5 Things You Should Never Buy for a White Elephant Gift

White elephant gift exchange

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White elephant gift exchange
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Whether you love or hate white elephant gift exchanges, we can all agree that they're pretty amusing — usually. Sometimes, someone gets a gift that's not exactly appropriate and things turn very awkward very quickly.

Whether the white elephant gift exchange is with coworkers, friends, or family, there are some gifts you should definitely avoid buying. Don't ever buy these presents for a white elephant gift exchange, or suffer the cringe consequences.

(If you need help coming up with something you should buy, we have you covered.)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg tshirt

1. Anything Political

You may think you know the basic political affiliation of everyone in your gift exchange, but making an assumption like that is never a good idea. That MAGA-esque red hat or Ruth Bader Ginsburg t-shirt should be saved for someone you know well enough that no arguments will ensue. 

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2. Inside Joke Gifts

The thing about a white elephant exchange is that you never know who is going to end up with the gift you brought. So don't buy something that only you and your work bestie will find amusing. No one else will get the joke, and you'll always be remembered as the one who brought the ping pong paddles and no one knows why.

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Packers scarf Amazon

4. Things for Specific Hobbies and Interests

Do you love to grow bonsai? Think the Packers are the best team to ever play a sport? Great, but not everyone is going to agree with you, so skip the pruning shears and the green and gold scarf.

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5. Anything Too Personal

When you're picking out a white elephant gift, ask yourself, "Will this gift make anyone uncomfortable?" If the answer is even remotely a maybe, skip it. That includes anything with nudity, religious themes, or health-related.