A National Summer Crisis: Ice Cream Inflation and Other Grocery Staples Rising in Cost

Inflation Concept

Ibrahim Akcengiz/istockphoto

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Inflation Concept
Ibrahim Akcengiz/istockphoto
close up of fresh butter in a container
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Margarine: 22.5% Increase

If you've been using margarine instead of butter to save a buck (or to keep your choloresteral levels at bay), you're in for a rude awakening. The price of the shortening spiked 22.5% over this time last year so it might be time to kiss I Can't Believe It's Not Butter goodbye and say hello to the real thing. (This might be a blessing in disguise because if you ask us, butter makes everything better.)

Flour and ears of wheat on a black background. Close-up, bread concept.

Flour: 17.1% Increase

If you've been tampering with the idea of getting rid of gluten, now might be the time to swear it off because flour and bread (more on that below) prices are both on the, well, rise. Over the last year, flour prices rose 17.1%.

Whole Wheat Bread With Seeds

Bread: 12.5% Increase

Listen, carbs are life. Bread is our weakness. This is one price hike that we'll likely just live with — even at a 12.5% rise in cost.

White granulated sugar and refined sugar cubes close-up in the kitchen
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Sugar: 11.1% Increase

Grocery inflation is turning baker's delight into baker's disdain. First flour, now sugar? Prices jumped a not-so-sweet 11.1%.

Street vendor cart selling variety of cold energy drinks, soft drinks, bottled juice and sport drinks.

Juice and Non-Alcoholic Beverages: 9.9% Increase

So, inflation is telling us we should ... drink more alcohol this summer? Okay, maybe they didn't say it outright, but telling consumers that the price of juice and other non-alcoholic beverages leaped 9.9% in a year eludes to that, no doubt.

Lettuce isolated isolated on white background

Lettuce: 9.4% Increase

This salad staple saw a price hike of 9.4% — sounds like it's time to embrace our inner Popeye and opt for spinach salads to save some money.

Isolated pink ham, sliced evenly
Vanilla Raspberry or Strawberry Ripple.

Ice Cream: 8% Increase

Now, for the blow we never wanted to have to deliver to you, dear reader. For this gut punch, we apologize. It's not our fault. Still, just in time to snatch your summertime serotonin spike away, the price of ice cream has gone up 8%. Blasphemy. 

slices of cheese

Some Smaller Increases ...

These items also increased in cost, albeit not significantly:

  • Cheese: 3.6%
  • Chicken: 0.9%
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables: 0.6%

Still life image of brown and white eggs in cardboard egg cartons

... And a Few Grocery Items That Are Getting Cheaper

To cushion the blow of everyone's favorite frozen treat getting more expensive, these grocery staples are getting cheaper:

  • Eggs (fell by 13.8% for a historic decline)
  • Bacon (fell by 9.3%)
  • Citrus fruit (fell by 5.3%)
  • Fresh whole milk (fell by 3.4%)
  • Pork chops (fell by 2.2%)
  • Fish and seafood (fell by 1.1%)