25 Barbecue Recipes and Tricks From Celebrity Chefs


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barbecue ribs
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If you need recipes filled with flavor for barbecue season, and expert tips on how to pull them off, look no further. Our grill-themed culinary tour of entrees, sides, and desserts is led by super chefs from Bobby Flay and Katie Lee to both Paula and Jamie Deen.

grilled steak
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Bobby Flay and barbecue go hand in hand. For a perfectly grilled steak, he urges you to allow the meat to reach room temperature before grilling, and also offers suggested times and temperatures to cook a steak just how you like it.

Recipe: Food Network

grilled asparagus with lemon
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Forget the heavy sauces — and Paula Deen's typically butter-drenched recipes — this straight-ahead recipe shows that a quick prep of vegetables, with just a bit of seasoning, can take center stage in a healthy barbecue.

Recipe: Paula Deen

ribs with dipping sauce
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One of the original celebrity chefs, Puck hasn't slowed down — and his fall-off-the-bone ribs show he remains dedicated to unique flavors. This tour-de-force recipe features more than 10 spices, but has a delicious payoff.


pork and apple kebab
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The beauty of grilling is how it turns simple sauces into savory glazes, which is what lifts this recipe to another level. Apricot jam helps.

Recipe:Martha Stewart

barbecue sauce
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Rocco DiSpirito's versatile sauce works equally well on chicken, ribs, or beef. Make a big batch and let guests pick their meat of choice. A Vidalia onion and plenty of garlic keep things lively.


strawberry shortcake with whipped cream
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Giadzy, De Laurentiis' new website, is a trove of unusual takes on grilling, from Grilled Guacamole to Grilled Clams with Herbed Butter to Grilled Plum Salad. For this dessert, she suggests a vegetable grill pan to stop berries from dropping into the coals.

Recipe:Giada De Laurentiis

grilled corn and tomatoes
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Lagasse's secret to this dish? Soaking the corn in water for 24 hours. You won't ask why once you taste this deceptively simple offering that lets each ingredient's flavor shine through.

Recipe:Emeril Lagasse

grilled panzanella
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Vegetarians won't feel like an afterthought with this substantial salad from Garten, a sophisticated mix that includes Champagne vinegar, capers, and a French bread loaf called a ficelle.

Recipe:Food Network

grilled shrimp tacos
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Homemade pico de gallo (and a bit of tequila) adds depth of flavor to a Fieri favorite in a spin he shared on morning television.

Recipe:"Live with Kelly and Ryan"

nacho burger
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Fans of spice will gobble up these burgers that include jalapeño peppers and pickled sliced jalapeño pepper rings, cayenne, and puréed chipotle in adobo. Have cool drinks on hand.

Recipe:The Rachael Ray Show

barbecue ribs
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Unexpected ingredients from low-sodium chicken broth to dried oregano and apple cider vinegar — and baking the ribs before grilling — give baby-back ribs some punch. As Katie Lee says, "These ribs are insanity."

Recipe:The Rachael Ray Show

barbecued baked beans
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"The Chew" may be gone, but the recipes shared by its hosts live on. Hall's spin on a classic barbecue side comes to life with yellow mustard, chicken sausage (instead of the usual ham/pork), and green bell pepper.

Recipe:"The Chew"

grilled chicken breast
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If you think grilled chicken is all about drumsticks dripping in sauce, Irvine's spin offers a light approach courtesy of grapeseed and sesame oils, honey, and soy sauce.

Recipe:Robert Irvine

large burger
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Don't restrict burgers to ground beef. Ground sirloin, brisket, and boneless short rib combine in Symon's patty, but that's just the start of this towering creation that also features slaw, pastrami, Swiss cheese, and more, served on brioche.

Recipe:Food Network

three burger sliders
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This one took us totally by surprise: Ree Drummond, better known as The Pioneer Woman, uses heavy cream in her sliders' meat. It's an easy recipe that lends itself to countless topping interpretations to give them further distinction.

Recipe:Food Network

pulled-pork sandwich
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Florence shares a full-meal deal: An elaborate pulled-pork recipe featuring cider-vinegar barbecue sauce, a slaw recipe to top the sandwich (onions, red chile and lemon juice zip it up), and a suggested drink pairing: dark beer.

Recipe:Food Network

london broil slices
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Paula Deen's older son knows his way around the grill, transforming a standard London broil with a marinade inspired by something sweet. His tip? Make sure to serve by slicing across the grain — and pair with his chopped grilled summer salad.

Recipe:Food Network

ciabatta cheese pesto sandwich
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Aussie Stone predictably devotes an entire section of his website to recipes "On the Barbie," from grilled T-bone steaks with chimichurri sauce to barbecued prawns and mixed vegetables with lemon zest, garlic, and fresh herbs. But this sophisticated take on grilled cheese brings barbecue to a new level.

Recipe:Curtis Stone

glazed ribs
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Embrace the unexpected. Sanchez has said he sees grilling as an opportunity to experiment with ingredients — and that's clear in a recipe suggestive of the Texas childhood treat of Mexican chili-coated candies.

Recipe:Aaron Sanchez

tomato pizza
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Store-bought pizza dough makes this clever alternative to the local pizzeria an easy weeknight family meal, enlivened with fresh mozzarella and a charred crust.

Recipe:Melissa d'Arabian

lamb rack
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An intense marinating adds deep flavors to a main course, none more unexpected than this lamb from Tsai that has complex flavors of red wine, thyme, and black peppercorns.

Recipe:Food Network

hotdog with cole slaw
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Taking a spin in the kitchen during an episode of "Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off," Mrs. Brady drew deep on creativity — with Russian dressing and pastrami, no less — for her attempt at the summertime staple.

Recipe:Food Network

grilled artichoke with sauces
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The whole artichoke gets used here, not just the hearts, and its rich taste pairs perfectly with the smokey taste of the grill.

Recipe:Cat Cora

romaine salad with blue cheese
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Guarnaschelli coats romaine halves with a little olive oil and seasons them with salt before a quick grilling. Crumbled blue cheese adds the finishing touch to this steakhouse-inspired dish.

Recipe:Food Network

pineapple skewers on grill
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Real vanilla bean and freshly squeezed lime juice add richness to this tropical dessert that erases all memories of soggy canned pineapple squares.

Recipe:Food Network

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