How AI Can Save You Money on Food

Top-View of Smartphone with a Recipes App Opened Over Blurred Ingredients in a Kitchen with ChatGPT Logo and Screenshot of ChatGPT Recipe Question


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Top-View of Smartphone with a Recipes App Opened Over Blurred Ingredients in a Kitchen with ChatGPT Logo and Screenshot of ChatGPT Recipe Question

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With the cost of food still on the rise, finding smart ways to stretch a dollar at the grocery store or when dining out is just common sense. Using ChatGPT prompts can be a game-changer to nail some delicious meals without the hefty price tag.

Explore price comparison tactics, and budget-friendly recipe ideas, and input your dietary preferences to help you "trim the fat" from your food expenses so you can continue frugal feasting.

Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, '5 Date Night Restaurants and 3 Best Dishes Near FL, 33133 from Yelp and Google Reviews'

Never Overpay for Date Night Again

Being budget-conscious doesn’t mean date nights go out the window. Use AI to serve up restaurant recommendations according to your preferred criteria: cost, cuisine, and atmosphere. It won’t turn up places that opened after January 2022 (or updated prices) but the list will be a good place to start.

Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, 'Recipes for 5 of the Best Cost Effective Batch Cooking Meals Under $10'

How to Eat for Less Than $2.50 Per Person

For weeks that are a bit tight a family of four can eat for $10 or less per meal but you will have to get creative. For ideas, feed ChatGPT your budget, preferences etc… just remember to check current food prices. Who knows you might even be presented with some savings.

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Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, 'Recommendation of 4 AI-Powered Apps to Compare Prices From Different Grocery Stores in North America'

Use AI to Compare Prices

Tired of having an ongoing grocery price list running in your head? Stay ahead of the ever-changing food prices with the help of AI-powered apps that will crunch through data to present you with the best bang for your buck. Our favorite is Flipp which compiles weekly flyers and has a search function so you can zoom in on savings of your favorite items.

Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, '3 Cost Effective Meals From Publix, Winn-Dixie, Trader Joe's, Walmart, Target, Aldi, and Safeway'

Compare Prices Across Grocery Chains

If rotisserie chicken is a weekly must-have, then picking one up from Walmart will save you about $3 on average which over a year is $156. This prompt also calls out some of the top-selling prepared meals sold at each grocery chain which can save both time and money without trading on taste.

Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, 'Average Cost of a Burger and Fries Across 10 Fast Food Restaurants in North America'

Make Savvier Fast-Food Choices

Knowing fast-food deals and prices can make a big difference in your monthly food budget. While ChatGPT can’t tell you what weekly promotions are, what it can do is point out the price differences of a standard meal.

Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, '10 Different Meals to Avoid Food Waste with This List of Ingredients'

Never Waste Food Again

$1,600 that’s how much The US Department of Agriculture estimates the average American family of four wastes on uneaten food a year. That’s a decent chunk of change that can be turned into emergency savings. Before each grocery trip, why not spend a few minutes asking ChatGPT to give you recipes using what you already have – so you keep your shopping list tight and stock up only on what you need?

Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, 'Recommendation of Smart Fridges or Apps That Use AI to Track Expiration Dates of Products'

Use AI to Keep Track of Expiry Dates

Never throw away a rotting avocado again! Thanks to AI your fridge isn’t just a place to store your produce, get the right model and it can even suggest recipes based on what’s inside. Otherwise, apps like Fridge Pal can be loaded up with date expiration info so it can send you reminders to use that steak before it passes its best-by date.

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Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, 'Optimization of Meal Plan for Monthly Food Budget'

Get Specially Tailored Meal Plans Without Paying a Pricy Subscription

Meal planning can be such a chore but crucial to optimize any food budget. Why not prompt ChatGPT with all the crucial details of your dietary preferences and favorite cuisines and let it generate recipes so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting? And since large language models build on the information it is fed, the recommendations will get better over time. You can also follow up in future prompts to include/exclude certain ingredients or dishes so you won’t have the same meal twice.

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Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, '$100 Weekly Food Budget for a Family of 4 in New York'

Give It a Budget/Location to General a Price Savvy Shopping List

Golden rules of grocery shopping: never go hungry and never go without a list. Instead of doing the automatic math in your head as you browse the aisles, get ChatGPT to come up with a full shopping list and even guide prices and grocery store recommendations — just remember it’s still benched to 2022 prices — so you’re not going over your weekly budget.

Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, 'U.S. Nationwide Food Assistance Programs'

Find Assistance Programs

According to the most recent consumer price index (CPI) report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food prices in August 2023 rose by 4.3% as compared to the year before so that means we’re all still paying more than what we used to. If you need help to lower your food costs, a national food assistance program like SNAP might help for times when money is tight.

Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, '5 Cheapest Sources of Protein'

Get AI to Number Crunch

The list isn’t too surprising … but what’s useful is its guide of prices. A quick check confirms the information to be accurate and even lower (remember data is only as good as Jan 2022), who knew a can of Good & Gather tuna from Target costs just $0.99?

Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, 'Act Like a Nutritionist and Suggest Affordable Substitutes for Expensive Ingredients'

Use AI to Suggest Cheaper Food Substitutes

Since you can’t eat boujee all the time, you might as well get to know the alternatives. Just tell ChatGPT what you want to swap and it’ll act like your personal nutritionist and recommend alternatives that you won’t even notice the difference.

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Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, 'Act Like a Nutritionist and Recommend 4 Different Recipes Using Chicken and Broccoli Under $3 Per Serving'

Give It Your Ingredients and Budget for a Cost-Effective Meal Plan

Before you call out for a pizza, use the power of AI to give you some budget-savvy ideas using random ingredients from the fridge, this way you won’t be stuck eating some variation of chicken and broccoli daily, or have to eat $0.99 ramen till payday rolls round.

Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, 'Ways to Cheaply Replicate Favorite Restaurant Meals At Home'

Ask the Hive Mind for Restaurant Worthy Meals

Eating out is getting expensive, not only are higher food prices being passed onto customers but tipping has kind of gone crazy — even for pick-up orders. For next week’s date night turn to ChatGPT for some help to whip up your favorite restaurant meal. The cost savings might surprise you.

Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, 'Step-By-Step Guide to Canning and Pickling'

Let ChatGPT Be Your Expert Guide

The next time you chance on a bulk deal for produce, make the most of it by doing some canning or pickling. Worried it’ll go bad? Just make sure you consume what you’ve canned or pickled within three months, to be on the safe side.

Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, '5 Cost Effective Meals Using Autumn Produce'

Shop & Eat Seasonally

Eating seasonably isn’t just more environmentally friendly, it’s also a way to save money as they’re usually sold at cheaper prices to meet demand. Get to know the seasons and prompt ChatGPT to help you generate recipes.

Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, 'Which are the Best Nationwide Sales and Grocery Chains That Offer Coupon Discounts and Loyalty Programs?'

Get the Skinny on Sales

Ah… coupons, it saves a bundle if only you had the time to go through it all. Use ChatGPT’s knowledge of sales to stock up on kitchen appliances — Instant Pots usually go for less on Amazon Prime Sale Days — and you can even prompt it further to consult historical data to learn which brands/appliances usually slash prices during sale season.

Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, 'Act Like a Nutritionist for a New Client in Her 30s Who Wants to Boost Her Protein Content for Muscle and Long-Term Health'

Be Your Own Weight Loss Program

Stop shelling out for pricey monthly weight loss programmes or food subscription services. Instead do your own research and pair them with your preferences for a highly personalized diet plan. Reward yourself by turning that $18 monthly subscription plan towards your favorite treats.

Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, 'Is There a Difference Between a Plant Protein Source and an Animal Protein Source?'

Learn to Maximize Your Nutrition for Long Term Health

Eat to live or live to eat. This prompt may not save you money right now but learning how to eat better will benefit your long-term health and hopefully reduce medical bills in your twilight years.

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Screenshot of Question Asked to ChatGPT, 'Top 10 Foods in North America Which Have Increased the Most in Prices'

Keep in the Know of Food Prices

So how do you know if you’re getting a good deal at the grocery store? Aside from anecdotal evidence, get AI to crunch through Consumer Price Index reports to give you some guide prices so the next time you spot a BOGO deal, you’ll know if it’s actually a deal, or just a way to get you to buy more.