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Wilder Shaw / Cheapism / The Gravy Train Food Truck / Trucial E. / Yelp

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Food Trucks Cover
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism / The Gravy Train Food Truck / Trucial E. / Yelp


There was a time when food trucks were synonymous with dirty, unclean food, but that's always been an unfair judgment. Over the last 15 years, food trucks have exploded in popularity, offering chefs the opportunity to cook the food they want without needing the millions it requires to open a restaurant.

Curious about your state? Taking a trip somewhere soon? Check out these popular food trucks across America, including Washington, D.C. (because the states shouldn't have all the fun), that are worth chasing down. 

Note: There are, of course, many more excellent food trucks in each state than the ones here, so if we missed your favorite one, consider this an invitation to try something new. Check each truck's website and social media accounts to confirm their location and opening hours.

Saw’s Street Kitchen
Saw’s Street Kitchen
Mochileros Street Food
Mochileros Street Food
Ruby’s Food Truck
Ruby’s Food Truck
AfroBites food truck
Passion R. / Yelp

4. AfroBites

Little Rock, Arkansas

It's not always easy to find great African food in the U.S., and it's certainly not easy to find it in Little Rock, Arkansas. That is unless you've found your way to AfroBites, where dishes like jollof rice, piri piri chicken, and curried cabbage are only an order away.

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shrimp tacos from Mariscos Jalisco
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

5. Mariscos Jalisco

Los Angeles, California

There can be no "definitive" dish for a city as multicultural as Los Angeles, but if there had to be? A plate of tacos dorados de camarónes (fried shrimp tacos) from Mariscos Jalisco would probably be it. With deep flavors from the shrimp, crunch from the shell, brightness from the salsa, and fattiness from the avocado, there are few bites of food in this world more fulfilling. 

I'm not just saying that, either; I got these things tattooed on my arm.

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Piglatin Food Truck
Piglatin Food Truck

6. Mukja

Denver, Colorado

Julia Rivera's family-run Korean fusion truck, which won Food Network's "Food Truck Prize Fight" is consistently exciting and delicious. Stop by for some soulful food, like a Korean street cheese dog or Taiwanese popcorn chicken.

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Fuego Picante
Fuego Picante

7. Fuego Picante

West Hartford, Connecticut

Fuego Picante is a must-hit spot for Mexican staples like tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. Track them on social media or book them for private events.

Burgers by Wildwich
Burgers by Wildwich
Crazy fries from El Bori

9. El Bori

Miami, Florida

Miami might be known for its Cuban food, but Puerto Rican eats can slip under the radar. At El Bori, standards like shrimp mofongo sit right next to playful ideas like lasagna empanadillas. 

Birria from Tacos de Mi Tierra
T S. / Yelp

10. Tacos de Mi Tierra

Atlanta, Georgia

You can find trucks with tacos, and you can find trucks with birria. You can even find plenty of trucks with ramen. But the birria ramen trend is very real, and at Tacos de Mi Tierra in Atlanta, the birria ramen is hot and the broth is hotter.

The Elephant Shack (Haleiwa, Hawaii)
The Elephant Shack
The Kilted Kod (Boise, Idaho)
The Kilted Kod

12. The Kilted Kod

Boise, Idaho

The Kilted Kod is best known for its Alaskan cod, but if you're not a fish fan, chicken is available.

Rueben from the fat shallot
Nathan O. / Yelp
As You Wish Wings and Things (Indianapolis)
As You Wish Wings and Things

14. As You Wish Wings and Things

Indianapolis, Indiana

You could get pulled pork or chicken tenders at As You Wish, and it's not like it would be a mistake, but there should be no leaving without the titular wings. Sauced in BBQ, spicy honey garlic, Buffalo, garlic parmesan, or ghost pepper sauce, they are the house specialty for a reason.

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Burger from Top Bun Food Truck
Top Bun Food Truck

15. Top Bun

Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines' flyest truck is a favorite for burgers in the area. And the "Top Gun" branding is a ton of fun, obviously.

The Flying Stove
The Flying Stove / Neomam

16. The Flying Stove

Wichita, Kansas

Fly over to the Flying Stove for kale and avocado sandwiches, burgers, Thai-inspired burritos, and more.

gyro fries
FlavaVille Food Truck / Yelp

17. FlavaVille

Louisville, Kentucky

There's no one way to pin down FlavaVille, where you can grab everything from Buffalo chicken egg rolls to grilled salmon tacos. The menu changes and evolves constantly, so there's no wrong time to hit the truck.

Diva Dog (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Diva Dog
Ken's Food Truck
Ken's Food Truck

19. Ken's Food Truck

Winslow, Maine

It's become standard for a food truck to fuse cuisines across cultures, but at Ken's Food Truck, some things are better left as classics. Ken's fried chicken is infamous in the area, but let's not forget we're in Maine. Lobster rolls are available, too.

All Fired Up Brick Oven Pizza (Baltimore)
All Fired Up Brick Oven Pizza

20. All Fired Up Brick Oven Pizza

Baltimore, Maryland

If brick oven pizza has remained unchecked on your Baltimore food quest, All Fired Up is a perfect place to hit. And two pies with pineapple? On the east coast? I salute their bravery. Stand strong for what you believe in, folks.

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Bon Me (Boston)
Bon Me

21. Bon Me

Boston, Massachusetts

The pan-Asian menu at Boston's Bon Me are impossible to pass up from top to bottom, from the namesake sandwich to the rice bowl and miso ramen.

Regina’s Food Truck (Ferndale, Michigan)
Regina’s Food Truck

22. Regina’s Food Truck

Ferndale, Michigan

Taco trucks appear time and time again for a reason. When done right, they are magic. Head to Regina's for beautiful tacos al pastor, grilled steak, and even fresh ceviche.

Hawaiian melt from Kham Fu Dee
Kara D. / Yelp

23. Kham Fu Dee

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Asian fusion is the name of the game at Kham Fu Dee, where teriyaki bowls and  spicy pork tacos fly out of the truck window, right next to cream cheese wontons and crispy chicken wings. Don't sleep on the drunken fries either, a mess of fries topped with slow-roasted pork, grilled chicken, chipotle honey, and garlic aioli.

Crooked Letter Kitchen (Pelahatchie, Mississippi)
Crooked Letter Kitchen
Food from Truck Norris
Liz S. / Yelp

25. Truck Norris

St. Louis, Missouri

Cute name, mac and cheese egg rolls, rib-eye wraps, and more ... Truck Norris has it all.

Banh mi
Low-Key Sandwiches / Yelp

26. Low-Key Sandwiches

Bozeman, Montana

Comforting sandwiches are served out of an old-school bus at Low-Key Sandwiches in Bozeman, Montana. Ready to serve ice cream, breakfast burritos, and smash burgers, there's no wrong time of day to be there.

Wings and fries
Valdez M. / Yelp
Fish and chips
Courtney M. / Yelp
Capri smash burger
The Gravy Train Food Truck

29. The Gravy Train

Dover, New Hampshire

There's plenty of rustic, fresh, foraged food in New Hampshire. Change it up at the Gravy Train, serving crispy smash burgers, decadent BLTs, and more.

Jeremiah’s Custom Cuisine (Berlin, New Jersey)
Jeremiah’s Custom Cuisine

30. Jeremiah’s Custom Cuisine

Berlin, New Jersey

Jeremiah's Custom Cuisine rotates through a few phases: cheesesteaks, tacos, BBQ sliders, and burgers. No matter which variety of Jeremiah's your going for, the creativity is big and the flavors are bigger.

Andale! Food Truck (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
Andale! Food Truck

31. Lupe's Andale 2

Santa Fe, New Mexico

You don't need a lot of bells and whistles to be a great taco truck. You just need well-grilled meats, expansive flavors, and fresh salsas. Welcome to Lupe's Andale 2.

birria tacos
Jando S. / Yelp

32. Birria-Landia

New York, New York

New York is one of the greatest places on the planet to eat, but it's never been known for its taco scene. Birria-Landia, thankfully, is able to help represent the flavors of Mexico with extremely high quality.

Master BBQ pork skewers
Master BBQ / Yelp

33. Master BBQ

Asheville, North Carolina

When Master BBQ moved from Los Angeles, CA to the Blue Ridge Mountains, it's possible they didn't know just how badly those mountains needed them. Chef and co-owner Paul Pike's family recipes are a breath of fresh air in a town that longs for bold Asian flavors. Catch his truck permanently parked at Zillicoah Beer Co., and if you leave without the tangy, unctuous barbecue pork, you've done it entirely wrong. 

Jumbo's Sloppy Joes truck
Jumbo's Sloppy Joes

34. Jumbo's Sloppy Joes

Fargo, North Dakota

If food trucks are about soulful comfort eats, then sloppy Joes are the perfect dish. Find them perfected here at Jumbo's in Fargo.

Pitabilities Food Trucks (Gahanna, Ohio)
Pitabilities Food Trucks

35. Pitabilities Food Trucks

Gahanna, Ohio

Surprise! Pita is the star of the show at Pitabilities, where you can chow down on custom pita wraps, rice bowls, and even pita nachos.

Taste of Soul Giant Egg Rolls (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
Taste of Soul Giant Egg Rolls

36. Taste of Soul Giant Egg Rolls

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

You are of course here to jam down on a giant egg roll, stuffed with your choice of chicken, veggies, or ground turkey, but crispy wings and catfish are dark horse sleeper hits.

Nigiri sushi from Yoshi's
Trucial E. / Yelp

37. Yoshi’s Sushi

Portland, Oregon

A lot of restaurants don't even have sushi of the quality Yoshi's is slinging, but this is Portland, and street food is in the city's DNA. Keep tabs often for changing menus, fresh catches, and great prices.

Randevoo Foodtruck (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)
Randevoo Foodtruck

38. Randevoo Food Truck

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Asian fusion proves wonderful time and time again in the food truck world, and it's no exception at Randevoo. Wontons, tempura, and pork belly buns made them famous; that's what you want.

Fried clam strips
Blount Clam Shack Food Truck

39. Blount Clam Shack

Providence, Rhode Island

Nobody fries up a basket of clam strips like they do in New England, and that's exactly what your must-order is at Blount. The soups aren't too shabby, either.

Roti Rolls in Charleston, South Carolina
Elise D./Yelp

40. Roti Rolls

Charleston, South Carolina

Low country cuisine rules supreme in Charleston, but at Roti Rolls, there's a lot more flavor to be found. Smoked pork, chicken curry, kimchi, mac and cheese, and more top the famous rotis, and to this day, they're all under $10.

Polar Bites rolled ice cream
Dakota Snow / Polar Bites

41. Polar Bites

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Rolled ice cream is mixed by hand in freezing bowls, usually with liquid nitrogen, and if you've never had it, you're in for a treat. The texture and flavor become more extreme when made in this fashion. Hit Polar Bites to see for yourself.

Quesabirria tacos from Maiz de La Vida
Sheena T. / Yelp

42. Maiz de la Vida

Nashville, Tennessee

When you're at Maiz de la Vida, it's special that you get to eat James Beard semifinalist Julio Hernandez' tacos at all. His birria, homemade tortillas, stewed meats, and pozoles are spectacular in their own way. The only way it gets better? It's parked outside a slammin' tiki bar, and you can eat inside. 

Con Todo food truck
Mary B. / Yelp

43. Con Todo

Austin, Texas

Austin is one of the best food towns in the country, plain and simple. It's not difficult to find great tacos, but it is difficult to find tacos like the ones at Con Todo. The attention to detail and craft in every inch of a Con Todo taco is unreal, from tortillas made out of Oaxaca-imported corn to specialty salsa and umami-rich beans. A trip to Austin without several Con Todo tacos is a wasted trip to Austin.

Bruges Waffle Bus & Brugesmobile (Salt Lake City)
Bruges Waffle Bus & Brugesmobile

44. Bruges Waffle Bus & BrugesMobile

Salt Lake City, Utah

Owned by Bruges Belgian Bistro, these two food trucks wander around Salt Lake City. Stop by for their famous Belgian waffles, burgers, and breakfast specialties.

Kate’s Food Truck (Jericho, Vermont)
Kate’s Food Truck

45. Kate’s Food Truck

Jericho, Vermont

Sorbet and ice cream come hand-in-hand with chili lime fries and chicken sandwiches at Kate's Food Truck, which can delight you in both savory and sweet ways.

Chicken salad with hummus and tabbouleh from Kenn-Tico food cart
Kenn-Tico Food Carts

46. Kenn-Tico

Richmond, Virginia

Wraps and the occasional Middle Eastern specialty are available at the hugely popular Kenn-Tico wrap carts. Hard to beat a lunch as fresh and simple as this.

Midnight ramen food trailer
Kristene S. / Yelp

47. Midnight Ramen

Seattle, Washington

Post up in front of Midnight Ramen for some of the best ramen in the city. Unfortunately, they're only open for about three hours during the dinner rush, so no actual midnight dining for you.

Truckin' Cheesy food truck
Truckin' Cheesy

48. Truckin’ Cheesy

Huntington, West Virginia

Burgers fries, and all things cheesy await you at Truckin' Cheesy. Which, yes, means mac and cheese.

Tots on the Street
Tots on the Street

49. Tots on the Street

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Even in 2024, new food trends continue to make people happy. At Tots on the Street in Milwaukee, homemade potato tot balls are stuffed with Buffalo chicken, sour cream, and because it's Milwaukee, cheese curds.

Noam's Table
Noam's Table / Yelp

50. Noam's Table

Cheyenne, Wyoming

The flavors of Tel Aviv live powerfully at Noam's Table. Grab a falafel wrap and some za'atar fries, or just snack on some pita and hummus. No wrong way to do it at Noam's.

Timber Pizza
Timber Pizza / Yelp

51. Timber Pizza

Washington, D.C.

Though food trucks are a dying breed in a city with as vibrant a culinary scene as D.C., Timber Pizza remains electric. What began as two dudes, a pizza oven, and a '67 pickup truck has turned into one of the most beloved restaurants in the Mid-Atlantic. This is the place to be for beautiful, wood-fired pies.