Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich


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Arby's has brought back its most iconic deal, and it's so cheap compared to today's inflated prices that roast beef fans are feeling some serious nostalgia.

The 5 for $5 deal nets you five classic roast beef sandwiches for just a five dollar bill. To give you a idea of just how insane that price is now, the deal was first introduced 30 years ago, and it was presumably a decent deal way back then, too. (It's safe to assume shrinkflation has made the sandwiches smaller, but no one's complaining for $1.)

Arby's fans on Reddit are loving the sudden announcement. "Never thought I'd see the 5 for $5 in any form again," said u/vaporintrusion in r/fastfood. "Nostalgia."

"Oh wow! I haven’t had one of these in years," said u/LexKing89, maybe because like us, they think the regular price of a roast beef sandwich never seems worth it anymore.

Just for the hell of it, we looked up the regular menu price of a classic roast beef sandwich to compare. At an Arby's location in the Midwest, it's an eye-popping $5. That means you're getting five sandwiches for the price of one right now. Even if you only plan to eat one or two yourself, might as well surprise a friend or someone less fortunate with your cheap sandwich bounty

The 5 for $5 classic roast beef deal only runs through July 2, though, because of course there's got to be a catch, right? You've also got to order it through the app to get the $1 per sandwich pricing, so don't expect to walk into an Arby's and just get the deal. (Looking for more deals? Check out our roundup of other fast-food deals that you can grab right now.)

But wait there's more! You know what else is 5 for $5 right now? Arby's T-shirts. Yep, you can get a five-pack of t-shirts with Arby's vintage neon sign on the front for $5. Then you can wear your nostalgia and eat it, too.

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