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As arguably the most famous fast food chain in history, McDonald's has a foothold on customer loyalty that most restaurants can't meet. What happens, then, when the critters of TikTok and Yelp decide that McDonald's has a fully secret menu, mostly comprised of meals that already exist, but in different forms? This is what happens. Behold, 12 items to try from the McDonald's "secret" menu.

As always, be kind to your employees. If they're busy, don't ask for any of this nonsense. Peace be with you.

land, sea, and air burgerPhoto credit: Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

1. Land, Sea, and Air Burger

  • Order a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, and a McChicken.
  • Stick the fish and chicken inside your Big Mac.
  • Since when do chickens count as “air"?

2. Apple Pie McFlurry

  • Order a McFlurry.

  • Ask the employees to blend an apple pie into your McFlurry.

  • Tip them well.

bababooey burgerPhoto credit: Justin D. / Yelp

3. Bababooey Burger

  • Order a McDouble and a McChicken.
  • Stick the chicken patty between the burger patties in the McDouble.

4. Ice Cream Sandwich

  • Order a vanilla cone.
  • Order two chocolate chip cookies and build your sandwich. This might need a few hours in the freezer for full effectiveness. 

poor man's big macPhoto credit: Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

5. Poor Man's Big Mac

This has long been referred to as a cheaper way to get a Big Mac, because basically you’re rebuilding one from a McDouble, just without the middle bun. In theory, this is cheaper. Many, many places on the internet claim that McDonald’s will do this for free, but that’s not true; McDonald’s charges about 50 cents for a side of Big Mac sauce. Don't be duped.

  • Order a McDouble.

  • Ditch the ketchup.

  • Add shredded lettuce.

  • Get a side of Big Mac sauce and spread it on.

6. Orange Creamsicle

  • Order a vanilla cone and put it in a cup.
  • Fill up the cup with Hi-C and mix well.

neapolitan shakePhoto credit: Dennis L. / Yelp

7. Neapolitan Shake

  • Order small shakes of the strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate varieties.

  • Get a large cup and combine them.

  • Apologize to me personally for enjoying a combination that makes my skin crawl.

8. Big Mac & Cheese

  • Order a Big Mac, hold the meat.

9. McAffogato

  • Order a vanilla shake.

  • Add a double espresso and pour it over the top.

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surf and turf burgerPhoto credit: Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

10. Surf & Turf

  • Order a McDouble and a Filet-O-Fish.
  • Abandon all morals and stick the fish, cheese, and tartar onto your McDouble.

11. Mc10:35

Since most McDonald’s locations stop serving breakfast at 10:35 a.m. and start serving lunch at 10:30 a.m., you have an extremely small window of time to acquire the ingredients for this thing. Every McDonald’s is different, though, so check your location’s menu times.

  • Order an Egg McMuffin.

  • Order a McDouble.

  • Toss the burger buns and combine both using the McMuffin buns.

12. Monster Mac

I’m very sorry, but we have to draw the line somewhere. Though popularized by the internet as part of McDonald’s secret menu, I won’t stand for it. Going to a restaurant and ordering a burger with eight patties is not so much a “secret” as it is a “very bad idea.” Ain’t cheap, either. 

  • Order a Big Mac.
  • Add eight patties.
  • Regret your decisions.

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