Best: Old Chickahominy House in Williamsburg

Runner-up: Carrot Tree Kitchens in Yorktown and Williamsburg

At Old Chickahominy House, the biscuits are rolled thin to allow the ham to take center stage, with biscuits starting at $34. Carrot Tree Kitchens serves two Old Dominion buttermilk biscuits in Miss Evelyn's with a cup of Brunswick stew for $10.

Snohomish Pie Co
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Washington: Apple Pies

Best: Snohomish Pie Co in Snohomish and Mountlake Terrace

Runner-up: A La Mode Pies in Seattle

Washington grows a variety of apples that include Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Gala, and many more, making desserts like apple pie a regular dish seen in the state. Snohomish is known for its signature pie crust, with slices starting at $5 for either an original with Washington apples, spices, and a pie crust pastry on top, a crumb version topped with sweet crumbs, or apple mixes with peach and marionberries. At A La Mode Pies, try a slice of the French Apple, which comes with local Granny Smith apples, cinnamon, and a buttery crumb topping.

Country Club Bakery
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West Virginia: Pepperoni Rolls

Best: Country Club BaBest: Country Club Bakery in Fairmont

Runner-up: Tomaro’s Bakery in Clarksburg

Pepperoni rolls are just what they sound like, country roll dough filled with either sticks or slices of pepperoni. They were invented by Italian coal miner Giuseppe “Joseph” Argiro who opened Country Club Bakery in 1927, and they’re still served fresh-baked today for $2. Tomaro’s Bakery, the state’s oldest Italian bakery, has also offered pepperoni rolls for over 107 years.

Mullin’s Cheese Shop
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​​Wisconsin: Cheese Curds

Best: Mullin’s Cheese Shop in Mosinee

Runner-up: Cheddar Valley Cheese Store in Belgium

Wisconsin cheese is known for its springy texture and its signature squeak. Cheese curds come from fresh to fried and smothered in gravy. Mullin’s Cheese has been supplying cheese since 1970, offering deep fried cheese curds made fresh for $5 for the family size that feeds four. For a range of flavors, head to Cheddar Valley Cheese Store, open since 1947, where cheese curds come in fresh every Friday and include cheddar at $9 a pound and flavors like garlic, jalapeño, Bloody Mary, and garlic and dill Cajun.

Moo’s Gourmet Ice Cream
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Wyoming: Huckleberry Ice Cream

Best place to try it: Moo’s Gourmet Ice Cream in Jackson Hole

Runner-up: Shumway Farms in Afton

Huckleberry is also common in Wyoming and best enjoyed in ice cream. Moo’s, which has often been named the state’s best dessert by food publications, has ice creams made with organic ingredients like pure fruit and thick cream shining through in the wild huckleberry flavor with its signature bright purple color. At Shumway Farms, get farm-made ice cream right from the grounds by the scoop during scooping seasons. Keep an eye out on their site to see when they offer scoopings to enjoy the signature treat under $10, or visit anytime to get them by the pint.