40 Gorgeous Grills That Will Make You Drool


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Outdoor gas grill next to a pool
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We're going to share a secret: All you need to grill outdoors is fire and a grilling surface. A great griller can light wood or coals in a pit, place a grate over it and make an excellent meal — but they'll also miss out on side burners, infrared temperature monitoring, and the other drool-worthy features that they can show off to guests. If you're as concerned with the look of your grilling device as what's coming off of the grill, get ready to admire a range of gorgeous grills from gleaming, restaurant-worthy heavy weights to tempting splurges.
Kalamazoo Gaucho Grill
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Price:$27,295 | Buy it at Williams-Sonoma
All you need is an open fire and a grate? Argentine cowboys knew this a long time ago and cooked their meals over simple wood fires. Kalamazoo turns that method into a stainless-steel behemoth with a chain-driven spoked wheel that raises and lowers the 726-square-inch grill rack and rotisserie over coals for heat control. It includes a two-burner cooktop for heating sauces and sides, a high-powered gas starter system, and compatibility with propane or natural gas fuel sources.

Kalamazoo Hybrid Grill
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Price:$22,495 | Buy it at Williams-Sonoma
Use the gas flame burners or add charcoal or wood via a drawer in the stainless-steel grill. With an expanded firebox, 726 square inches of grilling surface, a chain-driven rotisserie with infrared burner, flip-up warming rack, and ambient control panel lighting, this grill is just about the best of all worlds.

Fire Magic Echelon Grill
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Price:$10,781 | Buy it on BBQGuys
The four E-shaped burners on this high-end gas grill are made from cast stainless steel rated for up to 28,750 BTUs apiece, which would be its most impressive feature if it wasn't for its rotisserie burners, Magic View window, integrated digital grill thermometer, backlit LED control knobs, interior halogen lights, built-in wood chip smoker, 1,056 square inches of grilling area, and power burner for grill cleaning.

Hestan 60-inch Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of williams-sonoma.com

Price:$10,049 | Buy it at Williams-Sonoma
It's going to dazzle you with 12 available colors, but far more exciting is the choice of four main-grill 25,000-BTU trellis burners and a rotisserie burner; three trellis burners, one 2,500-BTU sear burner, and an 18,000-BTU rotisserie burner; or four sear burners and a rotisserie burner. Cook at temperatures up to 1,000 degrees while using 10,000 BTU and 20,000 BTU side burners for cooking sauces and side dishes beneath halogen under-hood lighting. A removable smoker provides even more options.

Lynx 42-inch Smartgrill
Photo credit: Courtesy of build.com

Price:$9,499 | Buy it on Build.com
Three 23,000-BTU infrared burners, commercial-grade stainless steel, halogen lights, LED control knobs, and a spring-assisted hood all seem like standard offerings for the luxe Lynx. But the company also has a number of smart grills, including a 42-inch version with a 64-gigabyte Intel processor and Wi-Fi that lets chefs preset and maintain temperatures and cooking durations through an iOS or Android device. It can be voice activated for simple functions, too.

American Muscle Grill
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Price:$8,500 | Buy it on BBQGuys
It's ostensibly built to grill food, but its design is based on a 1969 Shelby GT 350 Mustang, down to the LED grill knobs make it look similar to a dashboard. With a hybrid grill that can use gas, charcoal, and wood as fuel, this heavy duty stainless-steel grill is designed to be beaten up like a car as well.

Kalamazoo Gourmet Fire Pizza Oven
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Price:$7,995 | Buy it at Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet
It has all of one primary use, but has a composite stone cooking surface, a domed exterior for reflecting heat, a 350- to 800-degree cooking range, dual burners to cook from above and below, a wood box for smoky wood-oven flavor and a wall of fire to impress guests and scare away the neighbors. It'll do the job in as little as 20 minutes, but with a 45-minute preheat can serve a perfect Neapolitan-style pizza in less than three minutes. And if you're feeling creative, you can also use it to bake bread, and roast meats and vegetables.

Twin Eagles 42-inch Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of kickassgrills.com

Price:$7,368 | Buy it on Kick Ass Grills
Another brand largely for the high end of the market, Twin Eagles is the welded commercial-grade plaything that folks who spend this kind of money on grills come to expect: 760 square inches of grilling surface, three burners that generate 75,000 BTUs, ceramic briquettes, thick hexagonal grates, LED lighting, infrared sear burner, concealed infrared rotisserie, smoker box, and a side burner. A grill built to impress.

Alfresco Alxe
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Price:$6,509 | Buy it on BBQGuys
This commercial-grade stainless steel grill has no shortage of impressive features. An integrated, hidden rotisserie system has a chain-driven spit that will support up to 120 pounds of meat, while the control panel features air-cooled knobs and LED lighting. With one dedicated grilling burner, one sear-zone burner, a smoking burner for the smoker drawer, pyramid-shaped ceramic briquettes, and a spring-assisted hood system, the Alfresco is basically grilling set to its easiest mode.

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$6,503 | Buy it on BBQGuys
You only get one main infrared and two main cast stainless steel E burners in this small but commercial-grade stainless steel model, but they produce 78,000 BTUs on 660 square inches of grilling area. And, as on a version that costs $4,000 more, there's integrated digital thermometers, blue backlit LED safety knobs, internal halogen lights, 12-volt electric hot surface ignition with flashtube backup, and a 12-inch deep firebox for complete convection cooking.

DCS 48-inch Traditional Grill
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Price:$6,398 | Buy it on DCS Grills
So what's different about this grill besides the fact that it's massive? Well, there's a system that funnels grease away from the food, a smoker with dedicated burner, and three separate cooking zones in the main grilling area: A hybrid infrared burner for searing, and stainless steel gas grill burners for either grilling on reversible grill grates or a stainless steel griddle for pancakes, bacon, and eggs.

Summerset Alturi Grill
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Price:$5,800 | Buy it on BBQGuys
The Alturi Series grills are just pure heat. Three burners are rated for 26,000 BTUs each and are guaranteed to last a lifetime under an unlimited warranty, while a 1,100-square-inch cooking area is covered with 9-millimeter thick, heavy-duty stainless steel cooking grates. Stainless steel heat zone separators between the burners prevent heat from bleeding over, allowing you to cook foods at different temperatures simultaneously, while a 7,000 BTU dedicated smoker burner and 18,000 BTU rear rotisserie burner make this grill incredibly versatile.

Lynx 30-inch Professional Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$4,019 | Buy it on BBQGuys
Impressive versatility is packed into in a smaller grill. There's a three-speed rotisserie with 23,000 BTU adjustable infrared burner and 25,000 BTU ceramic burner with a 600 square-Inch main cooking grid, as well as a large-capacity smoker box, all in commercial-grade stainless steel with LED lights and internal halogen lights.

Memphis Grills
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$3,899 | Buy it at BBQGuys
Pellet-fueled grilling and smoking is an art, and this grill with a dual-convection fan, 18-pound pellet hopper (for 62 hours of unattended cooking and smoking), and a temperature range of 180 to 650 degrees can be useful, but unwieldy. With an integrated Wi-Fi controller that lets you maintain temperature and check cooking status remotely through a food probe, you can use all 562 square inches of main cooking area and let the automatic augers in the pellet hopper just keep feeding the beast.

Evo Professional Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$3,695 | Buy it at BBQGuys
It's a flat top with a giant 30-inch diameter cooking surface that cooks evenly from center to edge. You can take those 650 square inches of 3/16-inch oil-seasoned nonstick cooking surface from 225 to 700 degrees and clean the dishwasher-safe removable waste tray immediately thereafter. You can grill and fry up breakfast, sear or broil lunch, and smoke or steam dinner — all while using an easy-to-clean flat surface.

TEC Sterling Gas Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of kickassgrills.com

Price:$3,419 | Buy it on Kick Ass Grills
TEC invented infrared cooking, and TEC Sterling FR is what it had in mind. With two burners using 100 percent infrared heat, this simple, hardy grill is basically made for steak searing, though its flexibility will allow for simmering a chili while grilling burgers and brats: A radiant glass panel sits between the infrared burner and grill grates to provide consistent temperatures across the entire grill surface while using half the fuel of a traditional gas grill.

Delta Heat 32-inch Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of whoesalepatiostore.com

Price:$3,228 | Buy it on Wholesale Patio Store
With high, even heat from three stainless-steel burners, a full infrared rotisserie system, electronic ignition, interior lights, an LED control panel, and 420 square inches of grilling space, this is just a solid grill for the money. With manufacturing brought back to the United States from China, all the welded stainless steel construction is now performed here.

DCS 30-inch Professional Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of dcsgrills.com

Price:$3,098 | Buy it on DCS Grills
This commercial-grade stainless steel grill is beautiful even with the rotisserie attachment, but other options, such as ice and beverage storage, make it even more enticing. With two 25,000 BTU U-shaped stainless steel burners, a layer of ceramic rods placed between the burners and cooking grate for even heating, a 553 square inch main cooking surface, a 14,000 BTU infrared rear burner, electronic ignition, and halogen grill lights provide all the evidence you need that this grill is more than just looks.

Napoleon Prestige Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$2,999 | Buy it on BBQGuys
There are five main burners that produce 60,000 BTUs beneath 665 square inches of cooking space, an 18,000 BTU rear infrared rotisserie burner, and an 8,000 BTU burner wood chip smoker tray that pulls out for easy filling. The shelving rack, condiment drawer, bottle opener with cap catcher, and ice bucket are just convenient.

Saber Elite Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of familyleisure.com

Price:$2,999 | Buy it on Family Leisure
What if you want a good stainless steel grill but don't necessarily want it to be as hot as the sun? Well, the folks at Saber — the same folks who bring you the Char-Broil line of more economical grills — made a stainless steel grill that uses infrared technology to cut down on fuel use, but not to boost the BTUs through the stratosphere.

Modern Home Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of woodlanddirect.com

Price:$2,933 | Buy it on Woodland Direct
Modern Home Products has been making gas grills for decades and has perfected its porcelain briquettes, single-piece H-type burners, 54,000 BTUs, and 592 cubic inches of cooking space. This grill doesn't have a whole lot of frills attached to it, aside from easy ignition and custom self-cleaning porcelain briquettes, but it's built to last.

Beefeater Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$2,924 | Buy it on BBQGuys
Though not common here in the United States, BeefEater has a following in its native Australia and grills food the way Aussies like it: With burners close to the food and the heat cranked up high. Its 72,000 BTUs vaporize drippings, while the 19,900 BTU side burner provides more than adequate heat for sides. Peek through the glass window or remove the hood entirely: This commercial-grade stainless beauty will do the same job regardless.

Sedona Lynx Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price:$2,879 | Buy it on Amazon
Lynx makes high-quality stainless steel grills for huge sums, but the Sedona entry-level brand acknowledges that not everyone wants to blow upward of $4,000 on a grill. You still get infrared burners, 618 square inches of primary cooking surface, LED controls, ceramic briquettes, interior lights, and a rotisserie with its own burner — and a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel body and 12-year warranty on the burners.

American Outdoor Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price:$2,502 | Buy it on Amazon
A commercial-grade 304 stainless steel grill with side burner, rotisserie and all sorts of other features generally costs far more. It has 540 square inches of primary grilling space, stainless steel flame tamers for even heating, and solid brass valves with red-flared front knobs for precise temperature control. This grill makes things easy, too, with piezo rapid light ignition that doesn't need electricity or batteries and a funneled grease management system with slide-out drip tray.

Weber Summit Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com

Price:$2,499 | Buy it on Amazon
This is top of the line for the iconic grill brand. Six main burners, a side burner, infrared rotisserie burner, dedicated sear burner, and a dedicated smoker adds up to 10 burners in total for a primary cooking area of 624 square inches. With 10 illuminated control knobs and an available 10-year warranty, this grill is built to last.

Blaze 20-inch Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$2,460 | Buy it on BBQGuys
Love a kamado grill but afraid that ceramic is going to crack on you one day? Blaze tackles this by not only crafting its grill out of 1-inch-thick aluminum, but giving it a lifetime warranty inside and out. It still functions like a multi-zone kamado, but with a tightened seal on the lid, a stainless steel cart with six casters, and a rounded steel shelf surrounding it, the Blaze attempts to provide more convenience for the money.

Solaire 27-inch Deluxe Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$2,397 | Buy it at BBQGuys
We'll admit this is just pretty. This commercial-grade stainless steel grill features an angular pedestal base and double-skin stay-cool hood in a hand-polished mirror finish. Getting down to business, it has V-shaped grill grates and three burners, including two ceramic infrared main gas burners totaling 32,000 BTUs that preheat in three minutes and cook food twice as fast. With 542 square inches of cooking surface (including 362 square inches of main grilling area), it's a bit small. But removables trays and burners, as well as fold-down slide shelves, give you a lot of grill for little spaces.

Traeger Timberline Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$2,000 | Buy it at BBQGuys
This grill has a Wi-Fi controller and full digital display, and they're in service of the 1,300 square inches of cooking space across three tiers of stainless steel cooking grates. With a convection system and controlled temperatures from 165 to 500 degrees, a 24-pound pellet hopper, and hopper clean-out door, Traeger claims you can cook 60 burgers, 12 chickens, 82 hot dogs, or 14 rib racks at a time.

Homodoor Tandoor Oven
Photo credit: Courtesy of williams-sonoma.com

Price:$2,000 | Buy it at Williams-Sonoma
If you really like naan or just dislike the way other people prepare tikka and tandoori, this is what you need. A clay pot enclosed in stainless steel, the Homdoor is perfect for skewers and ideal for naan, which takes just about 90 seconds to prepare once the dough is slapped onto the interior walls with a gaddi pad. Using a 20-pound propane tank, this grill is capable of cooking most skewers in just four to eight minutes.

Cajun Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$1,999 | Buy it on BBQGuys
The commercial-grade stainless steel and lifetime warranty are exceptional for a charcoal grill. But the huge grilling surface, lift-away handles on the grill for adding charcoal or wood, movable charcoal bed, and adjustable air vents make it a simple, efficient grilling vessel. The fact that it kind of looks like a steel wheelbarrow only helps its blue-collar appeal.

Weber Summit Charcoal Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$1,999 | Buy it on BBQGuys
The Weber steel kettle grill is a classic, so Weber just took the two-position charcoal grate and air-insulated design and doubled up its walls, surrounded it with a work table, added a charcoal bin, and expanded it to 24-inch stainless steel grate with 452 square inches of cooking space. A propane ignition system and a one-touch cleaning system for ash removal make this an ideal charcoal-fueled steel grill.

Lion Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$1,994 | Buy it on BBQGuys
This is yet another entry-level commercial-grade stainless steel grill, but this four-burner model with temperature gauge and interior lighting provides a lot for its price. A rotisserie back burner isn't even included in the burner count, while 647 square inches of grilling space, a rotisserie, cover, smoker box, griddle, and griddle remover with bottle opener offer a whole lot of perks for the price.

Kamado Joe Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$1,899 | Buy it on BBQGuys
This form of ceramic grill, smoker, and oven has been gaining popularity steadily among grillers by allowing them to cook food at multiple levels and different temperatures. Made of ceramic more than an inch thick and topped with a commercial-grade stainless steel grill with 452 square inches of space, the Big Joe is enormous for a kamado grill, but helps users with an air-lift hinge for the lid and a slide-out ash drawer.

Blaze 32-inch Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$1,815 | Buy it on BBQGuys
You can get a commercial-grade stainless steel grill without spending the cost of a roadworthy used car. Four stainless steel burners produce a combined 56,000 BTUs on the 748-square-inch cooking surface, while the 10,000 BTU infrared rear burner serves an optional rotisserie kit. A push-and-turn flamethrower primary ignition, backup flash tube secondary ignition, and crosstubes make lighting easy, while stainless steel heat zone separators allow for different cooking methods throughout the cooking surface.

Backyard Hibachi
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$1,495 | Buy it at BBQGuys
There is always someone who gets a little too into a trip to Benihana and thinks it's time to try it at home. This may be the perfect indulgence to make it happen: a flat-top propane grill great for searing steaks, frying eggs, fluffing up pancakes, and sautéing vegetables. With 693 square inches of cooking space, a removable stainless steel drip pan beneath the cooking surface to catch food scraps, and a removable waste tray that is dishwasher safe, it's easy to use and even easier to clean.

Coyote Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$1,199 | Buy it on BBQGuys
To make a commercial-grade stainless steel grill more affordable, you have to get smaller. It's just 497 square inches of cooking area, but push-and-turn ignition, interior halogen lights, and a pre-assembled cart make this the starter kit of an aspiring griller's dreams.

Fire Magic Portable Tabletop Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$1,165 | Buy it on BBQGuys
Nobody wants to be the person with the electric grill, but anyone who's ever lived in an apartment building with stringent balcony guidelines knows it's sometimes the only option for outdoor cooking. Not only is this grill made of commercial-grade stainless steel, but it has a digital temperature readout, thermometer probe for meat, tilt-up heating element for cleaning, and removable, dishwasher-safe liners. It gets up to 725 degrees (check it out with precision thermostatic control with digital temperature readout), has a 252-square-inch cooking surface, and is triple-wall insulated to prevent burns. The bad news? You won't be able to tailgate with it in northern climates, as it can't handle temperatures below 40 degrees.

Napoleon Lex Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$1,149 | Buy it on BBQGuys
Folks in the United States generally aren't familiar with the Napoleon brand, but it has Weber-type popularity in Canada. We could talk about the ignition system, stainless steel burners and sear plates, 485 inches of cooking area, and the wavy cooking grids, but the backlit control knobs are Napoleon's trademark touch.

Gateway Drum Smoker
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$799 | Buy it on BBQGuys
The dual air intake pipes and top exhaust pipe make this look impressive, but the 100- to 500-degree smoking range they create are what makes this a competitive smoker. Its grates have 462 square inches of cooking space and can be stacked three at a time, while its 8 to 10 pounds of charcoal will keep burning for up to 14 hours.

Solaire Allabout Portable Grill
Photo credit: Courtesy of bbqguys.com

Price:$697 | Buy it at BBQGuys
A lot of grill makers produce portable grills, but few make them as tricked out and powerful as this. With commercial-grade stainless steel, an electronic ignition, V-shaped grill plates and two 12,000 BTU infrared burners (at 24,000 BTUs total), there's a reason this portable still has to hook up to a 20-pound propane tank. But when the burners heat up the 253-square-inch cooking grate in about three minutes, you'll have a head start on everyone else at the campsite or tailgate.

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