20 Twists on Buffalo Chicken for a Spicy Super Bowl Party

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Buffalo sauce football party table AI image
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Who Needs Wings?

Look, we all know that it's really the hot sauce that makes Buffalo wings one of the best bar foods on the planet. So why not use that spicy, salty sauce — and its backup flavors of ranch, blue cheese, and celery, natch — in all kinds of other foods for the best Super Bowl party snack lineup ever?

We've compiled some of the best recipes made with crave-worthy Buffalo sauce that aren't chicken wings or that ubiquitous Buffalo chicken dip. Use them to get inspired and branch out from wings as you plan your epic Super Bowl party. 

Homemade Buffalo Chicken Pizza

1. Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Making a pizza is easier than you might think when you use store-bought pizza dough, blue cheese dressing for the sauce, and rotisserie chicken. Onions and cilantro top this pizza along with the hot sauce-coated chicken, but pickled banana peppers, shaved carrots and celery, or even tater tots are great additions. 

Recipe: Spend With Pennies

Homemade Barbecue Pulled Chicken Sliders

2. Buffalo Chicken Sliders

Making sliders on those sweet Hawaiian dinner rolls is a breeze, especially when you use shredded rotisserie chicken. Just mix it with your favorite Buffalo sauce, ranch, and some seasoning. Then bake the mixture with cheese on the rolls for a substantial snack that's easier to eat than wings.

RecipeMy Baking Addiction

Close up Baked Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas served with Salsa and Guacamole on stone plate.

3. Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

These Buffalo chicken quesadillas are extra creamy thanks to some cream cheese. Jazz them up with onions and cilantro, make them vegetarian with grilled peppers and corn, or dip them in ranch dressing or guacamole. The sky's the limit on quesadillas. 

Recipe: Southern Plate

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stir-fried shrimp in chili sauce Chinese dish on plate on table

4. Buffalo Shrimp

Move over chicken, there's a new protein in Buffalo town. Shrimp are coated in flour, garlic, and Cajun seasoning and deep fried before being doused in your favorite wing sauce. No one will need cocktail sauce, that's for sure.

Recipe: AllRecipes

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Beef meatballs

5. Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Homemade chicken meatballs flavored with garlic and scallions are coated in a Frank's Red Hot-and-butter sauce. Baking the meatballs is easier than pan frying them, and keeps the mess down, too. Serve them with a sprinkle of blue cheese and plenty of creamy dip.

Recipe: Food Network

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Vegetarian Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

6. Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower

Cauliflower is often used as a stand-in for chicken wings in Buffalo recipes. But fried cauliflower is delicious in its own right, so don't be afraid to make these "vegetarian wings." The fact that you cook them in your air fryer only makes them better.

Recipe: Eating Bird Food

Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese Wrap

7. Buffalo Chicken Wraps

For a substantial sandwich on game day, make the restaurant classic Buffalo chicken wrap. These wraps include shredded cheese, carrots, and lettuce, plus avocado. Serve the wraps in halves, or cut them in wheels for a smaller snack serving.

Recipe: Tastes Better From Scratch

Cheesy, Chili Rotini

8. Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

There's something about the creaminess of mac and cheese that just makes Buffalo wing sauce sing. Chicken and celery are mixed into the hot sauce-laden cheese sauce in this recipe. A sprinkle of blue cheese and green onions on top are optional, but don't skip them.

Recipe: Frank's Red Hot

Homemade Chicken Meixcan Street Tacos

9. Crockpot Crispy Buffalo Chicken Tacos With Jalapeno Ranch

You can cook the spicy shredded chicken in these tacos in a slow cooker or an Instant Pot. To make a bunch of tacos all at once, follow the instructions for easy homemade baked hard shells. Guests at your game day party will be super impressed with the homemade jalapeno ranch. 

Recipe: Half Baked Harvest

Beer and Party Mix

10. Tangy Buffalo Chex Mix

Set out a bowl of this spicy snack mix and it'll be gone by half time. It uses mostly Chex in the mix, but you can add whatever you like, including Melba toast, oyster crackers, or even popcorn. 

Recipe: Your Cup of Cake

Tasty taquitos with chicken and two sauces close-up. horizontal

11. Baked Buffalo Chicken Taquitos

Taquitos are a perfect finger food, especially since they're so easy to dip. There's chicken, ranch, wing sauce, and plenty of cheese in these crispy taquitos. You assemble them and bake (or air fry) them all at once, so you'll have time to watch the game, too. 

Recipe: The Chunky Chef

Loaded Tater Tots
Ant DM/istockphoto

12. Buffalo Chicken Totchos

Totchos are tater tots dressed up as nachos, and they're just as good as they sound. The secret to this recipe is the easy cheese sauce that comes out super smooth thanks to cornstarch and evaporated milk. And who could say no to some bacon crumbled on top?

Recipe: Tasty

Homemade Buffalo Chicken Dip

13. Vegetarian White Bean Buffalo Dip

Yes, vegetarians love Buffalo sauce too. This variation on Buffalo chicken dip hits all the same spicy, cheesy, and creamy notes, but without the meat. Eat it with tortilla chips, celery sticks, or pita wedges.

Recipe: Ambitious Kitchen

Arabian esfiha of chicken, esfirra Brazilian snack

14. Buffalo Chicken Bombs

Homemade Buffalo chicken Hot Pockets? Yes, please! That's pretty much what these "bombs" are, though they're easier to make than you think thanks to refrigerated biscuit dough. Brushing the tops of the buns with hot sauce gives them an extra hot punch.

Recipe: I Am Homesteader

Egg Roll

15. Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls

Put anything in an egg roll wrapper and it'll be delicious, including Buffalo chicken. The hardest part is rolling these up so they don't leak, but once you've got the hang of it, they go fast. Baking or air frying is easier than deep frying and results in a less greasy egg roll.

Recipe: Skinny Taste

Potato Skins

16. Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins

A packet of ranch seasoning mix gives the Buffalo chicken filling of these potato skins a garlic and onion hit without making it runny. You can use the scooped out potato innards for mashed potatoes or hash browns the next day.

Recipe: Tasty

Lettuce chicken wrap. Tandoori chicken bites, sauteed baby corn, fresh cut tomatoes and onions tossed and wrapped in iceberg lettuce leaves.
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17. Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Any party guests following a low-carb diet will appreciate these Buffalo chicken lettuce wraps. Plus they're fun to eat: You set up a make-your-own-wrap bar and let people go to town. You could also offer tortillas or slider rolls for those that prefer wraps or sandwiches as well.

Recipe: Our Salty Kitchen

Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers

18. Buffalo Chicken Jalapeno Poppers

If regular old Frank's Red Hot isn't spicy enough for you, try this recipe for Buffalo jalapeno poppers. Creamy Buffalo chicken dip filling is stuffed into halved jalapenos and then wrapped in bacon. These are baked, but they'd be amazing slow roasted on a grill.

Recipe: Home Made Interest

Buffalo Chicken Salad

19. Buffalo Chicken Salad

You can make Buffalo chicken salad as simple or as complicated as you like. This version is complicated, with two homemade dressings, broiled chicken thighs, and plenty of veggies. But no one at game day party would blink an eye if you just used your favorite blue cheese dressing.

Recipe: Serious Eats

Homemade Buffalo Chicken Nachos with Ranch

20. Buffalo Chicken Nachos

We'll eat anything in nacho format, and that absolutely includes Buffalo-style anything. For a big party, use a large sheet pan and spread the chips out evenly in one layer. That way, every chip has something on it — no naked chips here. 

Recipe: AllRecipes