Cheap Patio Paver Ideas When You’re on a Tight Budget

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Patio Pavers for Penny Pinchers

Whether you take on the task yourself or hire professionals, installing a paver patio is no easy feat. From leveling the paver base to placing the stones, it’s a long, often expensive process that can cost thousands. That said, there are cheaper and easier ways to approach this backyard do-it-yourself project, especially when it comes to the type of pavers you’re using. Here are several simple paver patio ideas that won’t break the bank (plus some that are worth skipping).

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Pea Gravel

Using pea gravel is the fastest and most budget-friendly way to pave your backyard. You’ll still need to excavate the area, rake the soil, and tamp the patio base, but you won’t have to deal with pouring concrete. Pea gravel is also the most low-maintenance patio material, as it drains easily and won’t crack. A single bag of pea gravel covers up to 2.75 square feet and costs just $5, making it the cheapest option.

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Stepping stones

Stepping Stones and Gravel

Combine stepping stones and pea gravel for a cheap hybrid approach to patio paving. Since you won’t have to fill your entire patio with paving stones, you’ll save both time and money. Adding gravel will also mean that you won’t have to worry as much about drainage when it rains. A single square-foot stepping stone costs just over a dollar.

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DIY Patio Pavers

Since plastic paver molds abound in stores, you may be tempted to turn patio paving into a full DIY project. But our research found that most home improvement specialists recommended against making your own concrete pavers. The issue, DIYers say, is that the savings just aren’t worth your time. “Time is money and the mold option takes a lot longer than the paver option,” a Redditor writes on r/DIY.

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More Expensive Options

If you’re trying to cut costs, steer clear of clay brick and natural stone pavers, some of which can sell for as much as $21 per square foot. For those set on a more natural look, go for flagstone pavers, which sell for as low as $6 per square foot — cheaper than granite, travertine, and even some brick options. You can also save on pavers by trawling Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and similar websites for used and reclaimed pavers. One Redditor paved their backyard with brick for under $200 thanks to a Craigslist find.