Shoppers Share the Things They Can't Stop Buying On Sale, and We Can Totally Relate

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Maybe these will do


We are not surprised by this at all (and we are also guilty of it). Some Redditors buy shoes even when they have no use for them, because they just can't help themselves. "I am middle-age now and post-back surgery so I can’t wear my heels anymore but I still have about 30 pairs," comments one user. "Shoes are my downfall," adds another.

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A classic blazer never goes out of style. Redditors love to check out the frequent sales at J. Crew and Madewell to stock up on this timeless piece. Another store mentioned is Aritzia, which has a large selection of blazers (and now we can't stop shopping the site). 

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Wool Coats

When you find a good coat on sale, it's worth grabbing. Unless you live in a warm climate, that is. As one Redditor says, "I live in LA where it’s only below 65 a few months of the year, but I had to have my friend stop me from buying a 6th coat for myself."

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Lululemon Leggings

Workout Clothes

"Old Navy needs to stop putting the yoga pants I love on 50% off, I don't even wear what I have!" laments a Redditor. "Can't have enough," another Redditor says about exercise gear. Leggings are like potato chips; you can't seem to have just one.

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High Quality Sweaters

One Redditor loves following sales at Woolovers, which carries a large selection of sweaters in cashmere, wool, and linen. "Especially if they come in 100% natural materials. Give me them aaaall," adds another user.

Woman's Bra and underwear drawer


"I keep buying bras and underwear even though I don’t need more. I guess when I find a good deal I figure I’ll need them eventually," says one Redditor. A few other commenters agreed, especially if the bras are quality brands that happen to be on sale.

Buy a Dress that You'll Actually Wear Again


"Beautiful dresses that I have absolutely no where/no reason to wear," says one Redditor, and we feel that deeply. Hey, you never know when you'll be invited somewhere!