We Regret To Inform You That You Should've Bought These 10 Things on Sale

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Full Price Is for Suckers

Coupon codes, online sales, retailer competition — there’s no reason to pay full price on almost everything these days. Even the proliferation of thrift stores and consignment shops proves that we'd sometimes rather buy used than new if it means we'll save a few bucks. If you’ve bought any of these 10 things and paid the original price, we’re sorry to say you’ve made a shopping mistake.

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Winter Gear

If you know you could use some new sweaters, a coat, or winter boots, do not — we repeat, do not — actually buy them right before or during the season. These types of items always go on sale at the end of winter in time for new spring merchandise to appear. 

It actually makes more sense to buy winter gear at the end of the winter — you’ll have a better sense of what was worn out and needs to be replaced. Plus, coats, sweaters, and other cold-weather items tend to be more timeless, so what’s new this year will still work next year. 

Along the same lines — wait to buy swimsuits and the like until the end of summer. 

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Patio Furniture

You’ll usually find patio furniture on sale as summer comes to a close. If you know what you’re going to want for next year, start looking for deals as early as August and keep an eye out as sales continue through Labor Day. Unless you desperately need something (plan ahead, people!), avoid Memorial Day patio furniture sales as they still won’t be as good as end-of-season sales. 

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Seasonal Decor

You have two choices here. Black Friday is often filled with Christmas holiday decor sales, and considering BF is basically all month long now, you won’t have to wait to decorate. If you’re stocked up for the season, wait until January to get all those fun holiday items and put them up next year.

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And speaking of Black Friday, these types of items are always listed on sale during that shopping holiday: TVs, tablets, air fryers, ear buds, speakers, soundbars, and laptops. Memorial Day and Labor Day are also often opportunities to get these products for less.

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Amazon Devices

Between Prime Day and Black Friday, you’d be a fool to pay full price for a Kindle, Alexa, or Fire tablet. These items can be discounted by as much as 50% or more at those times.

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Head to a chain grocery store and you’ll likely see that soda is on sale. It may not be your favorite brand, but there’s usually some variety of the bubbly beverage that will be discounted. There are also often coupons online that you can use for discounted soda purchases at a range of stores.

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Make sure your mattress holds out at least until a holiday to get the best deal on a new one. Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Black Friday always feature mattress sales. That makes a lot of days throughout the year where you can pay less. 

Can’t wait? If you’re willing to take a floor model mattress, you can often get a discount.

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Pet Toys

Dogs don’t care if they’re ripping up a toy Santa in March. Stock up on all kinds of pet toys after the holiday season, when pet stores will be getting rid of Christmas-themed merchandise. There’s also no reason to pay full price for a toy when stores like T.J. Maxx have such a big selection for less. 

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Does anyone read these things anymore? Either way, there’s no reason to pay full price for a book when you can borrow one at the library or purchase a used copy at a bookstore or on Amazon. There are often Barnes & Noble coupons to be found as well, especially as they desperately try to attract customers. 

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Kids' Clothes

Does your child really need full price clothes that they'll outgrow within a few months? It's foolish to pay that, sorry not sorry. Not only are there often coupons (take a look at the store Carter’s, which seems to have them constantly) but kids’ clothes also go on sale seasonally and on holidays.