Valentine's Day Gifts at Target

Best Valentine's Day Gifts From Target

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Valentine's Day Gifts at Target

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Cupid shoots arrows, and arrows hit bull's-eyes, so it stands to reason you would shop at Target this February. No matter who you're shopping for, chances are good you can find what you need without leaving From watches for her to books for him to reworked Shakespearean love sonnets for anyone who's into that sort of thing, Target is making a big push for Valentine's Day business, and there are plenty of deals to be had. (To help in your quest, here are some secrets for shopping at Target.) 

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Gravity-Defying Wine Glasses
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gravity-defying wine glasses

Price: $37 | Buy it
If a bottle of vino is part of your Valentine's Day tradition, go stemless with four heart-emblazoned swirling wine glasses. The best part is that the "let's get tipsy" inscription is a double entendre — the glasses are balanced with 360-degree swiveling action that lets them tip without spilling. 

You may also consider grabbing a bottle or two of Target's new house wines, which we recently tasted tested along with Walmart's offerings.

Polished Crystal Heart Necklace
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polished crystal heart necklace

Price: $40 | Buy it
Dazzling but understated, this sterling silver heart pendant is accented with polished crystals that sparkle like diamonds, but without a diamond-worthy price tag. Complete with an 18-inch link necklace, it's a perfect Valentine's Day gift that can easily be worn all year long.

Nintendo Classic Gaming System
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nintendo classic gaming system

Price: $60 | Buy it
It's not necessarily holiday-specific, but if your Valentine is a GenXer, chances are good that he (and also plenty of shes) will appreciate a rebooted Nintendo Entertainment Classic more than any other gift you bring home. Unlike the old days of bulky cartridges, this baby comes packed with all the best games that made the original the most beloved post-Atari gaming systems in history.

Catalina Picnic Basket
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catalina picnic basket

Price: $55 | Buy it
Few things are more romantic than a picnic, but the image of a couple cuddling and nibbling on sandwiches and snacks in some pastoral setting doesn't hold up if they're eating sandwiches out of a backpack. This Valentine's Day, take your picnic game up a notch with a 14-piece willow, canvas and steel Catalina basket that comes with all the cutlery, plates, mugs, and everything else you need for the perfect countryside picnic.

Fitbit Versa
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fitbit versa

Price: $170 | Buy it
For a true fitness buff, Fitbit's streamlined, user-friendly smartwatch has more than 15 exercise modes for more precise tracking, onboard music storage, and dynamic personal coaching. Your Valentine will also get handy smartphone notifications and an impressive four-plus days of battery life.

Oversized Faux Fur Heart Throw Pillow
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oversized faux fur heart throw pillow

Price: $20 | Buy it
What better way to spend Valentine's Day than to curl up with a soft, cozy, well-cushioned throw pillow while canoodling with your better half? Break it out once a year as part of your February-themed holiday decor or, if pink fur matches your all-the-time motif, leave it out all year round.

'642 Things About You (That I Love)' Journal
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'642 things about you (that i love)' journal

Price: $9 | Buy it
Channel your inner scribe with this thoughtful and funny gift, which compels the sender to come up with 642 loveable things about the sender. Don't worry, the diary comes complete with questions and prompts, so you'll never embarrass yourself by running out of ideas.

Porcelain Lovey-Dovey Mug Set
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porcelain lovey-dovey mug set

Price: $10 | Buy it
Who likes cheese with their coffee? In that case, surprise him or her with a couple's pair of mugs that are bright, beautiful and dishwasher safe. Thanks to their "I love you" and "I love you more" inscriptions, they're also perfectly cheesy for the hopeless romantic in you.

Classic Shakespeare Love Stories, Retold
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classic shakespeare love stories, retold

Price: $11 | Buy it
You and your Valentine wrote your own love story, but a guy named Shakespeare wrote a bunch of good ones, too. This book is packed with retellings of love sonnets written by the most celebrated author in the history of the English language. Grab a good piece of couch, cuddle up, and celebrate the day with your Valentine and the Bard.

Tea Spa Bath Salts
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tea spa bath salts

Price: $6 | Buy it
Help your Valentine bring bath time to life with tea spa bath salts infused with rose petals for a floral scent that puts your body wash to shame. Soft skin, tranquility and revitalization are what you'll get for $6 — one of the best bang-for-the-buck gifts you'll find anywhere.

Craft Beer Making Kit
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craft beer making kit

Price: $27 | Buy it
What could be more romantic than brewing your own beer with your favorite drinking buddy? With the Mr. Beer American Lager Craft Beer Kit, you can do just that. It's got everything you need to make four gallons of small-batch brew thanks to the Mr. Beer patented brewing system. Barley is included, as are carbonation drops, cleanser, booster and hopped malt extract.

Letters To My Love
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letters to my love

Price: $13 | Buy it
Perfect for long-distance lovers or anyone who appreciates the pleasure of delayed gratification, these write now, read later love letters are a truly enduring expression of love. This Valentine's Day, write a letter and put it in the mail, even if it's to the person you live with, the way lovers had done for countless generations before text messages and emails rendered the art of letter writing obsolete.

Click And Grow Smart Garden 3
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click and grow smart garden 3

Price: $99 | Buy it
If your Valentine has a green thumb, there's no reason that the winter frost has to shut the garden down. With the innovative and reliable Click and Glow Smart Garden 3, the garden comes indoors. Small and light, the space-age device grows perfect greens, veggies, flowers, herbs and even fruit with virtually no maintenance, mess or upkeep.

23andme DNA Kit
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23andme dna kit

Price: $100 | Buy it
Give your Valentine the gift of ancestral awareness with a 23andMe DNA kit that can simply and easily reveal anyone's long-lost family lineage. With just a saliva sample, history will come to life in just six to eight weeks. Everything you need is in the kit, and when it's all done and the results come back, your better half will know exactly where in the world his or her story began.

Heart Shaped Jewelry Case
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heart shaped jewelry case

Price: $12 | Buy it
If your Valentine has piled up stacks of jewelry from Februaries past, you deserve congratulations on a job well done — but your soul mate deserves a nice case to keep all the shiny stuff. This heart-shaped holder has not just a self-contained mirror, but a nice, big shelf to store lots of little stuff like lip balm or whatever else along with any jewelry.

Crystal Bloom Watch
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crystal bloom watch

Price: $40 | Buy it
Sleek, elegant, and old-school analog, this crystal bloom Timex combines pretty red florals on a solid pink, circular face, which perfectly matches the pink leather strap. It's not just nice to look at, either. Waterproof up to 30 meters, it's also durable and dependable.

Hugs And Kisses Bath Bombs
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hugs and kisses bath bombs

Price: $4 | Buy it
For less than $4, you can score a luxurious set of V-Day-themed bath bombs that turn water into fizzy, rejuvenating goodness. Each one is packed with floral fragrance, moisturizing oils, minerals, and Epsom salt — and they're never tested on animals.

Scratch-Off Love Notes
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scratch-off love notes

Price: $16 | Buy it
The best love notes are the ones that write themselves. This gift that keeps on giving comes with 24 secret, hidden love messages, which are revealed when you scratch them off with a coin. Perfect for hiding in lunch boxes, purses or backpacks, you can surprise your squeeze with brand-new sentiment every day for nearly a month with a single purchase.

Give Love Aromatherapy Candle
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give love aromatherapy candle

Price: $10 | Buy it
Valentine's Day should smell nice, and this 8.6-ounce candle does exactly that throughout its entire 50 hours of burn time. Made of soy and paraffin waxes, you'll notice scents of water lily, Hawaiian hibiscus, and exotic citrus.

Godiva Candy Box
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godiva candy box

Price: $20 | Buy it
It wouldn't be right not to include at least one heart-shaped box of chocolates on a list about Valentine's gifts, but if you're going to go cliché, at least do it right. This box from Belgian chocolatier Godiva dishes up about eight servings, which are likely to go in a single sitting.