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Everyone has a favorite sandwich spot that never fails them, a place where a simple meal brings anticipation overload and satisfies deep cravings. And finding a cheap sandwich that elicits these feelings and costs less than $10? Priceless, as they say, whether it's a deli classic or a humble grilled cheese.

Based on our own personal experiences, word-of-mouth recommendations from locals in each state, and reviews that praise the hallowed sandwich, we winnowed our favorites down to the best cheap sandwich that you must absolutely try in every state. Your lunch is about to rock, and we salute these great cheap (in cost only) American sandwich makers.

Dreamland BBQ in Montgomery, Alabama
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Dreamland is a standing-room-only sort of place that serves a lot of sandwiches under $10 assembled with in-house-made ingredients. Of particular note is their bestselling traditional BBQ sandwich plus a side for $7.95 that will fill you up Southern style. John "Big Daddy" Bishop built his first location himself in Tuscaloosa in 1958 and now with eight locations, Dreamland serves as one of the hottest bargain joints in 'Bama for a righteous meal.

Quickie Burger in Anchorage, Alaska
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Located next to a vape shop, Quickie Burger (slogan: Everyone Loves A Quickie) has been named one of the best spots in the state for a reindeer sandwich, a menu item pretty much unique to the Last Frontier. The eatery is basically a food truck, though there is an indoor dining area. Providing a taste of the north, their Rein of Cheddar sandwich sports diced reindeer sausage, caramelized onions, melted cheddar, lettuce, and tomato for a mere $8.50.

Zookz in Phoenix, Arizona
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This sandwich style is a cross between a panini and a croque monsieur. At Zookz, you must order the No. 35 ($8.50). Thinly sliced roast beef, crisp bacon, fresh tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, Zookz horseradish sauce are smashed and grilled and served with one side. The owner's Libyan nana Berdjoui brought a special sandwich iron from the old country that to this day makes incredible sealed and crispy grilled works of art.

Jimmy's Serious Sandwiches in Little Rock, Arkansas
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Little Rock
There's truth in advertising here as Jimmy's, in business for 42 years, has some serious eats and a huge menu of sandwiches. But a standout deal is the Thai-1-On, which is a clever flatbread sandwich stuffed with a hot and spicy chicken breast, a non-fat lime dressing, cilantro, bok choy, and shredded lettuce and carrots. Refreshing, filling and costing $8.25. Save room for their famous house-made lemon bars.

Bay Cities Italian Deli and Bakery in Santa Monica, California
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Santa Monica
Go for Bay Cities' signature sandwich, the Godmother ($8.90). This piled-high delight is made on in-house freshly baked Italian bread with prosciutto, ham, capicola, mortadella, Genoa salami, and provolone cheese. Make sure to order it with the works and add mild or hot peppers. They have a huge selection of Italian groceries and bakery items, too, with intoxicating aromas that torture you while you are waiting for your sandwich.

Curtis Park Delicatessen in Denver, Colorado
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This neighborhood mom-and-pop shop has a limited menu, but its reviews are overwhelmingly positive. For a veggie sandwich, their portobello mushroom, red pepper, zucchini, red onion, goat cheese, house-made pesto sandwich gets high marks and costs $9.12. Their meat deli sandwiches are gushed over, too, and even though they are a deli, they serve all meals on real plates with the latest edition of the Denver Post and chilled bottled water at each table.

SuperSandwich in Shelton, Connecticut
Photo credit: SuperSandwichcom/facebook.com

You have many options for variety and size of sandwich at SuperSandwich, and a standout is their take on a classic Italian combo. The "Super" size is $8.45 and is loaded with freshly sliced Genoa salami, pepperoni, deluxe ham, provolone, and dressed with lettuce, hot cherry peppers, and their house-made balsamic vinaigrette.

WiLDWiCH Café in Wilmington, Delaware
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All their food is made from scratch, and they are known for changing menu items frequently. But WiLDWiCH has a menu bestseller that is a constant, the K.C.Q. sandwich. You get shaved and piled high hickory-smoked pulled pork, their in-house-made barbecue sauce, and tangy slaw on the side for $8.

Wicked Good Deli in Fort Myers, Florida
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Fort Myers
The Wicked Good Deli has a smorgasbord of sandwich options under $10, but a standout that gets many high marks is their $7 turkey club, piled high with shaved turkey, with crisp bacon and dressed up with fresh lettuce, tomato slices and mayo to your liking on toasted whole wheat bread. Lots of choices here to get your cheap sandwich on.

Alon's Bakery and Market in Atlanta, Georgia
Photo credit: alonsbakery/facebook.com

At Alon's, make sure to order the Tunisian tuna sandwich with capers, preserved lemon, potato, hard-boiled egg, onion, tomato, and spicy harissa sauce on a demi-baguette for $8. Executive chef and owner Alon Balshan has brought an authentic European market to the Peach State with his made-from-scratch selection of baked breads, European-style cakes, handmade pastries, gourmet sandwiches, freshly prepared foods, fine cheeses, chocolates, and more.

Earl in Honolulu, Hawaii
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Hawaii is a tricky place to find great cheap anything, but for a righteous $9.50 you can get a fantastic craft sandwich at Earl. Order their Fun Goat, made with goat cheese, sauteéd mushrooms, fennel onion marmalade, cherry tomato, cucumber, basil pesto and spinach, and dressed with extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic reduction drizzle.

Cobby's Sandwich Shops in Boise, Idaho
Photo credit: Varuca T./yelp.com

Since 1978, Idaho's beloved Cobby's is a Gem State treasure offering a wide customizable menu of deals under $10. Go for their under $10 soup and sandwich combos, where you build a sandwich the way you like it. All sandwiches come with a side of chips and fresh fruit.

Vinnie's Sub Shop in Chicago, Illinois
Photo credit: Michael S./yelp.com

Nothing fancy, this landmark is a sub shop favorite of Chi-town with prices so low you'll be shocked. Order the Vinnie's Special sandwich, the 9-inch is $5.75 and is filled with fresh shaved ham, hard salami, provolone, and Vinnie's in-house special oil dressing on a crusty sesame bun. The foot-long version of this is a dollar more and is made on fresh French bread. Go before the lunch rush has you waiting on the sidewalk.

Nick's English Hut in Bloomington, Indiana
Photo credit: Denise V./yelp.com

The stromboli from Nick's English Hut in Bloomington, home to Indiana University, is a hallowed institution with locals. The half sandwich is $7 and is plenty big for one person. Opened in 1927, this family-owned restaurant is a delicious must-see and do in Indiana, so much so it was visited by Barack Obama when he was on the campaign trail in 2008.

New Pioneer Food Co-Op in Iowa City, Iowa
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Iowa City
At New Pioneer, Cashew on a Hot Tin Roof ($7) is made with sourdough bread slathered with a spicy jalapeno cashew cheese. Both are made in-house. It's then topped with onions, peppers, tomatoes, and spinach — all organic. They offer gluten-free breads and have carved out a real name for great vegan and vegetarian food in cow country.

Sandwich Bowl in Lawrence, Kansas
Photo credit: sandwichbowl2/facebook.com

The Sandwich Bowl's huge menu is filled with tempting items that range from vegan to barbecue, but their Reuben, which is made with corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut grilled up on fresh marble rye bread dressed with Thousand Island dressing for $8 gets loads of shout-out love. There are also plenty of cheap, tasty in-house-made sides and salads to choose from too.

Wallace Station in Versailles, Kentucky
Photo credit: Brianna M./yelp.com

Chef Ouita Michel has a small group of amazing little restaurants throughout the state, but for a real deal on a sandwich, look no further than her Wallace Station, where everything is made in-house and their "Sammi's Super Saver Special" is the steal. You get a cup of chili or soup and a half sandwich. Choice include their roast turkey and white cheddar; their pimiento cheese; a BLT; tuna salad; and fresh all-natural chicken salad, each for just $8.

Pop N' Pizza in Shreveport, Louisiana
Photo credit: Billy Joe J./yelp.com

Small and unassuming, this highly rated and dished about pizza and sandwich shop makes one heck of a meatball sub if you ask the locals. Piled on fresh Italian sub bread are loads of in-house-made meatballs dressed up with marinara sauce and mozzarella, and it comes with french fries for $8.

O'Donnell's Subs and Deli in Bangor, Maine
Photo credit: Nathan C./yelp.com

At O'Donnell's Subs in the land of the mighty lobster roll, go for the John Wayne Roast Beef Sub loaded with roast beef, American and provolone cheeses, dressed with lettuce, green peppers, onion, salt, pepper, mayo or mustard or their special horseradish sauce for $7.49, rumored to be enough for two people, partner.

Chaps Pit Beef in Baltimore, Maryland
Photo credit: Eric L./yelp.com

Have you ever had Baltimore-style pit beef? It's a blow-your-socks-off moment. You need to order The Famous Pit Beef Sandwich if it's your first time at Chaps Pit Beef. The sandwich features layers of shaved beef atop a fresh bun and secret sauce. Proprietor Gus Glava began this in 1987 in a shack and now has three Maryland locations.

Kelly's Roast Beef in Revere, Massachusetts
Photo credit: Melmoth K./yelp.com

Since 1951, this beachside spot has slung the best sandwiches and fried seafood and sides around. People often fly into nearby Logan Airport in East Boston and head straight to Kelly's. The sandwich to start your love affair is their small classic roast beef sandwich ($8.50), which can feed two people. Don't leave without getting their addictive onion rings.

Essence on Main in Clarkston, Michigan
Photo credit: EssenceonMain/facebook.com

Summer is the best time of year to order Essence on Main's caprese sandwich at $7.95, made with fresh mozzarella, olive oil, herb-roasted tomatoes, and feta topped with fresh basil leaves. They toast it and serve it warmed up. Their tomatoes are locally grown, and the bread and many of their sides and sauces are made in house. They are an organic cafe and only serve locally sourced meats and veggies.

Manny's Tortas in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Photo credit: Jake R./yelp.com

Tortas are a Mexican sandwich, and Manny's classic jamon (ham) torta is a filling treat prepared with cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, avocado, jalapeño peppers, refried beans, and chipotle pepper, and dressed with mayo and served with chips for $7.95.

Half Shell Oyster House in Biloxi, Mississippi
Photo credit: Lina L./yelp.com

There are 10 locations now for this Mississippi institution, where oysters are king but sandwiches also rule. Splurge for the $9 Fried Green Tomato BLT, a classic bestseller made with the in-season snappy fried green tomatoes, bacon, and lettuce on freshly baked pressed French bread, dressed with lemon aioli.

Jayne Dough in Branson, Missouri
Photo credit: Jayne Dough Sandwiches/yelp.com

This family-owned hot spot menu boasts the softest and most addictive freshly baked bread in the state, with specialty rolls filled with loads of choices that go for under $10. At Jayne Dough, go for the full sized sub pastrami and cheese that can feed two for $8.

Chalet Market in Billings, Montana
Photo credit: ChaletMarketBillingsMT/facebook.com

The Chalet Market's croissant sandwich menu is full of picks for under $7, and the bestseller that people love to review is their Berrylicious Turkey Croissant made with shaved fresh turkey, cream cheese, sunflower seeds, and a choice of Becky's Berries Raspberry Jalapeno or Huckleberry jams. The combination is reminiscent of Thanksgiving turkey and cranberry sandwiches.

Banhwich Café in Lincoln, Nebraska
Photo credit: banhwichcafe/facebook.com

At Banhwich Café, order the Spicy Thai Chicken (Ga Thai) for $4.95 made of shredded chicken or fried tofu served up with their in-house Thai cilantro sauce in a traditional Vietnamese-style sandwich topped with aioli, cucumbers, pickled daikon, and finely shredded carrots and jalapeños on either a fresh baguette or croissant, or in lettuce wraps for the carb watchers.

Yosh's Deli in Reno, Nevada Classic French Dip
Photo credit: Courtesy of yoshsdeli.com

Yosh's does their sandwich platters up with style and really generous portions. For $8, order the whole Classic French Dip. There's enough sandwich there to feed two people. The French Dip has paper-thin roast beef piled high with au jus on a fresh, aioli-dressed French roll.

Joe's Meat Shoppe in North Hampton, New Hampshire
Photo credit: Joes-Meat-Shoppe/facebook.com

North Hampton
There are loads of great sandwich choices under $10 at Joe's Meat Shoppe. Proximity to locally sourced seafood makes their seafood salad sandwich the pick at $7. All subs and sandwiches include cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion. Upon request, they will add leaf lettuce, green peppers, sprouts, and hot peppers.

Cafe Airlie in Newark, New Jersey
Photo credit: Sally L./yelp.com

There's a long list of generous sandwiches $7.50 and under on their menu at Cafe Airlie, but the one that gets loads of ink and raves is "The Airlie," which is a splurge at $8.50. It's made with a hot chicken cutlet, grilled pastrami, mozzarella with grilled onions, lettuce, and tomato grilled up all nice and melty.

Friends Coffee and Sandwich Shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Photo credit: Erin S./yelp.com

For just $7.49, order the albacore solid white tuna sandwich served either hot or cold with chips on Friends' signature multi-grain bread with your pick of mustard or mayo and a choice of lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. You can add a choice of either Swiss, provolone, or American cheese for 50 cents more.

Harlem Shake in New York, New York
Photo credit: Harlem Shake/yelp.com

New York
Harlem Shake has a Cheddar Cheese Bliss sandwich made with Vermont cheddar cheese, spicy molasses, tomato spread, cilantro, red onion on fresh sourdough at $7. They also serve burgers made with custom-blend Pat LaFrieda patties, as well as New York-style all-beef hot dogs, chicken sandwiches and Blue Marble ice cream.

Old School Subs & Deli in Asheville, North Carolina
Photo credit: Andy L./yelp.com

At Old School Subs, a delicious classic muffaletta sandwich made with bakery bread made in house, and ham, salami, provolone, house-made olive spread, seasoning, sub dressing all pressed and lightly toasted will run you $7.45 for the regular size (they make a larger size for a few dollars more), high marks from happy diners can be found online.

Grand Junction Grilled Subs in Bismarck, North Dakota
Photo credit: Grand Junction Grilled Subs/yelp.com

Grand Junction is set apart from chains as this family-owned spot grills all the meats and serves them up on fresh baked, private-recipe French batard sub rolls. Order the Chicken Cordon Bleu, made with premium chicken breast, Virginia honey ham, fresh lettuce, sliced fresh Roma tomatoes, dressed with honey-mustard, Mayo, and melted Swiss cheese to seal the deal. A regular (which is reportedly huge) sandwich is $9.

Charlie's Deli in Dayton, Ohio
Photo credit: Jeremy F./yelp.com

Charlie's Deli is a bit of the old country with freshly imported German pantry goods and groceries, but their Irish-inspired "Blarney" sandwich gets lots of love from loyal customers. Corned beef slathered with Swiss cheese, smashed Irish potatoes, cole slaw all toasted and melted on fresh swirl rye and dressed with Woebber brown mustard for $4.95 is the play.

Tino's in Norman, Oklahoma
Photo credit: TinosNorman/facebook.com

At Tino's, their bestseller is the Tino's Philly Cheese Steak, made with tender in-house cooked up ribeye steak chopped and covered in cheese, and grilled onions and peppers. The generous 6-incher comes stuffed and costing you $7.25.

Tails and Trotters in Portland, Oregon
Photo credit: Christine H./yelp.com

This popular spot was featured on chef Guy Fieri's "Diner, Drive-Ins & Dives" TV show. Locals buzz about the "Porkstrami" sandwich at Tails and Trotters, one of the more reasonable menu choices at $9. It's their in-house porkstrami served with Swiss cheese, mayo, spicy brown mustard and served either cold or grilled up on rye.

Sheetz in Altoona, Pennsylvania
Photo credit: Canaan R./yelp.com

Bob Sheetz had a vision back in 1951, and to this day his family still runs this hot spot, serving up their calorific and delicious bestseller The Big Mozz ($6.50). Made with a crispy chicken breast or a burger patty, this sandwich is topped with fried mozzarella sticks, melted provolone cheese, and marinara sauce served up on a toasted bun.

Brooklyn Brothers in Cranston, Rhode Island
Photo credit: M W./yelp.com

This family-owned spot is given big thumbs up for all their Italian specialties, especially their Cousin Vinny, an Italian sandwich made with ham, salami, pepperoni, hot capicola, sharp provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, banana peppers, diced pickles, and house dressing. The 9-inch regular runs $6.75.

Devine Cinnamon Roll Deli in Columbia, South Carolina
Photo credit: Rick T./yelp.com

There are various cheap-but-tasty sandwich options at Devine Cinnamon Roll Deli, including the Palmetto ($5) with two eggs, cheddar cheese, barbecued pulled pork, and grilled onions. Specialty sandwiches include Meet the Reubens! ($7.95), a grilled rye bread, butter-roasted sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, Thousand Island dressing masterpiece with your choice of meat. This sandwich also comes with "Devine" chips and a mini cinnamon roll.

Bread & Circus in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Photo credit: Courtesy of tripadvisor.com

Sioux Falls
Bread & Circus is a more upscale lunch spot than the average chain and with slightly higher prices, but nowhere in the state is there such an eclectic sandwich menu. Go for the $10 curried cauliflower sandwich made with red lentil hummus, yellow curry, arugula, cilantro radish served up on grilled naan bread.

Rae's Gourmet Sandwich Shoppe in Nashville, Tennessee
Photo credit: Courtesy of tripadvisor.com

You have loads of choices under $10 at Rae's. Go for the "Rae`s Hot Brown" made with honey-smoked turkey topped with crisp bacon, cheese sauce, and tomato or the classic Monte Cristo made with honey smoked turkey and deli ham topped with bacon, cheese sauce, and tomato (both $7.31) and served on a New Orleans' style baguette.

Mekong Sandwich in Houston, Texas
Photo credit: Bill B./yelp.com

Authentic Vietnamese sandwiches, noodles, and rice dishes here have been raved about for over 20 years. Mekong Sandwich is a local favorite, and its bestseller is the Banh Mi Thit Nuong (grilled pork sandwich) for $3.75. Add fish sauce or peanut sauce for an extra 25 cents and a fried egg for a dollar.

Sensuous Sandwich in Orem, Utah
Photo credit: Christine D./yelp.com

We're not sure how they do it in the rest of Orem, but they sell sandwiches by the inch at Sensuous Sandwich. The double-entendre names of their sandwiches are hilarious. Go for "The Tantalizer" made with pastrami, roast beef, turkey, and jack cheese. An 8-incher will run you $6.79. People rave about all their under $10 combos.

Stowe Sandwich Company in Stowe, Vermont
Photo credit: Stowe Sandwich Company/yelp.com

Stowe Sandwich Company is one of the hottest locally owned and operated restaurants in New England ski country, and it offers a Spicy Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich that is a bestseller, dressed up with lettuce, tomato, and a zesty house made ranch dressing for $9.

The Italian Store in Arlington, Virginia
Photo credit: Cecilia G./yelp.com

At The Italian Store, the Philly is much raved about and is every bit an Italian masterpiece of fresh Danish ham and provolone piled high on a bakery hard crusty roll with lettuce, tomato, onions, peppers, oregano, and olive oil dressing made in house. A small-size version is "huge" according to locals and will run you $8.

Valhalla Sandwiches in Seattle, Washington
Photo credit: Roanne C./yelp.com

When in Pacific-Northwest Viking country, do what the Norse-Americans in this region would do: Visit family-owned Valhalla Sandwiches and order the Ragnar's Club ($9) made with sliced chicken breast, bacon, Swiss, apple-jalapeno slaw, and sweet-hot Beaver mustard on a freshly baked telera roll.

Secret Sandwich Society in Fayetteville, West Virginia
Photo credit: Secret Sandwich Society/yelp.com

House-made fixings, dressings, beers, and breads are part of the rustic charm of the Secret Sandwich Society. This sandwich spot has a huge menu with a vegetarian-pleasing bestseller. The Churchill is piled high with Swiss, provolone, white cheddar, sauteed spinach, and marinated roasted red peppers on toasted sourdough for $9.50, and it comes with house-made chips and pickles.

Rock'N Rollz Sandwich Co. in Evansville, Wisconsin
Photo credit: Matt W./yelp.com

Naming some of their sandwiches after famous song lyrics, Rock'N Rollz is known for their "rollz" breads. Their Pigs On The Wing is a top pick for $6.16. You get roasted turkey breast, smoked ham, Wisconsin provolone cheese, dressed with fresh crisp lettuce, locally sourced tomatoes, and mayonnaise.

The Breadboard in Buffalo, Wyoming
Photo credit: Brad W./yelp.com

There are a ton of sandwich combos to choose from under $10. The generous portions make The Breadboard a good place to bring a friend. Order their famous Freight Train made with roast beef and turkey dressed however you like on a fresh sub roll. The 8-inch large is $6.57 and the 10-inch hungry size is $8.24 and can feed two.

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