6 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy a Restaurant Subscription

Restaurant Subscriptions

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How much of our world is left without a subscription service? Software companies, television, and even restaurants have launched subscription options, but the amount of money they suggest you’ll save isn’t always realistic.

Curious about the subscriptions at places like P.F. Chang’s, Applebee’s, and other restaurant chains? The truth is, they’re probably not worth it. Here are six reasons why you should avoid getting a subscription to a restaurant.

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1. You Only Save Money if It’s Somewhere You Constantly Go

The big selling point that most of the restaurants are trying to make is that you’ll save money with their subscription. This is theoretically true, but you have to be the type of person who’s already spending tons of money at that establishment.

Panera's Unlimited Sip Pass, for example, is $12 a month. A small coffee at Panera is less than $3, so you’ll need to drink more than one a week to make this worth it. Are you at Panera every day? We might have a larger problem if you're at Panera every day.

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2. You’ll Probably Forget To Cancel the Subscription

Yeah, yeah, you'll get to it. Right after you cancel that second gym membership, right? It always hurts to rediscover something you’re paying for. All we can do is shake our collective head and lament the months of extra money spent.

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3. You Feel Locked In

You don't want to feel like you're not allowed to dine anywhere else. If you’re paying $100 a year for Sweetgreen’s Sweetpass, for example, it’ll probably hurt the next time you order a salad at a different restaurant. 

Same deal going into a coffee shop when you’re tethered to Panera’s coffee. We should be supporting local businesses when it comes to these things, anyways … right?

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5. You’ll Never Go to a Bar Again

Forget feeling locked into a coffee shop — you may never see your favorite brewery again after you’re chained to a subscription like the one BJ’s Brewhouse is offering: $30 every two months gets you free size upgrades in the restaurant, as well as a ton of craft beer for takeout. Oh, and free apps and pizookies. Hang on, is the BJ's one worth it?

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6. It Might Actually Kill You

If I may bring it back to Panera for a third time, a drink subscription might actually kill you.