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Packing lunch for work is one more tidbit of tedium that comes with adulting. Salads can get soggy. Sandwiches get boring. And going full bore on meal prep can be a real time suck. 

If you're looking for a quick, easy, and inexpensive solution, head on over to trusty TikTok and you'll find a flood of "adult lunchable" ideas.

TikToker and nutrition coach Marianna Moore (@mariannas_pantry) shared a video of her take on the food trend, breaking down how simple and reliable the lunch is. She explained that she spent six years as a nutritionist and this lunch, as straightforward as it is, checks all the right boxes. 

Start with a whole-grain cracker for a bit of fiber and make sure to include both savory and sweet dip options (like hummus and peanut butter). Throw in any kind of cheese your heart desires. A couple of hard-boiled eggs, some pepperoni, or lunch meat for a bit of protein are a must. Finish the box off with a vegetable and a fruit and there you have it, folks.

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One commenter pointed out that this lunch idea is a great alternative to salads, which can sometimes get soggy or not last so long prepped ahead of time. You could absolutely prep these adult lunchables ahead of time or you can assemble them the day-of with very little prep and effort involved.

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Another commenter suggested adding meat to the mix rather than subbing it in and out for hard-boiled eggs. The more protein, the better, after all. You could also add almonds to the lineup. 

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These adult Lunchables don't have to be exclusive to work lunches either. Think of them as another take on the viral "girl dinner" trend and enjoy them or dinner. Why not? 

We know these are supposed to air on the healthy side, but the little kid in us wants to fully embrace the Lunchable approach and add just one little Oreo or a bite-sized Kit Kat for a chocolate finish. It's all about ambiance.

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