Taquitos, Spam, and 9 Other Foods Redditors Say They'd Keep Eating If They Were Rich

Tasty hamburger with french fries


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Comfort Meals

If money wasn't an issue, we could be dining on caviar and lobster prepared by the world's finest chefs every day — and yet there's something about comfort food that just hits different. Sometimes, all you crave is a slice of cheesy pizza, a steaming bowl of ramen noodles, or a juicy burger with all the fixings. 

While money can buy you the finest dining experiences, it still can't replace the simple pleasure of your favorite comfort foods. And isn't that what makes them so special? Here are 11 cheap meals Redditors say they would keep eating again and again — even if they were filthy rich.

Homemade Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

This simple yet unrivaled duo is a favorite of many Redditors — to the tune of nearly 20,000 likes. After all, nothing quite screams comfort meal like ooey-gooey cheese on toasted bread paired with a side of hearty tomato soup. It's nutritious, delicious, and easy to whip up. 

Pro tip: For extra gooey cheese, use an emulsifying salt like sodium citrate to make any kind of cheese melt in a similar way to American cheese, says one Redditor.

Recipe: Simply Delicious

Tasty taquitos with chicken and two sauces close-up. horizontal


"Microwavable chicken and cheese taquitos," writes one Redditor, noting how these store-bought treats are their "lifeblood." Many users agreed, with one Redditor sharing how they "still stock up on a rotation of 'El Monterey' taquitos every week. Legit best frozen food you can grab [in my opinion]." 

Indeed, I always keep a pack or two of these in my freezer and they always hit the spot after a night out. Best of all? They're super cheap and easy to heat. For a homemade version, give the below recipe a try.

Recipe: Your Homebased Mom

Mac and cheese in red pot. Traditional American food.

Macaroni and Cheese

"If I had a million dollars we wouldn't have to eat kraft dinner, but we would eat kraft dinner, of course we would, [and] we would eat more!," writes one Redditor. There's just something about good ol' mac and cheese that always makes it a crowd-pleaser. "Nothing beats that liquid gold Velveeta shells and cheese," writes another user. We have to agree — a classic is a classic for a reason. Case closed. 

Recipe: Tastes Better From Scratch

Ramen with steaming sizzle


"My first thought was Ramen," writes one Redditor, while another adds, "That shin ramen black hits when you're gaming at night or watching comedy specials or whatever on Netflix. Especially with a lil' fried spam, egg, and sesame seeds." You're speaking my language, fellow Redditor. 

Ramen always hits, and the best part is how you can easily customize it to add protein and veggies to cater to different flavor profiles and dietary restrictions. 

Recipe: The Recipe Critic

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a timeless classic that conjure up feelings of nostalgia and simplicity in each bite. There's something reassuring and consistent about this sandwich – perhaps it's the reminder that some of life's greatest pleasures come from the simplest ingredients. "And it’s still gotta be made with cheap white bread. I’ve had too many 'elevated' pb&js that just didn’t hit right," writes one Redditor.

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"I could eat eggs for every meal! They're so tasty and versatile," writes one Redditor, adding, "As an added bonus, I have a small flock of hens in my backyard!" Even if you don't have a chicken coup, though, egg prices have finally stabilized and you can use them to make a variety of quick, nutritious, and easy meals.

"Take leftover rice, put it in a skillet, then start cracking eggs and keep stirring [for] eggs and rice!" writes one Redditor, while another adds, "Breakfast of champions!"

Recipe: Healthy Nibbles

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Homemade Healthy Musubi Rice and Meat Sandwich


"Spam. [I don't care] what anyone says, Spam has gotten me through some tough times and it never fails, especially with some plain fried rice," a Redditor writes. Whether you love or hate this salty canned meat, Spam is filling, cheap, and easy to incorporate into a variety of dishes. From Spam musubis to fried rice or even sandwiches, Spam is a favorite comfort meal for many people. 

Recipe: Drive Me Hungry

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Penne Parmesan

Butter Noodles

Another humble yet delicious meal, butter noodz topped with some garlic, salt, and pepper are quick, affordable, and easy to make. "I mince and sauté some garlic in butter then toss noodles and some pasta water in and cook until the butter and water thicken. Top with some chili flakes and [parmesan cheese] if I’m feeling fancy," shares one user. Pro tip: Use egg noodles to make this dish even creamier. 

Recipe: Simply Recipes

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Cheerios Cornflakes Served in a Bowl for Breakfast


Cereal is another staple that often transcends the boundaries of wealth and status. Whether it's enjoyed as a simple, no-fuss meal solution or eaten in the morning for breakfast, there are so many different flavors and brands to choose from. 

"I love a bowl of frosted rice crispy flakes. You don't have to add any sugar because the frosted flakes provide enough," writes one user, while another adds, "I would get like 20 different kinds and mix them all together into a glorious cereal salad." Not sure if we'd recommend doing that, but to each their own. 

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Serving burger


Burgers, whether homemade or store-bought, are another American classic that Redditors love. Whether it's a cheeseburger from a fast-food joint or a gourmet creation at a high-end restaurant, the appeal of a juicy and flavorful burger remains unmatched. 

"Gourmet burgers tend to [have] better quality ingredients and cooked better with certain toppings that fast food places don’t offer," writes one Redditor, adding, "But sometimes the simplicity and taste of fast food burgers just hit different."

Recipe: Damn Delicious

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