45 Great Jobs for Retirees

Closeup of Senior Woman's Hands Arranging Magenta Roses in a Vase on Her Kitchen Counter


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Closeup of Senior Woman's Hands Arranging Magenta Roses in a Vase on Her Kitchen Counter

Senior Management

After the pandemic stirred a wave of early retirements, many folks are deciding that maybe retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be. The proportion of retirees heading back into the workforce is at a two-year high, according to The Wall Street Journal, after bottoming out in 2020. And whether it's loneliness, finances, or simply having too much time on your hands, there are plenty of reasons a job, especially part-time, flexible, and remote work, can start to look good to a retiree. Here are some ideal jobs seniors can pursue (with median hourly wages, where applicable, from ZipRecruiter).

Kris Scott also contributed to this report.

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Smiling Mature Woman Sitting at a Desk in Her Living Room, Calculating Expenses
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Median Hourly Pay: $26.46
Accounting skills and experience don't just go away at retirement. Payroll, tax advice, or as-needed consulting can be done part-time. What's more, it can also be done remotely. Accountemps at Robert Half has guidance for taking on temporary or part-time accounting jobs.

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Senior Male Teacher with Face Mask Teaching at an University, Standing Next to Chalkboard
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Adjunct Professor

Median Hourly Pay: $42.83
An adjunct professor is a part-time professor for a college or university, and they make up the majority of instructors in post-secondary higher education institutions. If you have a desire to inform and inspire minds, this could be a great gig for you. It normally requires a bachelor's or master's degree with relevant experience in certain areas. For more info, check out Indeed's article on "How To Become an Adjunct Professor."

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Businessman Using Online Planner on Laptop While Writing Notes with Papers and Notebooks on Desk

Administrative Assistant

Median Hourly Pay: $18.20
Retirees can work as administrative assistants or executive secretaries, whose work includes tasks such as organizing, maintaining an appointment schedule, coordinating meetings, filing, document preparation, bookkeeping, and more. While the median pay isn't very high, experience and being good at the job can translate to a much higher salary in this field. 

Did you know that AARP hosts a job board that you can access online? You can check for local opportunities for experienced workers there, as well.

AARP also offers members age 50 and over access to a wide range of exclusive discounts and benefits, including online events, classes, and community forums, as well as advice on everything from financial planning to health and wellness.  

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Closeup of Wooden Antique Desk in an Antique Shop
Closeup of a Mature Female Artist's Hand Painting a Portrait of a Woman's Face on Canvas


Median Hourly Pay: Varies
Pottery, needlepoint, painting, sewing, and other arts and crafts shouldn't be confined to gifts for friends and relatives. Consider selling at fairs (particularly around the holidays) and on websites such as Etsy, ArtFire, and others, while working from home or your private studio. 

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Top View of a Mature Woman Sitting on a Grey Carpet on the Floor, Writing Into a Notebook
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Median Hourly Pay: N/A
A long life can mean many interesting stories, and writing can be creatively rewarding. There many options for inexpensive self-publishing these days. Amazon is one of the most high-profile and has a simple how-to guide from its Kindle Direct Publishing group.

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Closeup of a Mature Businesswoman's Hands Using Calculator and Holding Documents


Median Hourly Pay: $19.43
If you're a retiree who has always felt proud of your money management skills and has excellent attention to detail, you could be a bookkeeper. Note that computer skills are usually an important part of this job and, while some employers require a bachelor's degree, others require little more than a high school diploma and demonstrated savviness when it comes to managing money.

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Happy Senior Man Having Fun Using Headphones and Laptop at Home on a Wooden Table
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Business or Management Consultant

Median Hourly Pay: $33.77 (business consultant); $42.19 (management consultant)
Did you reluctantly retire and really miss what you used to do? Consider getting back in the game as a business or management consultant. Retirees can leverage a lifetime of experience by giving advice on business practices or how best to manage employees and resources. Many consultants only take on as many projects and/or clients as they feel they can handle.

Senior Woman Sitting in a Wheelchair, Working on Her Laptop with a Headset in Her Living Room at Home
Senior Delivery Man Checking His Smartphone While Sitting in a Van

Delivery Person

Median Hourly Pay: $20.62
Driving packages and documents around can be less work than driving people around. One interesting option for part-time delivery is with Amazon, which promises flexible hours and pay rates from $18 to $25 an hour. With more people working and shopping from home, the need for delivery people has grown substantially.

Classy Mature Woman Exploring Medieval Exhibits in a Museum Through Glass Cases

Docent (or Tour Guide)

Median Hourly Pay: $12-$13 (docent); $15.29 (tour guide)
Docents and tour guides have many of the same skills and duties. Often employed at museums, a docent or tour guide's job is to be familiar with exhibits, provide information to those interested in learning more, and assist with special events or programs. Jobs of this nature look for applicants with great interpersonal skills and a willingness to learn new things. While some docent positions are volunteer, many are paid.

Three Senior Dog Walkers in a Park, Walking Many Little Dogs on a Trail
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Glasses on Top of a Stack of Newpapers on a Laptop on a Table, Grey-Tones


Median Hourly Pay: $25.36
Editing and rewriting other people's work can come from Craigslist, Indeed, or a number of other sources and sites, and involve anything from real estate brochures to restaurant menus or small newspaper ads.

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Senior Businesswoman Sitting on a Couch with Laptop, Working from Home
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Median Hourly Pay: N/A
Ever wonder where websites that answer questions get their information? Many employ people part-time to find the answers. JustAnswer pays for expertise answering questions in specific areas and hires everyone from "divorce lawyers and dog vets to Maytag techs and Mercedes mechanics."

Many Floral Arrangements in Glass Vases on Rustic Wooden Table in a Floral Shop

Floral Arranger

Median Hourly Pay: $17.11
Florists work with beautiful products all day, make people happy — or at least feel better — and get to use their creativity. It helps if applicants walk in with some knowledge of plants and flowers, innate talent, and customer service and time management skills. For interested retirees, Masterclass offers a 30-day session.

Closeup of a Mature Man's Hands Taking Online Survey on Tablet on Wooden Table

Focus Group Member

Median Hourly Pay: N/A
For as long as there has been market research, there have been focus groups. These days, many focus groups don't meet physically; the work is done online, making some focus groups little different from online surveys. Focus group sites worth a look include Schlesinger Group, SIS International, and Storyline Strategies.

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Mature Female Employee Attending to Plants in Garden Center
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Garden Center Employee

Median Hourly Pay: $15.57
If tending plants and helping others learn about them is your idea of heaven, consider applying at your local nursery. Go even further and get a master gardener certification in your state and you'll likely be able to make more than the median hourly pay.

One Red Car with a Person Getting Inside, in a Lyft Las Vegas Hub

Gig Economy Worker

Median Hourly Pay: Varies
Uber and Lyft. Rover. TaskRabbit. Shipt. Postmates. The list of gig economy opportunities is long these days. For retirees looking to make a little extra cash, there's never been an easier path forward, often without any special skills or investment required.

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Senior Man Painting a White Picket Fence
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Senior Home Inspector in a Hard Hat Holding a Level and a Clipboard Outside a Home Doing an Inspection
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Home Inspector

Median Hourly Pay: $29.37
Home inspection requires training, and can be tough. Done properly, it may displease the homebuyer, seller, or both. But it also can make a real difference in people's lives at an important moment.

A Staged Kitchen and Living Room in a Modern Home in Neutral Light Greys and Beiges with Navy Blue Accents

Home Stager

Median Hourly Pay: $23.33
This is a good job for someone with interior decorating skills who can handle tight deadlines and is good at working with others. Home staging typically involves partnering with real estate agents to help them inexpensively redecorate for-sale homes. The Staging Diva has tips for getting started. 

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Mature Woman Lifting a Rug While Vacuuming Floor in the Living Room


Median Hourly Pay: $14.93
Some find a zen-like peace in cleaning. Part-time house cleaning can be lucrative, with flexible hours, and work might be just as easily found independently as by visiting websites for housekeeper recruiting such as Care.com.

Two Wooden Rocking Chairs on the Wooden Back Porch of a Lake House During Summer


Median Hourly Pay: $30.87
Offering to take care of people's houses while they are away means often staying somewhere new, but not all placements pay — some people look at housesitting more as a way to travel and save money, since they're not paying rent, rather than make money. Explore the possibilities on sites such as House Sitters America.

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Senior Woman Working Remotely on a Laptop on Her Kitchen Table at Home
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Job Coach

Median Hourly Pay: $13.24
To stay close to a profession without the hassle of a full-time job, consider mentoring or career coaching someone just starting in the business. LinkedIn has advice on becoming a career coach. 

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Looking Down a Row of Books in a Library
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Library Aide or Assistant

Median Hourly Pay: $14.11
Love books, quiet spaces, and helping others? Training requirements for this job are generally minimal and job duties involve working the circulation desk to aide in lending and collecting books, periodicals, videotapes, and other materials.

A Row of Desktop Computers with Seats on a Table in a Public Library

Online Instructor

Median Hourly Pay: $24.96
OnlineCollege.org has a guide to get people started teaching online, and the National Education Association has advice on teaching students online. Sites such as Udemy and Teachable allow instructors to create their own courses and earn money based on their success.

Senior Man Park Ranger Standing at the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park
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Park Ranger

Median Hourly Pay: $18.51
Fresh air, scenery, and wildlife — sound like an appealing workplace? Some park ranger jobs require a degree in a related field such as forestry, and often emergency training as well.

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Amazing Fall Colors at Clear Pool in Lost Maples State Park, Texas
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Parks Service Worker

Median Hourly Pay: $25.61
You don't have to be a ranger to work in a national or state park. You can help oversee a visitors' center, man a gift shop, and more. Many seasonal jobs are available in our nation's parks, too. Find out more at NPS.gov.

Closeup of a Senior Husband and Wife Holding Hands in a Loving Manner

Patient Advocate

Median Hourly Pay: $18.40
Do you have a heart for helping? Patient advocates do just that — listening to patients' problems and concerns and helping them navigate the hospital experience. Job duties include responding to complaints, explaining hospital policies and procedures, providing information on coverage, helping patients find community services, and mediating a concern between you and your medical team.

Mature Male Chef Preparing Numerous Vegetables on a Table with a Laptop in a Kitchen at a Home

Personal Chef

Median Hourly Pay: $23.51
For people who enjoy cooking and are good at it, a gig as a part-time personal chef may be a good fit. Cooks must be able to accommodate personal needs and tastes and meet deadlines.

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Closeup of a Senior Woman Hugging Her Black Dog While Sitting in a Chair Outside

Pet Sitter

Median Hourly Pay: $12.11
Like house-sitting, a lot of pet-sitting opportunities offer a place to stay instead of money. But with so many owners who spoil their pets like children, there is money to be made by building up clientele and courting word-of-mouth referrals, especially.

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Entrance to a Community College Building

Postsecondary Teacher

Median Hourly Pay: $16.07
It's not only university professors with master's degrees who can create and teach college classes. Community adult education centers and community colleges often use people with bachelor's degrees and life experience.

Focus on a Senior Businesswoman Looking Through Documents on a Table
Closeup of a Microphone and a Seat in a Conference Room for a City Council Meeting
Semen Salivanchuk/istockphoto

Public Service

Median Hourly Pay: Varies
Give back with public service. The part-time compensation for serving on a school board or city council counts for more knowing you're doing something worthwhile for the community.

Mature Female Teacher with a Face Mask and Laptop on a Teacher Desk Looking at Viewer
FG Trade/istockphoto

Public School Teacher

Median Hourly Pay: $20.06
Perhaps you've heard — the U.S. is facing an ever-looming teacher shortage. If you've always wanted to try your hand at teaching public school, now might be the time to get involved.

Closeup of a Senior Male Recruiter Looking at a Resume with One Hand Holding It, While the Other Hand is Holding a Pen


Median Hourly Pay: $22.31
Sites such as LinkedIn and Monster advertise jobs and find applicants, but there is no substitute for experienced people who know what a company needs. Recent retirees may be in the perfect position to help recruiters and headhunters. PayScale has insight into what it's like to work in recruiting.

Mature Man's Hands Repairing Crank Arm of Bike Pedal, Blue Bike Upside Down

Repair Person

Median Hourly Pay: $15.69
For those who understand how things tick, literally as well as figuratively, there's money to be made fixing everything from watches and clocks to lawnmowers and sewing machines. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sees modest growth in the sector through 2024.

Senior Male Scientific Researcher Closely Looking at a Vial of Liquid While Holding It and Sitting at a Bench
l i g h t p o e t/shutterstock

Research Assistant

Median Hourly Pay: $20.58
Research assistant is a good job for people who love finding and evaluating information. LinkedIn lists thousands of open research assistant positions in towns and cities nationwide in academic and corporate settings. Pay can depend a great deal on qualifications, experience, and sector.

Closeup of a Yellow School Bus Parked in Front of a School Playground
Senior Woman's Hand Using a Calculator with the Other Hand Writing on a Notepad
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Senior Female Translator at Home in Front of Laptop in a Meeting with a Female Student


Median Hourly Pay: $28.90
Writing or speaking another language is a huge asset in many sectors, including tourism, government services, and business services. The BLS shows strong growth for translation through 2024.

Smiling Senior Businessman with Glasses Sitting at Desk, Looking Directly into Webcam


Median Hourly Pay: $22.08
There are lots of tutoring services in need of people, including Kaplan, Golden Voice English, and Chegg, with online tutoring being especially in demand now.

Aerial View of NFL's Tennessee Titans, Nissan Stadium on a Fall Day
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Median Hourly Pay: $10.34

Retirees who love the performing arts or sporting events might find that they'd love an ushering job. ZipRecruiter currently has more than 4,500 open usher positions.

Closeup of a Microphone While a Mature Woman Speaking Into It in a Studio with a Bright Light
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Voiceover Talent

Median Hourly Pay: $31.65
If you believe you have the pipes to do voiceover work, such as for audiobooks or training videos, VoiceBunny has advice.

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Referee Whistle Hanging in Front of a Blurred Soccer Ball on Field

Youth Sports Officiant

Median Hourly Pay: Varies
Have a love of sports, know the rules, and want to encourage young athletes to follow those rules in a sportsmanlike manner? Lots of school districts across the nation are also having a tough time finding youth sports officiants to monitor games. Call your local district to find out if there are any positions open.

Mature Woman Using a Laptop While Sitting on a Sofa in the Living Room of Her Home
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More Resources ...

Whether you found a job on this list you'd like to look into or not, it can help to have more resources to get started. Here are a number of websites that cater to retired job seekers.

Retirees should also consider signing up at FlexJobs, which offers a number of opportunities for those who need more flexibility in their schedule or want to work from home. 

Need more career tips? We have a lot more stories right here.