9 Restaurant Chains With the Best Club Sandwiches

Club Sandwich Cover

Cheapism / Shih C./Rachel B./Howard M./Yelp

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Club Sandwich Cover
Cheapism / Shih C./Rachel B./Howard M./Yelp

Let's Go Clubbing

Club sandwiches are a staple diner food, and many restaurant chains have them on the menu, too. Typically, the sandwich is stacked high on toast with turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo, but there are all sorts of variations on the classic. No matter the exact ingredients, you can bet that any club you order at these restaurant is going to be a hearty and comforting meal.

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Cheesecake Factory turkey club
Shih C. / Yelp
First Watch club sandwich
Rick R. / Yelp

2. First Watch

First Watch is a breakfast and brunch chain that's grown in popularity and size in the last few years. Though the Monterey club isn't a triple decker, it makes up for the extra slice of bread with plenty of sliced avocado instead. Between that and the melted Monterey jack cheese, this one is extra rich and creamy.

mcalisters club
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

3. McAlister's Deli

There's a whole "Clubs" section of the menu at McAlister's Deli, a fast casual sandwich chain, and that's what we love to see. The standard club here includes turkey and ham, plus bacon, Swiss and cheddar, honey mustard and mayo, so it's jam packed. If you're feeling gluttonous, you can get it king sized, or with grilled chicken or roast beef instead.

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BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse club sandwich
Two G. / Yelp

4. BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse

If you're not a huge deli meat person, the club at BJ's is for you. It's made with grilled chicken breast instead of lunch meat, plus bacon, melted Swiss, avocado, and roasted garlic aioli. And, it's all on sourdough toast — talk about fancy. That garlicky aioli really ups the game here, and puts plain old mayo to shame.

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Yard House turkey club sandwich
Howard M. / Yelp

5. Yard House

Yard House is known for its massive beer selection and yard-long glasses, but you shouldn't sleep on the Stacked Turkey Club sandwich. It's got piles of roasted turkey breast, bacon, Swiss cheese, and Boston lettuce, a very tender and mild lettuce that's underrated. It comes on toasted brioche bread that's slightly sweet and fluffy, and it's always cut into very precise quarters. If you're a BLT fan, there's a club-style double decker version as well.

Friendly's club sandwich
Robert P. / Yelp

6. Friendly's

Old-school ice cream parlor chain Friendly's is a nostalgic walk down memory lane for many people. When you get past the sundae menu though, you'll notice a very respectable turkey club sandwich. It's made with thick-sliced and high quality turkey, applewood smoked bacon, sharp cheddar, and the usual veggies and mayo. It's basic but delicious. There's also a hot turkey club melt with bacon, American cheese, tomato, and thousand island dressing.

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Perkin's club sandwich
Neil T. / Yelp

7. Perkins

Perkins is a homestyle restaurant chain known for its bakery full of muffins and pies. The club there is a triple decker affair made with Butterball roasted turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo, and it's a solid choice if you're on a road trip and see a Perkins off the highway. The diner-style skin-on fries are a classic complement. 

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Jason's Deli club sandwich
Henry R. / Yelp

8. Jason's Deli

When "Deli" is in the name of the chain, you know the club sandwiches are going to be good. Jason's Deli has a "Clubs" section of the menu and there are some interesting ones in there. The standard is made with ham and turkey, bacon, cheddar, and Swiss on multigrain toast, and it's chock full of ingredients. Two other clubs, one with guacamole and one with honey mustard, come on toasted croissants for a super buttery and mouthwatering base. 

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Houlihan's club sandwich
Rachel B. / Yelp

9. Houlihan's

Houlihan's doesn't have a ton of locations anymore, but it's worth a stop if you find one. The chain's club sandwich takes the basic to a whole new level. On top of the turkey, it's got brown sugar bacon, smoked gouda cheese, and creamy Dijonnaise, and it's all sandwiched on toasted basil butter Tuscan bread. It's smoky, herby, and tangy and goes great with sweet potato fries.

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