Costco Shoppers Reveal The Best Deals They've Ever Scored


Costco by Mike Mozart (CC BY)

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Costco by Mike Mozart (CC BY)

Pay Dirt

Walking out of Costco without spending at least $100 is pretty difficult, even with the dirt cheap rotisserie chickens and giant pies. That's why it still feels like you've won the lottery when you score a truly amazing, once-in-a-lifetime deal there. Redditor u/Flashinglights0101 wanted to hear more about those brag-worthy finds, and asked fellow r/Costco users, "What was the best deal you were able to pull off at Costco that you're still proud of?" Here are some of the best brags in the popular thread that we can only hope to snag ourselves someday. (We're totally jealous.)

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Essential Camping Multi-tools

$10 Multitool

"A few years ago they had some Sog multi tools around Christmas for $40," said u/Annhl8rX. "I figured they’d get marked down after the holidays, so I held off. Sure enough, they went down to $25. I still resisted. The next time I went in they were $9.99. I bought six of them. I gave two as gifts and stashed the other four in my truck, garage tool box, portable tool box, and junk drawer. They’re great quality and get used pretty frequently."

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Appointment at 10, Antique Decorated Clock

Two Grandmother Clocks for $50

"Found a $200 grandmother clock marked down to $50 for being the last one and the display model, zip tied to the box," said u/chaoticgiggles. "Got home, found a second one in the box. Called and they said just to keep it."

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Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch
Chesnot / Getty

$150 Gaming Console

"Before the OLED model dropped, I scored a last one Nintendo Switch bundle for $150," according to u/sarcofaguy.

Looking the tv at home
Milan Markovic/istockphoto

A Free(!) TV

"Went in to buy a chicken, saw their floor model Sony 65" LED TV was on sale for $1200 (it was 2013 so that was an amazing price)," began u/pikapalooza. "It was already down from $1800, they gave me another 10% cuz it was the floor model and the front area had some scratches. Get it home — the scratches were the protective plastic on the face. Bought the warranty. Survived 4 military moves. Unpack from the last move, TV goes black. I call the company. After some back and forth and talking with a supervisor, they give me a full refund. Just bonkers."

Bacon Frying on The Grill

Bacon for $2/Pound

"I got 32 pounds of bacon for 64 bucks," said u/JPBlaze1301. "Was going out of date but the bacon was vacuum packed and freezes well."

Cadbury Creme Egg

A $4 Case of Chocolate Eggs

"An entire case of Cadbury eggs for 3.99," said u/toronochef. "After Easter, but still. Lol ... They were the full size ones. Awesome deal."

Kirkland Signature Spiral Sliced Ham
Cheapism / Maxwell Shukuya

Spiral-Cut Ham for a Penny

"$0.01 for one of the big spiral cut hams. Obviously incorrect pricing, but they just laughed and rang it up," according to u/Trixieroo. "I did look to see if there were any more with similar prices, but that was the only one."

Noel Spanish Serrano Ham Costco

Fancy Spanish Ham for $50

"Getting a Spanish jamón in early January on sale for $50," said u/rdldr1. "I bought one and kept it in my garage for half a year. Sliced it open and it actually it tasted better. Less gamey and more pronounced in flavor. Too bad they sell out before they go on sale. At least in my area."

Movie theater during the screening of an animated movie

66% Off Movie Tickets

"They clearanced bulk movie tickets in 2021, so I bought dozens of AMC/REG tix for about half of the regular Costco price, and 1/3 of the regular box office price," said u/SordoCrabs. "There are multiple for both chains where I live and where I moved from. Stocking stuffers for years!"

Nano Puff Jacket
Patagonia, Inc.

$100 Patagonia Jacket

"I bought a light weight Patagonia down hiking jacket for about $220 (retailed for $400 at the time)," said u/robert323. "I was in the store a week latter and noticed they had dropped the price down to $100. I went to the customer service desk and walked out with $120 cash."

Costco cafe hot dog

$1.50 Hot Dog Combo (with Free Refill)

"Recently, I was able to convince them to sell me a hotdog, w/ fresh onions, AND a soft drink for $1.50," said u/Cruiser5139. "Didn’t even have to haggle."

Now this is a deal we KNOW we can get.