6 Ways You're Probably Wasting Money When You Buy Furniture

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Faulty Furnishing Decisions

Furniture shopping can be fun — but it's also a lesson in self-control. Stores and catalogs make everything look so polished, as if a new living room set can change your entire life. But the reality is there is much to be done before you go out and buy a sofa, table, or armchair. Here are some mistakes to avoid the next time you go furniture shopping.

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Not Spending Enough Time Browsing

Before you jump in and buy that first sofa or dining set you see at your favorite store, it pays to spend some time doing your research first. Whether you browse catalogs, scroll through online stores, or visit a bunch of retail shops, seeing what's out there first can save you from overpaying or having buyer's remorse later.

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Not Measuring Everything

Measure literally everything and anything — the floor space, the doorway (can you imagine buying a sofa you can't get into your house?), the elevator if you live in an apartment building. Your measuring tape is your best friend.

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Not Considering How It Fits Your Life

So you're absolutely in love with that white velvet sofa. Do you have dogs? Do you have kids? Save it for your dreams. Just because you can buy it doesn't mean you should, because you'll end up with a ruined piece of furniture and will have to start all over again before you know it. Also keep in mind comfort and size. Have a lot of guests? Don't get a small table just because you like it.

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Not Thinking About the Rest of Your Decor

We've been there — you fall in love with a piece of furniture, but it doesn't really go with what you have (unless you buy this, that, and the other thing to get it to work). Always try to get a color and fabric sample before you buy it to see if it matches your room's aesthetic. 

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Not Thinking About Durability

Again, think about your life. If you have cats, is it smart to buy a delicate fabric sofa? Probably not, unless you like to buy something new yearly. Same for wood items. How is the quality, and how do you clean it? Is there a coating that will likely come off easily, and is the wood sturdy? Furniture is an investment, and you want to make sure you're making choices that gel with your lifestyle.

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Not Sticking to a Budget

Furniture stores are notorious for trying to get you to finance or open a store credit card, promising big savings and getting you to buy more than you intended. This is rarely a smart move. Don't forget that there are often added delivery fees or extended warranties that may bust your budget. Bottom line: Don't budge on what you want to spend.

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