The Best Rotisserie Chicken, According to Redditors

Homemade Rotisserie Chicken with Herbs


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Chicken whole baked on salt. With vegetables.

Rotisserie Face Off

Beloved for its convenience and versatility, rotisserie chicken is a budget-friendly option for those looking to save money on groceries. The rotisserie cooking process results in juicy and flavorful chicken that is ready to eat and can be enjoyed on its own or used as a base for meals. Whether served as a main dish, salad topping, or sandwich filling, rotisserie chicken is an easy and delicious option for busy families or college students on a budget. These are the most affordable and delicious rotisserie chickens from popular grocery chains, according to thrifty Redditors.

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Costco Rotisserie Chicken
Tim Y./Yelp

1st: Costco

There's a reason the big-box retailer's rotisserie chicken has developed a cult following. At only $5 — well, almost always — Costco's rotisserie chicken offers unbeatable value, and according to Redditors, it's "super tasty and juicy." Costco's rotisserie chickens are also cooked fresh on-site, making them a convenient option for those looking for a quick and tasty meal without the hassle of cooking; one of these bad boys will also last you for several meals. 

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Kroger Supermarket. The Kroger Co. is One of the World's Largest Grocery Retailers.

2nd: Kroger

Though the supermarket chain operates in only 35 states, a surprising number of users had positive things to say about Kroger's rotisserie chicken. Well-liked for its quality and flavor, Redditors raved about the "juicy and tender meat that is well seasoned and bursting with flavor." Though slightly more expensive at $8, Kroger's rotisserie chicken is a solid option for those on a budget or too busy to throw down in the kitchen. 

Sams Club

3rd: Sam's Club

Well seasoned and "slow-roasted to perfection," Sam Club's rotisserie chicken is another popular choice among bargain shoppers. "Always used them for chicken salad and cheap sandwiches throughout the whole workweek," Reddit user Rekimus said. Sold for only $5, Sam's chicken is an underrated yet worthy competitor. 

Exterior view of one Publix Super Markets.

4th: Publix

The only reason Publix's rotisserie chicken didn't score higher on this list is that the chain is available in only seven states. But boy, does the chain know how to make chicken; from its legendary chicken-tender sub to its juicy and tender rotisserie, Publix does not disappoint. Featuring two flavors — mojo and lemon pepper — Publix's chicken is perhaps the only reason I miss Florida from time to time. (That, and the beach.)

An Albertsons supermarket store in Lafayette, LA, USA.

5th: Albertsons

Though pricier at $9, Redditors had mostly positive things to say about Albertsons' rotisserie chicken, and most didn't seem to mind the more expensive price tag. "I love this deal — it is easily a dinner and a left-over lunch for both my wife and me," one user said. Others weren't so enamored. "My local store has what seems to be a good chicken deal until you get a good look at the size of the pieces. There can be a significant difference between stores," one user warned.

Chicken at The Spit

6th: Foodtown

Foodtown rotisserie chicken is made without antibiotics, preservatives, or growth hormones, the chain says. But you must act fast to find a yummy one, one Redditor warned. "Foodtown has a great rotisserie chicken if you get in early enough. Never get the end-of-day birds. They will be dry," user Jagenigma said. 

Whole Foods Market. Amazon is expanding Whole Foods delivery in different US states

7th: Whole Foods

Sure, Whole Foods' rotisserie chicken may be organic, grass fed, and all that jazz; but at $10 a pop, it hardly seems worth it. Some users also warned that you may have to reheat the chicken at home because certain stores don't keep them warmed throughout the day. "I should have known better than to buy a chilled chicken! The meat was rubbery, and it had very little flavor! I won't be buying it again," one user said.

Walmart store entrance
Sundry Photography/istockphoto

Last: Walmart

Though super affordable at only $5, Walmart's rotisserie chicken ranked last because its quality may be subpar, according to Redditors. "I don't like the texture, it doesn't even look like chicken in my eyes," one user said. Another added: "Walmart deals in mass production ... That's why it creeps you out. It looks and tastes off, because it IS OFF. It's a shell of what a chicken is supposed to be." Yikes.