Super Cheap Purchases That Vastly Improved People's Lives

puzzle pieces Reddit

Cheapism / Reddit / Studio CJ/istockphoto

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puzzle pieces Reddit
Cheapism / Reddit / Studio CJ/istockphoto

A Better Life Doesn't Necessarily Require More Money.

Naturally, today's aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns condition so many of us to carry the belief that the better, happier, even healthier life lies somewhere on the other side of the glare of the white picket-fenced, upper-class estate. 

However, a Reddit thread like the one we have here can shine an invaluable light on the fact that there are plenty of purchases that can be made that are both super cheap and able to vastly improve your life. 


Flossing Is Actually Worth It, After All.

To have a visit to the dentist is to at one point or another likely be asked either aggressively or eerily calmly, "you've been keeping up with your flossing?" Not only is flossing a game-changing hygienic ritual for your gums and teeth, but it's still cheap and safe from the perils of the financial plague that is inflation. 


They Said It A Weird Way, But It Still Holds Up.

So, a tongue scraper device can not only keep your tongue so fresh and so clean, but it sounds like it would actually feel kind of good, no?


Got To Keep Those Chips Fresh.

Stale chips are a buzzkill to say the very least. The last thing you want to do is realize that you spent your hard-earned cheddar on a bag of chips that were likely overpriced, only to realize that the bag has vegged out on you due to being inadequately sealed. 


All That Post-Splatter Time To Be Saved.

It could've been a miscalculated heating up of your latest autumnal soup, but for whatever reason, your microwave now bears an unwanted resemblance to a Jackson Pollock-inspired body of work. And you're not Jackson Pollock. So, this purchase sounds like a winner all around. (You can grab a splatter cover of your own on Amazon.)


This Feels Like A "Treat Yourself" Purchase, But It's Cheap.

If having a night to yourself where you can curl up with your favorite meal and show and a backscratcher isn't the peak of livin' rich, I don't want to know what is. 


Plants Are Life. Life Is Plants.

It's literally been proven that the mere consistent act of taking care of your plants can promote happiness and a heightened sense of well-being. So, find those discounted plants and throw some happy feels in your brain's direction. 


Plus, All The People Watching.

You don't even have to like to read to get some value out of the library. 

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This Could Prove True If There Are Discounts For Duplicates.

Many stores will offer up those deals where if you buy more than one of the same product, you stand to walk away with a nice deal. 


Such A Great Group Or Solo Activity.

Oh, puzzles. They're equally entertaining when engaged with alone or with a group of friends. Plus, they're good for your brain. 


Might As Well Make Water Taste Like Something.

You've probably been in the waiting room of one building or another that does its best to entice you to forget that you're waiting by providing you with some fancy looking flavored water. Well, behind the fancy facade is nothing more than a wonderfully affordable water beverage. 


Yes, A Thousand Times Over.

Why would you not want to be the friend in your friend group that can hook everyone up with homemade bread? Or just keep it all for yourself. There's that route too. Less giving, but it's still an option. 


Might As Well Make Cleaning The Dishes Easier.

The dishes can be a strangely calming and centering meditative chore, but there are also times when you just want to power through that dirty pit of dishes as quickly as possible. 


This One Should Just Be Common Sense.

With the technology built into fans nowadays, they're seriously scarily effective. 


Winter Is Coming.

With winter making its icy pursuit toward us all, might as well get ready for icy windshields with some spray that is literally designed to make your job of making your windshield decent enough to drive around with, easier. 

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In All Fairness, Easier Said Than Done.

Even a little bit of moving your body each day can work wonders. A little walk. No need to tackle the sweat-drenched treadmill run right off the bat. 


Oh, They Went Off.

Take your pick off this clutch list. 


We Love A Good Gratitude Journal.

It's so easy to fall into a vicious cycle of either fixating on moments from your day that could or did go wrong, or you could just work at rewiring that energy-draining routine through noting the moments when things didn't fall apart, instead worked out, and you actually felt that alien feeling we call, "relief."


Bring On The Good Smells.

Aromatherapy is a real thing, and it's remarkable what a good smell pervading throughout your living space can do in the way of improving your mood.