Get Hooked on These 5 (Free!) Shows on Amazon Freevee

amazon freevee tv shows

Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

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amazon freevee tv shows
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism


Sick of paying for Netflix, Hulu, and the other 15 streaming services you’re subscribed to? Amazon’s Freevee is here to fix that for you, featuring both original and licensed content all for free. 

Not sure where to start? Check out these five great shows, all streaming for free on Freevee.

primo on freevee

‘Primo’ (2023)

Writer/creator Shea Serrano has lightning in a bottle on this one. “Primo” is easily the best new sitcom I’ve seen in a long time, showcasing a truly lovable cast, most of whom are semi-fresh faces. Based on Serrano’s life growing up in San Antonio with his five uncles, it’s got all the best family sitcom notes you’d ever want, plus a metric ton of heart. Don’t you dare sleep on this one.

jury duty on amazon freevee
Amazon Freevee

‘Jury Duty’ (2023)

Did you need more reasons to love James Marsden? I sure didn’t, but here we are. This show is one of my favorite things I’ve seen in a long time, featuring a very fun Marsden playing himself. It’s almost like “The Office” meets “Nathan for You.” 

Centering around a fake trial and sequestered jury, one non-actor is strung along and led to believe that he’s in the middle of a real case. The best thing here is that this show isn’t at the non-actor's expense — he comes off like a damn sweetheart, and it’s as charming as it is funny. Give it a look.

tales from the loop

‘Tales From the Loop’ (2020)

This show wasn’t nearly as good as it thought it was, but it’s definitely still worth a watch. It was released in April 2020, and believe it or not, around then I had an abundance of time and nowhere to be. 

“Tales from the Loop” is decent sci-fi that echoes “Black Mirror” and “The Leftovers” in many of the good ways, but the real treat is that the art and production design are centered around the incredibly awesome artwork of Simon Stålenhag.

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most extreme elimination challange poster
Magnolia Pictures

‘Most Extreme Elimination Challenge’ (2003-2007)

If you’re a fan of “Wipeout,” then this is something you’re going to want to see. I used to lose my mind laughing at MXC, where an old, wacky, Japanese game show is dubbed with new dialogue. The challenges and games are much like “Wipeout,” and while I cannot vouch for how well the comedy has aged (this was originally on Spike TV, after all), there’s nothing better than seeing people fall off stuff.

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American Broadcasting Company, Inc.

‘Lost’ (2004-2010)

Uh oh! You’ve stumbled into my trap. I’m the guy at the party who still wants to defend this show’s immensely polarizing series finale. Regardless of what side of the argument you’re on, most can agree that it started strong. And if you’ve never seen it, the first few seasons are some of the most compelling storytelling you’re likely to see on TV. 

And they weren’t dead the whole time, by the way. Don’t listen to people who say they were.

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