The Best Fast Food to Cure Your Hangover

Fast Food Hangover

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Fast Food Hangover 2
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Day-After Drive-Thrus to Hit Up

After a night of drinking and staying up too late, hangovers swoop in to remind you that every ounce of fun comes with a price. Whether it be in the form of a throbbing headache or a serious lack of willpower to even put pants on, hangovers are a nuisance, and everyone knows there's only one real way to cure them: fast food. From Crunchwraps to greasy burgers, here are the best fast-food items (heavy on the carbs, light on the spice, of course) to reach for next time you're battling a hangover.

McDonald's Egg McMuffin

1. McDonald's Egg McMuffin

This thing is the beacon of hangover hope. There is simply no fast-food breakfast sandwich more reliable than Mickey D's O.G. McMuffin. Stay away from the sausage if you're nursing a hangover, but go ham — err, Canadian bacon — on the regular version. If you don't make it out of bed in time for breakfast and you're feeling a lunch option instead, any one of the Golden Arches' burgers is also a safe bet. 

(And while we know these foods won't technically "cure" your hangover, we also know that they can really hit the spot when you're hurting.)

Vegan Crunchwrap
Taco Bell

2. Taco Bell's Crunchwrap Supreme

Don't go hog wild and add a bunch of fire sauce to each bite, but Taco Bell's Crunchwrap Supreme hits the spot if you're in a next-day funk. You can even grab a breakfast version if you're able to make it to the drive thru in time.

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KFC Classic Chicken Sandwich
Wendy's burger
cinnabon cinnasnacks
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5. Sonic's Cinnabon Cinnasnacks

Dialing into the breakfast side of things, Sonic's Cinnabon Cinnasnacks are seriously slept on (say that five times fast). These sweet, warm, gooey little delicacies are premium day-after food. (They also happen to be the best item on Sonic's breakfast menu in our opinion.) Thank us later.

Note: According to customers on Reddit, Cinnasnacks have been discontinued at some Sonic locations, so get them while you can.

Arby's Beef 'N Cheddar
Coffee and Donut