11 Photos of Funky '70s Living Rooms That Give Us Fuzzy Vintage Vibes

11 Photos of '70s Living Rooms That Give Us Fuzzy Vintage Vibes

Cheapism; r/70s via Reddit.com; r/nostalgia via Reddit.com

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11 Photos of '70s Living Rooms That Give Us Fuzzy Vintage Vibes
Cheapism; r/70s via Reddit.com; r/nostalgia via Reddit.com

Primo Places to be a Couch Potato

Today's living rooms are blanketed in gray, marked with modern furniture, and entirely boring if we're being honest. The living rooms of the '70s gave completely different vibes, embracing colors no one would dream of these days, combining intricate patterns, and going full-on maximalist. These pictures will make you feel like you're right back in the '70s, watching "Happy Days" on your giant TV set.

1970s living room 1
r/Thewaywelived via Reddit.com

All That Orange

Orange, green, brown, and yellow had to be the most popular living room colors during the 1970s. This one taps into everything orange and green, mixing floral patterns with plaid, a funky lamp, and houseplants. This was what your rich Aunt Marie's living room looked like.

70s living room 2
r/1970s via Reddit.com

The Sunken Living Room

These sunken living rooms were a total nightmare if you had a baby in the house using a walker (or a crawling baby), but if you didn't, the layout felt totally fun and funky. Just a couple steps down to get to the couch made everything feel so much more warm and cozy for some reason. 

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70s living room 3
r/nostalgia via Reddit.com
1970s living room 4
r/70s via Reddit.com

Mama Had it Goin' On

Apparently the woman in the blown-up photo hanging on the wall of this righteous living room was the mom/wife of the house, posing with her husband's hot rod. We love it. 

70s living room 5
r/TheWayWeWere via Reddit.com

What a COUCH!

Why don't they make couches like this anymore? Yeah, the layout looks cool and the bright green velvet is totally far out, but the fact that we could sit here and not necessarily need to look everyone else relaxing on the couch right in the face is a huge selling point.

70s living room 6
r/TheWayWeWere via Reddit.com

When Putrid Color Schemes Were Cool

Green and yellow. What a color combo. Today's generations would call this vomit green and pee yellow, but in the '70s, this was a vibe everyone could get down with.

70s living room 7
r/Thewaywelived via Reddit.com

The 'Conversation' Pit

This wasn't your average run-of-the-mill living room, folks. This was for the rich with ... eclectic ... tastes. Although this layout was called a conversation pit and touted as a place to hang out with friends, some people used them for other extracurricular activities that required less clothing.

1970s living room 8
r/nostalgia via Reddit.com

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Windex had to be on deck in so many households in the 1970s because mirrors were all the rage, and entire walls covered in mirrors were coveted. 

1970s living room 9
r/70s via Reddit.com

We Can Hear AND Smell This Picture

The squeaks as you shifted on Grandma's plastic-covered couch while she smoked an unfiltered Pall Mall. The shades of yellow surrounding you. "Match Game" on the giant TV, encased in walnut and fancy scrollwork. Take us back! 

1970s living room 10
r/70sdesign via Reddit.com

We Can Still Feel the Shag Carpet Between Our Toes

Shag carpet was one thing, but mustard yellow shag carpet just did it for us. Walnut stained wood everywhere really sets this one off. 

1970s living room 11
r/nostalgia via Reddit.com

You Never Could Have Too Many Patterns Back Then

Tartan, plaid, flowers, and whatever funky scene was set on that couch. Throw 'em all together in the '70s, and it was anything but taboo. As long as rusty hues were involved, of course.