Where to Shop on Small Business Saturday in All 50 States

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boutique shop

Think Small

No matter what town you're in, you likely have a small business you support, whether it's the coffee shop on the corner you scurry into before work or the bookstore where a rainy Sunday morning turns into night (at least during non-pandemic times). These are the places we feel most at home, places that have cultivated an environment of welcome and warmth. In celebration of that feeling, we've scoured every U.S. state and highlighted an exemplary small business that's serving its community with local love and unwavering hospitality, sometimes against difficult odds.

Alex Robinson also contributed to this story.

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A'mano Gifts
Prime R./Yelp

Alabama: A'mano Gifts

What you're getting: Stylish art, home décor, women's jewelry, handblown glass, and contemporary coffee table books

Located in Mountain Brook Village in downtown Birmingham, A'mano Gifts bills itself as a lifestyle boutique that wants to help you live an artful and joyful life. Items range from handmade pottery, glassware, and barware, to children's pajamas, candles and apothecary, letterpress greeting cards, and many more. Many of its items are handcrafted by artisans in developing countries.

Tripp's Mt. Juneau Trading Post, Juneau, Alaska
Jack D./Yelp

Alaska: Tripp's Mt. Juneau Trading Post

What you're getting: Antique and unique Native American goods such as masks, jewelry, totems, bone carvings, and scrimshaws. 

The "oldest Native trading post" in Southeast Alaska, Tripp's takes pride in its handcrafted goods. The owners are of the Tlingit Nation (native to Alaska) and have been close with local crafters for more than four generations. Every item it sells is hand-selected to ensure authenticity and true skill.

Crystal Lattice Funky Market & Gifts
Crystal Lattice, Funky Market & Gifts

Arizona: Crystal Lattice Funky Market & Gifts

Camp Verde
What you're getting: Herbs and teas, hemp products, unique gifts, jewelry, and so much more 

Located in the high desert of Arizona in a rural community, the cozy Crystal Lattice Funky Market sells local mesquite honey, Euro foods, health and body care items, CBD oil, candles, and jewelry — in other words, a little bit of everything. There are also meditation supplies for those who need to find a little peace and calm in these unusual times.

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Mrs. Polka Dot, Little Rock, Arkansas
Mrs. Polka Dot/yelp

Arkansas: Mrs. Polka Dot

Little Rock
What you're getting: "All things preppy and personalized"

While it's impossible to know how many shops out there still trumpeting love for a style most celebrated in the 1980s — and even then, often ironically — it's similarly impossible not to admire the sheer idiosyncrasy of boasting that "classic prep style is always timeless" and throwing in Greek items to boot. Since Mrs. Polka Dot has thrived since 2002, it's fun to imagine that Little Rock is still popping its layered Izod collars more than three decades later within a concentrated, several-mile radius around this Beechwood Street shop. 

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Homeboy Industries, Los Angeles
Yolanda H./Yelp

California: Homeboy Industries

Los Angeles
What you're getting: Products that run the gamut of locally made bags and shirts, books, and baked goods

Homeboy Industries gives previously incarcerated people a chance to reenter the workforce. With social enterprises such as a coffee shop and bakery, Homeboy Industries shows what can happen when you bond a community "through transforming pain, not transferring it."

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Hope Tank, Denver
Carly W./Yelp

Colorado: Hope Tank

What you're getting: Clothing, toys, home goods, and much more

Hope Tank opened in 2012 with a bold mission to "disrupt the traditional retail model to show that small business can have big impact," which means in practical terms everything it sells is made by people with a commitment to philanthropy and supports nonprofit partners. But if that sounds like homework, fear not: The store is bright and fun, full of sass and good cheer, not to mention useful and attractive gear.

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Hartford Prints!, Hartford, Connecticut
Hartford Prints!/Yelp

Connecticut: Hartford Prints!

What you're getting: Apparel, prints, gifts, custom letterpress

Hartford Prints! was started by three sisters in 2011. They started by doing letterpress stationery but soon branched out to clothing, accessories, and posters. Now they're sourcing local art and retailers from around the community and using their space as the showroom (while still creating their famous custom cards).

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Dewey Beach Surf Shop, Dewey Beach, Delaware
Dewey Beach Surf Shop/Yelp

Delaware: Dewey Beach Surf Shop

Dewey Beach
What you're getting: Local apparel, surf lessons 

If you're in Delaware, hopefully, you've made it over to Dewey Beach (one of the most fun coastal towns in the state) and can pop into Dewey Beach Surf Shop — a local hangout and purveyor of skateboards, surfboards, skimboards, and apparel. Should you find yourself wanting to take your stoke from store to sea, Dewey offers rental boards and lessons.

Shop Made in DC
Austin G./Yelp

District of Columbia: Shop Made in DC

What you're getting:
 Products made exclusively by D.C. businesses

As the name indicates, Shop Made in DC features products from local artisans and makers. The more than 5,000 items for sale range from holiday-themed gift boxes to ornaments, shower scrubs, arts, prints, and chocolates. In addition to still offering in-store shopping at various locations throughout the capital, Shop Made in DC offers national shipping, local delivery, and curbside pickup.

Microgroove, Tampa, Florida
W. A./Yelp

Florida: Microgroove

What you're getting: New/used vinyl records, vintage cassettes 

Microgroove sits in one of the most historic neighborhoods in Tampa Bay (and by a great pizza joint called Cappy's). The store, in a former auto shop, boasts an eclectic collection of new and vintage vinyl in a variety of genres, with featured records displayed on pedestals.

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Refuge Coffee in Atlanta, GA
Jonathan T./Yelp

Georgia: Refuge Coffee

What you're getting: A cup of delicious coffee (or a donation!).designers and craftspeople. Refuge Coffee's goal is to help refugees build a life in the States. Refuge has expanded from trucks to a bricks-and-mortar site in Clarkston and maintain its own roaster helmed by members of the immigrant community. 

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Na Mea Hawai'i
Lyla D./Yelp

Hawaii: Na Mea Hawai'i

What you're getting: Hawaiian cultural products including books about language, music, and traditions.

Na Mea Hawai'I was founded more than 25 years ago to showcase books, educational products, and goods made by locals. The extensive library takes on topics from traditional Hawaiian uses of plants to guides to Hawaiian birds, but there's also chocolates, soaps, music, clothing, and unique home goods to be had — including a clever solid bronze bottle opener in the shape of a hand giving the "hang loose" shaka sign and a brick doorstop encased in lauhala leaves.

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The Gold Mine Thrift Store, Ketchum, Idaho
Ru Y./Yelp

Idaho: The Gold Mine Thrift Store

What you're getting: Vintage jackets, antique home goods, maybe a book 

What started almost 60 years ago as a library has blossomed into one of Ketchum's best-kept secrets: a veritable treasure trove of secondhand items. The Gold Mine offers discounted prices on thrift shopping such as for cashmere sweaters, ski gear, and antiques, as well as a healthy amount of home goods and furniture.

Wicker Park Secret Agent Supply Co.
Minh-An C./Yelp

Illinois: Wicker Park Secret Agent Supply Co.

What you're getting: Fun hats and books 

A nonprofit created to support kids age 6 to 18 with writing skills, Wicker Park Secret Agent Supply has a storefront that sells books and disguises (currently offering shopping by appointment, online sales, and curbside pickup). Items for sale include books and a whimsical collection of disguise hats and masks, ranging from pigeon masks to a diving bell hat and a Sherlock Holmes deerstalker cap.

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The Shop, Indianapolis
Justin F./Yelp

Indiana: The Shop

What you're getting: An awesome shirt for any Colts or Indy fan 

If you're in Indiana, the chances are high you know a Colts fan (or hey, an Indiana college sports fan). For a shirt they'll wear over and over again, hit up The Shop. All the shirts feature modern fits, modern (and vintage) logos, and are comfy as hell thanks to a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend.

Raygun, Des Moines, Iowa
Kara D./Yelp

Iowa: Raygun

Des Moines
What you're getting: A mug, a beanie, a shirt, a table … whatever you get, just make sure it reflects how you feel.

Everything at Raygun has a certain sensibility. (Note its line of shirts proclaiming "Iowa: 75% vowels, 100% awesome.") This humor stems from the owner, who quit school to sell shirts on the street in 2004. Several stores richer, Raygun's become the definitive brand for Iowa and Midwestern pride.

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5B & Co. Candlemakers, Kansas City, Kansas
Abby C./Yelp

Kansas: 5B & Co. Candlemakers

Kansas City
What you're getting: Candles and candle “tube” samplers

Candle shopping is actually incredibly tough. There are so many scents to pick from, and once you do, you're locked in for 50 to 100 hours of that specific smell. For something a bit more pleasing on the wallet and the nose, check out sets from KC candle pros 5B & Co. Right now, it offers around 130 individual scents to pick from (including intriguing names such as "Clean Undies" and "Unconditional Love"), as well as gift tube samplers for $26.

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The Last Genuine Leather, Lexington, Kentucky
Cathy E./Yelp

Kentucky: Last Genuine Leather Co.

What you're getting: Custom leather goods from wallets and belts to jackets and bags 

Maybe not the last leather shop you'll find in Kentucky, but worthy of being the last one you need to look for. Formed in 1975, Last Genuine Leather has been making quality goods (key loops, belts, jackets, bags, etc.) for more than 40 years. It's carrying brands managers love, but fear not, also still handcrafting accessories and clothing.

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Byrdie's Pottery, New Orleans
Heather L./Yelp

Louisiana: Byrdie's Pottery

New Orleans
What you're getting: Community-made pottery goods, from charming mugs to clever pots

This nonprofit ceramics studio opened in 2010 with classes for wheel throwing and hand building and a small shop in the front where members can sell what they make. Each month Byrdie's Pottery donates a portion its to local charities.

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Akakpo & Co.
Akakpo & Co.

Maine: Akakpo & Co.

What you're getting:
 Earrings, wood jewelry, drinkware, and tableware 

Ebenezer Akakpo is an award-winning designer who makes jewelry out of traditional symbols from his native Ghana. The symbols incorporated into Akakpo & Co's jewelry represent greatness, hope, loyalty, unity, strength, and patience. Akakpo has also developed a unique collection of "Earrings for Clean Water" made from polycarbonate plastic, with 70% of the proceeds going to support a Better Water Maker Project that Akakpo helped launch.

Sideshow, Baltimore
Beth M./Yelp

Maryland: Sideshow

What you're getting:
 Original art, eccentric book, weirdness such as crying baby masks and old-fashioned gags such as two-headed nickels

What kind of place is the American Visionary Art Museum? Well, it's owned and run by Uncle Fun — real name Ted Frankel — to host the work of self-taught artists with unique visions. Of course its gift shop, Sideshow, will be just as weird and wonderful.

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Janji, Boston

Massachusetts: Janji

What you're getting:
 Athletic wear whose proceeds benefit a great cause 

In 2012, after running marathons, the founders of Janji began to think critically about the lack of drinkable water in the world. They decided they'd create a sustainable business that would get people excited about running while helping developing countries to research and implement clean-water initiatives. Five percent of every sale goes into one of those initiatives.

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Ocelot Print Shop, Detroit
Ocelot Print Shop/Yelp

Michigan: Ocelot Print Shop

What you're getting:
 A limited-edition, custom-made print for your room, or classes on how to make one yourself 

Ocelot, formed as a collaborative workspace for community member, specializes in all things print (T-shirts, cards, posters, etc.) and works with the community on large projects. The shop's prints and clothing come and go with featured artists.

Forage Modern Workshop, Minneapolis
Forage Modern Workshop/Yelp

Minnesota: Forage Modern Workshop

What you're getting:
 Custom-made home goods from local artisans

One of the coolest things about Forage is its local-artist showcases that mean chances to buy one-of-a-kind works (drawings, paintings, sculptures) directly from them. Not looking for art? Forage also has an extensive collection of modern, hard to find homewares that would look great in everything from a dorm to a mansion.

OffBeat, Jackson, Mississippi
Jeana S./Yelp

Mississippi: Offbeat

What you're getting:
 A unique toy, custom shirt, graphic novel or book 

A place that absolutely stands up to its name, OffBeat is an alt-culture store dealing in comic books, records, and designer toys. There's also an art gallery featuring the work of young artists from around the state.

Urban Matter
Madhura J./Yelp

Missouri: Urban Matter

St. Louis
What you're getting:
An instant home makeover in a single store in the city's funky

South Grand neighborhood. Browse from handmade local leather goods, jewelry, and decorative notions, and don't forget to make time for browsing other local businesses along South Grand!

The Sassy Biscuit Co.
Maria C./Yelp

Montana: The Sassy Biscuit Co.

What you're getting:
 Fresh made granola 

A black-owned business founded by Jilan Hall-Johnson, Sassy Biscuit is a bruncherie where you can dine in or order for pickup. (There's another location in Dover, New Hampshire.) Sassy also sells its homemade granola and will ship it to your home. Current flavors for sale include banana; gingerbread blueberry; and oatmeal raisin.

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Benson Soap Mill, Omaha, Nebraska

Nebraska: Benson Soap Mill

What you're getting:
 Custom soaps, body washes, and bath bombs 

To make these products, two guys living just outside Omaha went around gathering up as many natural products as they could from restaurants, farms, and coffee shops and turning them into soaps. Thus Benson Soap Mill was born. (Vegan hand soaps and body washes are available.)

Rogue Toys
Thomas Chase Leo S./Yelp

Nevada: Rogue Toys

Las Vegas
What you're getting:
 Vintage toys and action figure collectibles 

Rogue Toys carries everything from Star Wars to GI Joe, Transformers, and Marvel products. Owners Steve and Krystal Johnson opened in May 2012 in a small storefront with the goal of creating a fun, nostalgic place for toy collectors and enthusiasts, and Rogue, which has since expanded into multiple locations and an online shopping platform, carries some of the rarest toys on the market.

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Prime Roast, Keene, New Hampshire
John C./Yelp

New Hampshire: Prime Roast

What you're getting:
 The Roaster's Choice subscription (or a cup of joe, if you're passing through)

Prime Roast started in 1993 and has only gained strength and followers. It serves primarily African, Latin American, and Indonesian/Pacific blends and bags of beans for purchase from all over the world. Inside the shop is ample seating, an ungodly amount of coffee to sort through, and extremely helpful and patient staffers to make sure you pick the perfect brew.

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Little City Books, Hoboken, New Jersey
Yoko H./Yelp

New Jersey: Little City Books

What you're getting:
 Books, dogs, and events in one of America's best indie bookstores 

Little City Books hasn't been around for that long (it opened in 2015), but what it lacks in age, it makes up for in passion. Not only does it carry the most sought books across all genres, but also hosts book readings, release parties, and other events, and will let you bring a pup in with you to browse titles.

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The Octopus and the Fox, Albuquerque, New Mexico
The Octopus and The Fox/Yelp

New Mexico: The Octopus and the Fox

What you're getting:
 Unique and whimsical handmade items, from pillows and shirts to embroidery and stuffed animals 

An eccentric store with an eccentric staff, The Octopus and the Fox is operated "by local artists, for local artists." This means it has a rotation of handmade gifts, art, and clothing with a special eye for only the most unique items, truly embodying local shopping.

Catbird, New York City
Val D./Yelp

New York: Catbird

What you're getting:
 One-of-a-kind, handcrafted jewelry made by locals in Brooklyn 

Catbird is one of the most well-known artisanal jewelry stores in New York City. The staff consists largely of craftswomen who often make jewelry in the store. They know their product and will help you find the perfect item. If you can't find it, they'll work with you to create what you're envisioning.

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Asheville Bee Charmer, Asheville, North Carolina
Brie G./Yelp

North Carolina: Asheville Bee Charmer

What you're getting:
 Delicious, pure raw honey from a slew of North Carolina purveyors

At Asheville Bee Charmer, they love bees — so much that they went around the state sourcing honey from local beekeepers to create the most delicious raw honeys on the East Coast. And because people always want more, they went ahead and created a hot honey, a chai-infused honey, and even honey-based skin products.

Unglued, Fargo, North Dakota
Melissa L./Yelp

North Dakota: Unglued

What you're getting:
 Something from one of the 200 local artists, crafters, and DIYers who set up shop here 

Unglued has a bricks-and-mortar site in downtown Fargo loaded up with all sorts of tchotchkes, gifts, coffee, and cupcakes — and able to host adult craft parties (basically crafting with drinks). If you can't make it into Fargo, shop online (and read up on its adult summer camp).

CLE Clothing Co., Cleveland
Rika M./Yelp

Ohio: CLE Clothing Co.

What you're getting:
 An actually awesome Cleveland shirt for your out-of-town friends 

A Cleveland icon, CLE has been making clothing in its hometown for around 10 years. What started as a passion project for two friends grew and garnered attention quickly from artisans all over town. Some 98% of CLE's products are made in the U.S., and the company now employs more than 50 Clevelanders. 

Second Chance Books & Comics, Oklahoma City
Second Chance Books & Comics/Yelp

Oklahoma: Second Chance Books & Comics

Oklahoma City
What you're getting:
 Very into comic books … especially if you start talking to the staff

The largest bookstore in Oklahoma City, Second Chance just so happens to be a comic book emporium as well. At any given moment, it has more than 250,000 books in stock, including new and used comics, graphic novels, manga, and a kid-friendly selection. If you can't find a book, a staffer will happily track it down for you and make sure you can continue your book learning.

Mantel PDX

Oregon: Mantel PDX

What you're getting:
 Homemade ceramics, home goods, and other creations from independent artists 

Mantel PDX was founded by Karen McClelland, an art teacher for 12 years who wanted to find a way to celebrate artists, their work, and the creative process. The store focuses on showcasing the work of small, independent artists. You can shop in the boutique by appointment, or buy online.

Heather B./Yelp

Pennsylvania: Petagogy

What you're getting:
 Premium natural pet foods, pet toys, and accessories

Petagogy sells only healthy, natural, and safe foods. The store also sells innovative and unique pet toys, grooming products, and nearly anything else you might need for your furry friends. Most of its products are made in the United States or Canada by small, family-owned companies. Petagogy is open for in-store shopping and curbside pickup of orders.

Queen of Hearts
Rosie Q./Yelp

Rhode Island: Queen of Hearts

What you're getting:
 Clothing, handmade jewelry, accessories, and beauty and wellness products 

Started in 2006 by Karen Beebe and expanded in 2010 to include Modern Love, a sleek lifestyle store, Queen of Hearts sells unique fashion including jewelry, dresses, handbags, wallets, and bath and body items in downtown Providence's arts district.

Goat Sheep Cow, Charleston, South Carolina
Scotty C./Yelp

South Carolina: Goat Sheep Cow

What you're getting:
 Gourmet cheese, charcuterie, and wine sourced from the best locales in the world

Goat Sheep Cow began as a passion project between two best friends over a bottle of wine. Their space is small, but that's intentional: To the owners, a smaller space means more specified curation and attention to product. That includes a number of Italian and Spanish cheeses, as well as more than 200 wines.

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Rushmore Mountain Taffy Shop, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Brittany M./Yelp

South Dakota: Rushmore Mountain Taffy Shop

Sioux Falls
What you're getting:
 Thirty-seven flavors of fresh taffy, and another dozen flavors of sugarless taffy 

The Rushmore Mountain Taffy Shop has been in the Black Hills for generations — in Keystone, near Mount Rushmore — making its taffy fresh daily from generations-old recipes and entertaining visitors with its old-fashioned taffy-pulling machines.

Imogene + Willie
Dani S./Yelp

Tennessee: Imogene + Willie

What you're getting:
 All things plaid, and some seriously comfortable looking clothing 

Founded by a husband and wife who met in sixth grade at a swim party, the flagship Imogene + Willie store is in an old service station in Nashville. The store (now open by appointment) sells men's and women's clothing — everything from T-shirts, shirts, and jackets, to jeans, pants, and shorts. You can also shop all of Imogene + Willie's comfy items online.

Austin, Texas sign

Texas: Texas Humor

What you're getting:
 Clothes, art, and stickers that help show off Texan pride 

Like most clothing companies, Texas Humor started small. This time, it was a husband and wife team who wanted to leave the worlds of advertising and marketing and start something of their own — something that could show their unwavering love of their home state of Texas. The products are typically satirical homages that show love in the form of shirts, hats, decals, and more.

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Cox Honeyland, Logan, Utah
Joleen H./Yelp

Utah: Cox Honeyland

What you're getting:
 Raw honey in just about every form imaginable 

We had honey covered in the East with North Carolina's Asheville Bee Charmer; on the West, enter Cox Honeyland. The whole operation started about 100 years ago with beekeeping on small farm. Today, the operation spans three generations and doles out mounds of honey in its many forms — flavored, pure, as honey butter, honeycomb, beeswax products, and others.

Pleasant Ranch, Burlington, Vermont

Vermont: Pleasant Ranch

What you're getting:
 Handmade wood gifts, from Vermont-shaped bottle openers to fancy dog bowls 

Pleasant Ranch is run by Steve Hadeka, who specializes in small-batch one-offs that lean toward home decor, kitchenware, and barware. Aside from the products listed on his Etsy page, Steve takes custom orders for almost anything wooden and has no qualms engraving a product with messages, logos, or names.

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blue jeans

Virginia: Shockoe Atelier

What you're getting:
 Handcrafted denim jeans with a lifetime guarantee for free repairs 

Shopping for jeans is not easy. Shockoe Atelier understands. Should you get a pair of jeans you're not completely satisfied with, Shockoe offers hemming services as well as free repairs for the lifetime of the jeans (just pay shipping).

Eighth Generation, Seattle
Peg C./Yelp

Washington: Eighth Generation

What you're getting:
 Authentic wool blankets from a legit Native-owned company 

Founded in 2008 by Louie Gong of the Nooksack, Eighth Generation is the "first Native-owned company to ever produce wool blankets." It started way back when Gong would draw traditional Nooksack designs on skating gear and sneakers. Gong decided to give blankets a go because he wanted to make something utilitarian that people would use daily, much like his ancestors.

Christina Vartanova/istockphoto

West Virginia: Gauley River Pottery

Mount Lookout
What you're getting:
 Handmade mugs, bowls, and other pottery with custom glaze coloring 

Every piece from Gauley River Pottery is hand-thrown on a wheel, meaning no two are exactly the same. Each piece is also microwave, dishwasher, and oven-safe, meaning as beautiful as they are, they're meant for everyday use. Check out the shop for beer mugs, plates, coffee mugs, tea pots, even chip 'n' dip platters.

The Waxwing, Milwaukee
Alisa S./Yelp

Wisconsin: The Waxwing

What you're getting:
 Custom necklaces, pins, and other accessories made by local artists 

Billed as a consignment shop, The Waxwing is more like a quirky boutique of new goods fashioned primarily out of reused and recycled materials. Patience is your friend here as you scour through bags, buttons, pins, leather goods, stationery, pillows, and postcards. It keeps prices affordable and updates stock continually.

Made, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Wyoming: Made

Jackson Hole
What you're getting:
 Glass belt buckles, or a monthly pack of four artist-designed greeting cards 

Set in one of the most beautiful valleys in the world, Jackson Hole is a small yet bustling community of skiers, entrepreneurs, and cowboys — all of whom need clothing and accessories by artists from across Wyoming and the West. Made features a range of goods from shirts and hats to necklaces, patches, and bottle openers made from antlers. If you love the West, you'll have to get Made.