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hand with water can watering indoor plants on windowsill


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hand with water can watering indoor plants on windowsill

Potted, Sealed, Delivered

Cheapism-Best Places to Buy Plants OnlineThere are a lot of options these days for ordering a plant online and having it shipped to your doorstep. We've rounded up details on the top options and, for context, priced a ZZ plant — a tropical plant, also known as Zanzibar Gem or Zamioculcas zamiifolia that's nearly ubiquitously available — for each (keep in mind that the size of this specific plant may vary by retailer). Whether you're a veteran plant parent or a newbie on the green scene, here are all the places you can engage in some plant-happy online retail therapy. 

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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The Sill | Best for Customization
The Sill

The Sill | Best Place for Customization

Around $20 and up

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ZZ plant price: $38-$65 — medium size, includes pot, height not listed

Shipping: Flat-fee rates range from $5-$25

Returns: The Sill will replace plants that arrive damaged or dead. 

The Sill has around 75 plants to choose from, although a number of them require being put on a waitlist. In addition to a lineup of favorites like snake plants and pothos, you'll find a bird's nest fern, a fatsia spider’s web, some orchid choices, and more. What we love about this service is the ability to customize plant size and the pot it comes in — something others don't always offer. Some plants, for example, come with as many as seven pot color options, and varying styles as well. Note that The Sill also has plant subscription options (around $60/month and up) and a Rewards Program.

Green thumb support: The Sill offers a small selection of online plant care workshops (most for a fee of $10) as well as a plant care library and a blog that has a decent amount of content dedicated to plant care and plant health.

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Bloomscape | Best for After-the-Fact Support

Bloomscape | Best Place for After-the-Fact Support

Prices: $39 and up

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ZZ plant price: $149 — includes pot, 24-33 inches tall

Shipping: Free on orders $75 and up; otherwise $10

Returns: Will replace damaged plants within 30 days of purchase.

Bloomscape has a pretty extensive collection of indoor plants — more than 70, according to our calculations, from an Aglaonema Spring Snow to that ZZ plant. Prices start at around $35 and go north from there, on up to around $200. All plants come potted — in many cases you can choose from a selection of pots. 

Green thumb support:  Each Bloomscape purchase comes customized with care instructions straight from Bloomscape's greenhouse, and it also is unique in that it offers real-time plant expert support should you need it via email, chat, or tweet. Finally, its "Learn" section offers more plant care content including A-Z plant care guides, care tips and basics, and a blog with even more guidance. 

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Plants.com | Best Place for a Wide Variety

Plants.com | Best Place for a Wide Variety

Prices: Around $30 and up 

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ZZ plant price: $130 — includes pot, 24-27 inches tall

Shipping: Free on orders $100 and up; otherwise $5 or $8 for orders under $100

Returns: Will replace damaged plants within 30 days of purchase.

If you're looking for a seller with variety, Plants.com is a good choice. On this site you can grab yourself a sago palm, a string of pearls, a kaffir lime tree, and an African violet — and there's many more to choose from. Plants.com's selection includes succulents, air plants, tropical and flowering plants, hanging plants, floor plants, and more; you can also choose from different sizes. A delivered plant will be potted for you directly from the company's greenhouse.

Green thumb support: The site has a blog with tons of plant care tips as well as a library of plant care guides from A to Z where buyers can "learn more about the conditions, preferences, common issues, and information about each of (their) plants."

Costa Farms | Best Place for Straight From the Source
Costa Farms

Costa Farms | Best Place for Straight From the Source

Prices: $40 and up

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ZZ plant price: $40 — includes pot, 11-24 inches (pot and plant)

Shipping: Free shipping on all orders

Returns: Costa Farms' refund policy notes that it will replace items if affected by "shipping delays, extreme temperatures, or rough rides."  

While a number of retailers (including some on this list) get their plant inventory from Costa Farms, it's also good to know that you can purchase directly from the 60-year-old Miami retailer. Their selection isn't huge — only 19 plants available — but it does include some plant-peep favorites including the ponytail palm, snake plants, Philodendron Birkin, monstera, and fiddle leaf fig. 

Green thumb support: Costa Farms has a "Plant Care and Advice" section on its site where it notes that customers can contact the company via email, phone, or online web form. 

Horti | Best Place for Plant Subscriptions

Horti | Best Place for Plant Subscriptions

Prices: $20 and up per month for a subscription

Shop Now

ZZ plant price: $18-$30 — choose between 4- or 6-inch pot, height not listed

Shipping: Varies depending on size of your order and your location

Returns: Will replace damaged plants free of charge within three days of delivery. 

While Horti does offer some individual plants for delivery, we particularly love its relatively inexpensive subscription option that lets customers build a collection, one plant per month. Subscribers can choose from three options — new to planting, pet-friendly, and Horti's pick — as well as from types of pots or "naked" plants, which come in temporary pots. Horti also sells plant bundles under its "order a jungle" section. Options for non-subscription plants include Piles peperomioides, a fiddle leaf fig, the maranta prayer plant, pothos, snake plants, and more. 

Green thumb support: Horti's plant care sections include one on planting basics, another that includes plant care tips for specific varieties, and a blog with plenty of plant care info, too. 

Terrain | Trailing Jade

Terrain | Best for People Who Like to Pot Their Own

Prices: $28 and up 

Shop Now

ZZ plant price: Previously $54 but currently unavailable on Terrain

Shipping: Rates start at $8 for orders under $50 and go up from there

Returns: If a plant arrives "damaged, dead, or does not meet your expectations," Terrain will replace it free of charge or issue a refund within 48 hours of delivery. 

Terrain sells furniture, decor, and gifts in addition to plants. Most plants on its site don't come potted, which makes it a good option for those who prefer to do their own. Terrain also has a larger selection than most other online sellers for those looking for something a little different. Some notable options that caught our eye include a Peperomia obtusifolia, a trailing jade plant, a trio of Vrieseas, and a good selection of "string of ..." plants. 

Green thumb support: Terrain doesn't have a ton of plant care information on its site, but each plant listing does include tips on how to care for your purchase, and its blog, while no longer maintained, has some plant care content, too.

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Greendigs | Pilea

Greendigs | Best Place for Plant Shopping by Feature

Prices: $29 and up 

Shop Now

ZZ plant price: $55 in 7-inch pot — plant height not listed

Shipping: Free on orders $75 and up; otherwise $12

Returns: Reach out to Greendigs within 14 days if a plant arrives damaged or showing signs of stress. A representative will "walk you through a quick revival process.” If the plant does not improve within seven days, the company will replace it for free.

If you're the type who thinks of choosing plants in terms of the conditions you have available for them, Greendigs makes this easy. You can search for plants via filters that include light levels, hanging, low-maintenance, pet-friendly, and more. You'll find some out-of-the-box options like Horntree Jade as well as more common varieties like peperomia, pilea, snake plants, and spider plant. Another thing about Greendigs is that each plant purchase comes with a starter supply of plant food — a nice touch.

Green thumb support: Greendigs has a fairly extensive plant care section that has plant care tips, plant inspiration, and a short collection of plant care and maintenance tips called "Plant School." Its blog is heavier on lifestyle content than plant care tips, but some info can be found there, too. 

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Lazy Gardens | Best for Cacti and Succulent Lovers
Lazy Gardens

Lazy Gardens | Best Place for Cacti and Succulent Lovers

Prices: $7 and up 

Shop Now

ZZ plant price: ZZ plant not available at Lazy Gardens

Shipping: Rates depend on location and shipping method

Returns: Refunds, exchanges, or store credit issued for damaged items within 72 hours.

If you're all about succulents and cacti, Lazy Gardens might be for you. It has a pretty large selection helpfully broken down by categories such as beginners, low-light, and hanging. Some varieties that caught our eye include popular succulents like string of pearls, donkey tails, and many varieties of echeveria, as well as lesser-known options like Adromischus Cristatus and many different types of aloe. Note that all plants come in a nursery pot.

Green thumb support: Lazy Gardens has a Plant Care Guide that offers general plant tips on subjects like light and watering, as well as a blog with more detailed plant care content. 

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Home Depot | Calathea
Home Depot

Home Depot | Best Place for Budget Plants

Prices: Most under $50

Shop Now

ZZ plant price: $43 — includes pot, 10 inches tall

Shipping: Free on some orders; otherwise rates depend on location and shipping method

Returns: Will replace damaged plants free of charge within three days of delivery.

Home Depot makes it easy to buy in four categories — houseplants, succulents and cacti, bonsai trees, and orchids — and includes section criteria such as size, trending plants, lighting conditions, and features such as low maintenance, pre-potted, pet-safe, and more. In terms of houseplants, you'll find many a wide variety of many favorites, including peace lilies, palms, birds of paradise, pathos, ficus, and more. The big-box store's prices are typically pretty cheap when compared with other services, so it's a good option for tight budgets. 

Green thumb support: Home Depot has a fair amount of plant care content in its "Ideas and Inspiration" section. Sample posts include "Indoor Plants That Are Easy to Maintain" and "How to Care for Houseplants."

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Amazon | Best for Free and Fast Shipping

Amazon | Best Place for Free and Fast Shipping

Prices: Around $21 and up

Shop Now

ZZ plant price: $25 — includes pot, 12 inches tall

Shipping: Free on Prime orders; can vary on others

Returns: Amazon's return policy on live plants says "fresh flowers, live indoor plants, or insects are not returnable to Amazon, but may be refundable." Details can vary by individual seller. 

There's very little you can't buy from Amazon these days, and a search for "houseplants" in the retail giant's plants, seeds, and bulbs section yields more than 1,000 results (and a section just for cacti and succulents). Scrolling through the selection, we spotted many popular plants, including snake plants, rubber plants, Majesty Palm, monsteras, fiddle leaf figs, and tons more. Many are eligible for two-day shipping. 

Green thumb support: It's Amazon, so plant care tips will likely vary widely by seller.  

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Etsy | Best for Supporting Small Businesses

Etsy | Best for Supporting Small Businesses

Prices: Varies by seller

Shop Now

ZZ plant price: $30 and up — temporary pot, 16-19 inches tall 

Shipping: Depends on the seller; many offer free shipping

Returns: Varies by seller

Etsy has a section with plenty of houseplant options, including succulents and cacti, herbs, and air plants. On the first page of results alone, we found sellers hawking a Calathea Whitestar, a coffea Arabica plant, an Alocasia "Silver Dragon", and a couple of monstera options. If you know what you're looking for, it's also easy just to search by the name; you'll likely come up with some options.

Green thumb support: As with any aggregate site of millions of storefront, plant care support will vary by seller. Be sure to check the details on each purchase. 

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Bouqs | Candy Dreams
The Bouqs Co.

The Bouqs Co. | Best for a Not-Overwhelming Selection

Prices: $44 and up

Shop Now

ZZ plant price: $74 — includes pot, height not listed

Shipping: Delivery is free with a subscription; otherwise $12+

Returns: Will replace damaged plants free of charge within three days of delivery.

The Bouqs Co. focuses mainly on flower delivery but has a small selection of plants including money tree, dracaena varieties, monstera, and more, and each comes already planted in an attractive pot. Delivery dates can range from a few days to a couple of weeks out, so this wouldn't be a good option if you're trying to green up your space quickly.

Green thumb support: The Bouqs Co. "Flower Care Instructions" page does offer some plant care content, including tips on caring for succulents, ivy, jasmine, snake and zebrina plants, and more. Because the site is more focused on flowers than plants, however, the care tips are more limited than from other retailers on this list. 

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Urban Stems | Anthurium
Urban Stems

Urban Stems | Best Place for a Unique Pot Selection

Prices: Around $30 and up

Shop Now

ZZ plant price: $80 — includes pot, 13-14 inches tall (plant & pot)

Shipping: Free on orders over $90; otherwise fees depend on the size of plant

Returns: Will replace damaged plants free of charge within 14 days of delivery.

Urban Stems has around 35 pre-potted plants you can order for delivery, including more ubiquitous options like snake plants and pathos as well as some not-so-common options such as anthuriums and lilies. There are options to narrow the selection by size, price, plant attributes, and more. It can be a little tough to search by plant name, as the site swaps in titles such as "The Charleston" (for the ZZ plant) instead of listing them by actual name. It does offer next-day and, in some cases, same-day delivery. And we like its pots, many of which seem more interesting and stylish than other online sellers.

Green thumb support: Urban Stems offers 24/7 support for help with any plants you buy from them, accessible via a phone call or email. There's also a blog with plant care tips although — like Bouqs — it's largely focused on flowers. 

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