Self-Reliance, Minimalism, and Sustainability: 8 Reasons Why Penny-Pinching Redditors Are Frugal

Buying Convenient Food


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Buying Convenient Food

Why Are You Frugal?

Cheapism readers all have one thing in common: They’re savvy consumers who don’t mind pinching pennies. That said, we all live frugal lifestyles for different reasons. Your parents could be tree-hugging radicals who reject consumerism, or maybe your family cut corners to make rent. Frugal Redditors recently reflected on their own motivations behind their thriftiness, sharing their personal philosophies, family histories, and aspirations.

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In a country wherein tens of thousands of people die every year simply because they don’t have health insurance, it’s no surprise that Redditors feel like we live in a selfish, dog-eat-dog world. Once you come to that conclusion, you realize that “you only have yourself to rely on for your material needs,” one commenter writes. However, other Redditors pushed back on this idea, reminding commenters that community remains important, especially in other cultures.

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Time Is Money

The more wasteful we are with our money, the more time we waste, one Redditor argues. “So buy what you need, and try to save money in the process; this will allow you to work less and enjoy your time doing something else,” they explain.

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Past Poverty

Some Redditors live frugally because that’s all they know. “I grew up fairly poor,” one commenter shares, adding that they continue to live below their means so that they have a “financial cushion” to prepare for the future. “I lost my job last fall and am really thankful for the frugal living prior to that."

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Life Is Expensive

There’s a reason this is (more or less) our tagline. The cost of living is so high that thrifty living is a necessity — whether we like it or not. Or, to put it more bluntly, a lot of people are frugal because they’re poor.

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Work Less, Live More

The top comment sums up the thread with a four-word phrase: Work Less. Live More. The ultimate goal of frugality? To pay off your debts, work part-time, and live your life.

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