Work as a Hobby

11 Benefits of Working Past Retirement Age

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Work as a Hobby

work’s perks

Contemporary thought about getting older is changing, and more seniors are looking to stay in the workforce, be it in their long-time job, or in a second or third career. If you or a loved one is considering working past retirement age, there are many benefits that could outweigh the plans to fill the days with shuffleboard and coupon clipping. Check out the upsides of staying on the job.

Living Longer

living longer

Studies consistently show that people who work longer often live longer. Having a schedule and responsibilities keeps people going, especially when other areas of life start to slow down.

Staying Social

staying social

A workplace offers regular interaction with other people, which is important to the overall health of people of all ages. In addition to being around other people, small celebrations and friendships that develop at work can be meaningful parts of a social life in the autumn and winter years.

keeping a sense of purpose

Many people choose to go back to work even if they don’t need to in order to feel and be useful. Having a sense of purpose keeps us motivated as humans. We have a natural desire to contribute to community in order to feel fulfilled.
Having Fewer Financial Concerns

having fewer financial concerns

While Social Security may offer enough to cover the bare minimum costs of living, having a steady source of income relieves financial pressures. Even a part-time job can be the difference between having money stress or not.
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having employer benefits

With jobs come benefits. Depending on the job, these may include paid time off, free meals, trips, and discounts for services or items. Factoring in the value of benefits, both financially and otherwise, is important when choosing what kind of job best fits a particular lifestyle.

Staying Current With New Technologies

staying current with new technologies

These days nearly every industry is taking advantage of technological advancements. Being able to learn and stay on top of new technologies keeps you anchored to popular culture and also provides the best opportunity to enjoy modern conveniences.
Expanding Your Network

expanding your network

Personal interests and hobbies don’t fade with age, and a professional environment offers the chance to expand your circles and find other like-minded people. Connections might lead to fulfilling relationships in any part of your life, from finding a romantic interest to someone who shares your love of cats.

Staying Engaged In The World

staying engaged in the world

It’s easy to feel like the world is passing you by, especially now that things change so fast. The truth is that it’s never been a better time in the United States to be a senior citizen, and staying engaged is easy once you have a point of entry. Mingling with people of other ages and backgrounds makes it easier.

enjoy better physical and mental health

Our brains are a muscle and need to be exercised. Staying at work keeps the mind agile while also requiring regular physical effort, even if it is minimal.

Health Insurance

health insurance

Depending on your health insurance needs, keeping a job may be worth it just for the health insurance, even though seniors are eligible for Medicare at age 65. While not all jobs offer coverage, many jobs at least have a buy-in policy that can make a big difference to someone who needs regular medical attention.

Pass On Your Wisdom

pass on your wisdom

One of the greatest gifts of growing older is being able to share your wisdom and pass on what you’ve learned. By working with people who are younger, you get to share your experiences and enrich the workplace and the people you work with.