30 Affordable Tricks To Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Luxury DIY

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Luxury DIY
Cheapism / Grigorev_Vladimir/gamespirit/istockphoto

Cheap Trick: Home Edition

If you want your home to feel like you're sitting in the lap of luxury, there are some smart yet cheap ways to achieve an expensive look. From your window treatments to paint choices, check out these affordable tricks to achieve a high-end aesthetic.

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1. Declutter

While lots of stuff might cost more than a minimalistic approach to interior decorating, it doesn't exude the same expensive-looking elegance. You'll want to declutter and organize your space to achieve that sleeker look. Cling to a "less is more" mentality. 

Man hanging artwork at home

2. Grab Some Discount Art

You don't have to sip champagne at some snooty art gallery and pay thousands of dollars on paintings to decorate your home. Hit up your favorite thrift store or flea market, check Facebook Marketplace, or check on Etsy to find passable pieces you won't have to spend a fortune on.

Painting our front door

3. Paint Your Doors

Painting your doors is a simple yet effective way to add contrast to your interior. Try something striking like black or charcoal or experiment with bolder hues if you want a more eclectic aesthetic. Painted doors will appear more customized, giving them an expensive illusion.

Creative composition of living room interior with mock up poster frame, beige sofa, wooden coffee table, rounded shapes armchair, vase with rowanberry and personal accessories. Home decor. Template.

4. Use Neutral Colors

Neutral paint colors, furniture, and decor create a sophisticated and elegant look, so implementing these simple schemes is a surefire way to achieve a more high-end vibe.

Wide selection of vintage furniture  in  store
Large luxury modern bright interiors Living room mockup illustration 3D rendering image

6. The Bigger the Wall Art, the Better

When you're looking for cheap wall art to decorate your home with, opting for larger pieces is a good way to make your space look grandiose. Plus, sticking with one affordable statement piece is minimilastic, and we mentioned earlier that that's ideal. 

Modern and bright office interior with console desk

7. Install Fake Built-Ins

Part of making your home look expensive without actually spending a ton of money is faking it until you make it. Real built-ins can be super pricey, but there are plenty of dupes to DIY, including some Ikea hacks.

As this professional carpenter nails wooden crown molding between the ceiling and the wall in a newly constructed home, he shows off his skills

8. DIY Crown Molding

Crown molding is another feature that gives off a luxurious vibe and isn't too difficult to tackle DIY-style. 

Replacing an electric LED light bulb in ceiling light.

9. Swap Out Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can be pretty expensive, but there are also tons of affordable options to be found and you'd be surprised how much updating your lights can transform the aesthetic of your interior.

White kitchen cabinet

10. Change Your Hardware

Changing the nobs on your cabinets and handles on the drawers in your kitchen is a subtle, simple, and easy hack to make your home look more expensive. The best part is that this hardware can be cheap, and it doesn't take much time at all to execute. Opting for something with a bronze or gold finish will give you a particularly high-end look for less.

Living Room

11. Decorate with Accent Pillows & Throws

You can find some attractive, expensive-looking accent pillows and throws at discount retailers like TJ Maxx and Marshall's. Including these on your couch will add more texture to your living room and enhance your expensive illusion.

Man in thrift shop - second hand store

12. Get Thrifty

Consider this the Golden Rule of making your house look expensive without breaking the bounds of your cheapskate confines. Go to the thrift store. Be best friends with the thrift store. You will find hidden gems. We promise.

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Renovating and redecorating  our cozy nest

13. Hang Your Curtains High & Wide

Large statement windows are a great way to make your house look expensive, but guess what? That grandiose glass is expensive. Instead of refinancing your house just to be able to afford new windows, try the high and wide curtain trick. Install your curtain rod higher and wider than the actual window and hang the curtains accordingly, effectively creating the illusion of vast windows.

A gold kitchen faucet detail with grey cabinets.
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14. Install Backsplash in the Kitchen

Backsplash doesn't have to cost a lot of money and you also don't necessarily need to hire a contractor to get the job done. Installing backsplash is something you can approach DIY style to add a little luxury to your kitchen.

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Scandinavian entrance lobby hall with mirror reflecting bright bedroom with bed, chair and table lamp, minimalist white interior design

15. Frame Your Mirrors

Putting a frame around your mirrors is a good way to create contrast and achieve a little bit of a "fancier" appearance. 

Modern apartment living room interior
A kitchen sink detail shot with a gold faucet and black farmhouse sink.
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17. Replace Old Faucets

Swapping your old faucets is a relatively simple task and it can be done affordably too. Like changing your hardware out, faucets with a gold or bronze finish are a particularly useful high-end hack.

Couple refinishing furniture outside house
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18. Refinish Furniture DIY-Style

Refinishing furniture, whether it's a table, china cabinet, or couch, is a good way to revamp your interior without having to spend a lot of money.

Green plant in contemporary interior
Man mulching yard

20. Update Your Landscaping Yourself

Overhauling your landscaping can be a monumental task that costs a lot of money, but if you go about it the right way, it can be easy and affordable. Spread some mulch, plant some perennials, and accentuate with potted plants where you can to kick your curb appeal up a notch.

Coffee table design idea: aroma candles and dried lavender bouquet on a metal tray, sofa with grey blanket on background. Simple Scandinavian home decor. Hygge concept

21. Use Tray Decor

Tray decor is trendy and entirely customizable. Pick up a couple of affordable pieces that look expensive and you're good to go.

Stylish room interior with artworks and hanging chair
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22. Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls exude a sense of elegance and they don't have to cost a lot of money to create either. You can do your own prints and grab some cheap frames. Don't forget to level everything out and measure effectively to achieve a uniform appearance.

Exquisite living room with a vertical poster on a console next to a classic muted pink wall, armchairs near a coffee table, a curtain next to a large window, a palm tree next to a doorway.

23. Accessorize with Metallics

Accessorizing with silvers, golds, bronzes, and copper is a good way to accomplish an expensive-looking aesthetic and since this type of decor is particularly trendy right now, it's easy to find. If you find something at a thrift store that can be repainted, you can also try giving the piece a makeover with metallic spray paint.

A front porch with two rocking chairs, stamped concrete floors, and double glass doors

24. Focus on Your Entry

Since your entrance is the access point to your house, it's important to use it to make a statement. Spend some time curating your entry, whether you're painting the door, placing planters, or installing mounted lights. 

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Empty white wall in modern and cozy bedroom. Mock up interior in contemporary style. Free space, copy space for your picture, text, or another design. Bed, lamps, parquet, pampas grass. 3D rendering.

25. Use White Bedding ...

There's something about white bedding. It gives off a lush and luxurious look remniscent of a high-end hotel. Opting for white bedding is a good way to emulate that same essence.

Towels basket on wooden table top with blurred bathroom interior

26. ... And White Towels Too

While you're grabbing some white bedding, you might as well round everything out and get some white towels for the bathroom. You've got to feel like you're in a classy hotel no matter what room you're in, after all.

Modern Living Room Interior Design

27. Create an Accent Wall

Creating an accent wall either with paint, wallpaper, or panels is a good way to infuse some visual interest and contrast into any room, and it can make everything look more elegant.

Home Interior of a contemporary living room with furniture

28. Update Your Lamp Shades

Nothing says "drab" like a dated, dusty lampshade. Swap your tired shades out with new ones every once in a while as a subtle yet impactful way to refresh the room.

Modern Floating Bookshelves with Books, a Plant and Decorative Box

29. Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are affordable and pretty easy to install. Decorate them with subtle accents like small succulents, classic novels, and thrifted decor. 

Electrician Installing Electric Outlet Insulation Pad

30. Replace Outlet Covers

If the only thing you do to update your interior is swap your switches and outlet covers, you're probably not going to fall right into an expensive-passing interior, but it's definitely a good, small thing to do as you travel down that path with other endeavors.