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The world’s most expensive sandwich didn’t happen by accident; it was designed to be that way. Serendipty3, an iconic New York City dessert shop, built itself a little corner of the menu specifically for Guinness World Records.

As such, the Quintessential Grilled Cheese Sandwich, which requires 48 hours-notice to order, holds the record for the most expensive sandwich in the world. The thing is $214. Why it’s not just an even $215, I’ll never know. And they probably need to look up the meaning of the word quintessential.

@cnbcmakeit Since 2014, New York City’s #Serendipity3 has laid claim to the #GuinnessWorldRecord for the world’s most expensive sandwich: a grilled cheese that costs a whopping $214. But why is the sandwich so expensive? Chef Joe Calderone breaks down its rare ingredients. CNBC Make It reporter Nick Vega recently tried it for himself — #linkinbio to see if it was worth the money. #expensivefoods #tastetest #worththemoney ♬ original sound - CNBC Make It

What Makes It so Expensive?

At every turn, this “restaurant” has ensured that the grilled cheese is assembled in the most lavish way possible. 

For starters, the bread is made with Dom Perignon Champagne and baked with edible gold flakes. Then it’s loaded with cheese — but in this case, we’re talking about the ultra-rare caciocavallo podolico cheese

Serendipity3 isn’t done there. The sandwich is slathered in white truffle butter, hit with some more edible gold (why not?), and served alongside some tomato soup. Well, kinda. It ain’t exactly Campbell’s — it’s South African lobster tomato bisque, obviously.

Why? Just ... Why?

I don’t know. Rich people do insane things with their money. This is no different than surf and turf, which for me, is equally obnoxious. Steak and lobster aren’t even a good pairing. It’s just a reason to put the most expensive stuff on the menu onto one plate.

A standard grilled cheese sandwich is a humble, beautiful thing. That’s what makes it so wonderful. There's just no way an expensive grilled cheese is any better. You’re losing all the soul.

Look, I’m not an anti-expensive ingredients guy. A lot of them, like sea urchin and Wagyu beef, are worth it in my opinion. But throwing a bunch of expensive stuff onto one plate for the purpose of bragging about the fact that you did it? 

It’s so very lame.

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