This Is the Worst Pizza Topping, According to Americans

Worst pizza toppings

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Worst pizza toppings
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Pizza Problems

Everyone seems to have an opinion about what toppings belong on pizza. But what toppings are actually the most loved and hated in this country? YouGov polled 1,000 Americans to pinpoint their favorite and least favorite pizza toppings, and we dove into the results below.

Anchovy pizza

1. Anchovies

We can't say we're surprised that these salty, slimy, itty bitty fishies are (by far) considered the worst pizza topping. These little guys have to be the most polarizing pizza topping of all, with 29% of those surveyed calling them their least favorite, and a measly 1% regarding them as their favorite. 

Homemade Spicy Jalapeno Pepperoni PIzza

2. Jalapeños

We need answers. There had to have been a severe lack of chiliheads participating in this survey for jalapeños to fall only one spot behind anchovies. But the numbers don't lie: 8% of those weirdos can't stand the spicy peppers on their pizza. 

Homemade Pineapple and Ham Hawaiian Pizza

3. Pineapple

The controversy surrounding pineapple on pizza is palpable. Personally, we're into it, but 6% of Americans surveyed say it's the most despicable thing you could pair with marinara sauce and mozzarella. 

Pizza with vegetables
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4. Eggplant

If you think about it, eggplant makes sense on pizza (think about eggplant parmesan). Plenty aren't convinced though: 6% say it's the worst topping. While we're pretty neutral on this one, we are a bit flabbergasted that more people hate jalapeños on their pizza than something as obscure as eggplant. 

Trio of Pizzas

5. Broccoli

We feel like context matters here. On a pizza with alfredo sauce instead of marinara, broccoli is superb. In our brains, the 5% of folks who said this is the worst pizza topping were imagining it on a traditional red sauce pie.

Gourmet Homemade Mushroom Pizza

6. Mushrooms

There are a few debates involving mushrooms on pizza. There's the one where people love them or hate them (in this case, 5% hate 'em). Then there's the Great Mushrooms on Pizza Debate: canned or fresh. It does matter and make a difference, guys.

Italian Pizza Napoletana in Messy Kitchen with Cooking Ingredients
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7. Fresh Garlic

Garlic flavors belong on pizza, but fresh garlic packs too much of a punch for the 4% of people who can't stand it on their pies. 

Homemade Italian Artichoke Spinach Pizza

8. Artichokes

Again, this is a topping that belongs on a white sauce pizza, and if it's alongside spinach, that's even better. It's like spinach artichoke dip on pizza crust. Either 3% of those surveyed have no clue what they're missing out on or their tastebuds are busted.

whole italian pizza on wooden table with ingredients

9. Olives

Olives spark debates similar to mushrooms. Many people don't like them (3% say they're the grossest pizza topping), and the rest duke it out over whether green or black are better on pizza.

Pizza with salami, ham, bacon, garlic and fresh herbs. Rustic style.
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10. Salami

This one feels a little bit out of place. Sure, we've seen salami on pizza, but it's not overly common. With pepperoni ruling the roost, it's no wonder the stuff isn't all that popular, with 2% of people saying it's the worst topping. Other ingredients that garnered the same 2% ranking include onions, spinach, meatball, ham, peppers, and bacon.

pepperoni pizza
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Favorite Topping: Pepperoni

Just like we're not surprised anchovies came in at the bottom of this list, we're not shocked pepperonis reign supreme (24% of Americans surveyed say it's the best topping out there). They're as classic as they are timeless, and we don't see them being picked off their pedestal anytime soon.