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Even when Netflix was the only streaming service in the world, a monthly subscription could feel like a burden on your wallet. Now we live in a world with more streamers than anybody could ever have anticipated, and to afford them all, you need to have some serious disposable income.

Good thing that we have Amazon Freevee, a completely free streaming service. Confused about what it is and how to get it? Here’s everything you need to know.

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What is Freevee?

Freevee, formerly the IMDb TV streaming app, is a video on-demand streaming service by Amazon. While it began with licensed movies and TV shows, Freevee has recently expanded its content with originals, including reboots like "Bosch: Legacy" and "Judy Justice," as well new shows like "Primo" and "Jury Duty," both of which have been very well-received.

Is Freevee Free?

Yep! There are ads, naturally, but Freevee is 100% free. An ad-free, paid streaming service option is not available at the moment. 

Do You Need To Be an Amazon Prime Member To Watch Freevee?

A Prime subscription isn’t required — all you need is the app. This goes for Freevee original content as well.

How To Watch Freevee

There are a few ways to check out Amazon’s Freevee. The company’s smart TVs will all have it available, much like the Amazon Prime Video app, and the same goes for any other Amazon Fire TV devices. Many other streaming devices like Roku and Apple TV have access to Freevee as well.

And if all else fails? An internet browser works.

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