'Rich Habits' People Have Without Being Rich

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Fake It Till You Make It.

If there's one thing that this AskReddit thread has shown us right off the bat, it's that you don't need to be rich to "play rich." In fact, you're not alone if you're someone who gets a rush out of nonchalantly strolling into your nearest grocery store to comb the aisles as you carelessly grab whatever products catch your momentary fancy. Oh, we're going with the fancy creamer and the real cheese slices today? I don't see why not. That overdraft fee isn't going to overdraft itself. 

Really though, these insights can almost act as their own kind of tonic for these financially trying times, in that they serve as a reminder that we all fall prey to our weaker moments of impulsive behavior. 


Gone Are The Days Of Stressless Grocery Store Outings.

If you know you know. Specifically, you know that to successfully navigate the various enticing aisles of your nearest grocery store, you have to have a firm roadmap with clear objectives listed. Otherwise, you'll fall prey to enticing "discounts" that really aren't discounts

So, obviously when someone decides to leave their cares at the automatic sliding door of their nearest grocery store, they either came into some hard-earned coin, or they're dressing up like a rich person for the day. 


If Only The Thermostat Didn't Keep Track.

A wise man once said, "Winter is coming", and unfortunately, it is yet again frostily making its way toward us all. With winter can come months of wrestling with the mounting costs of heating bills

So, to take a breather from aggressively tracking your thermostat is most certainly to successfully play rich person for the day. 

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Can't Put A Price On Peace Of Mind.

Okay, but can you? Yes, you can in this case. 


Those Free Trials Are Designed To Blindside You.

No kidding. There's some kind of biological vulnerability hardwired into us as human beings that leaves us open to being dangerously forgetful when it comes to cancelling a membership before the free trial runs out. It's also one of the many ways that companies trick you into spending more.


So It Really Does Make A Difference.

Forgive me, but there's nothing cheesy about giving the real cheese in this world its proper flowers. That being said, when you're not playing rich person, the simulation cheese (or whatever your store markets it as) can be just as good if you mask it with enough other flavors in whatever meal you're eating. 

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Sign Here At The Dotted Line.

Okay, but if you see someone break out a fancy pen at the next gathering or meeting, wouldn't it just naturally instantaneously feel like a board meeting?


The Rich Folks Don't Play Around With Their Small Bathroom Trash Bags.

Yeah, it's definitely worth it to take sporadic rich person holiday vacations away from the land of ripped bathroom grocery bags. 

Of course, there are still some bathroom products that are a complete waste of money.

Reddit Rich People Cafe

A Little Less Social Isolation Can Go A Long Way.

With so many folks working jobs that have shifted to being full-time remote, the cafes in this world have seen business boom like never before. While navigating those cafes and rabidly searching for charging outlets that don't have waiting lines out the door can be entirely more of a hassle than it's worth, every now and again a post-up at a café can be nice. And pricey. 


Vacation Mode Initiated.

This person's tapped in. They get it. Money isn't real when you're on vacation. 


A Pricey Way To Satiate The Beckoning Cries Of One's Ego.

While this seems like a costly way to satiate the ego, at least they feel good about it. 


Can't Overlook The Value Of Pricey Toilet Paper.

You're going to have to visit the bathroom eventually, and when you do, maybe it would be nice to pretend that you're visiting it to take care of your business as a rich person does. 

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