Surprising Habits of Millionaires And Billionaires


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Champagne Wishes And Caviar Dreams

There are numerous ways you have to map out your life differently if you're looking to make more money than the majority of folks trying to navigate life's ups and downs, especially as the cost of living itself continues to climb. To establish yourself as a millionaire, or even a billionaire, requires all kinds of heroic commitments and sacrifices (not to mention some great connections and sheer luck). 

Redditors who have known millionaires and billionaires reveal the ways that they did life differently. There are certain patterns that you might take note of if you're looking to stand out from the crowd yourself.

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They Manage Time Very Differently.

Oh time, a "commodity" of sorts that we'll never actually be able to buy back. Thus, the value of keeping it present and being prepared for life's different ups and downs can't be expressed enough. 

Redditor u/frank-sarno writes, "He managed time very differently than anyone I was used to. E.g., our meeting with him began precisely on schedule, lasted 30 minutes, and there was no chit chat. Before this meeting we had a pre-meeting with his admin to discuss expectations. The admin explained that we had to be on time, no introductions/titles just name, no small talk, no marketing, be prepared to answer technical and financial questions quickly and succintly. For this latter, if there were numbers we had to know precisely which page of the material had the information." Definitely sounds like a high-pressure environment. 

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No Fear When Addressing Anyone.

There are many of us that can tend to freeze up when it's our time to chime in on an important conversation that could be work-related, or even with someone who is otherwise an important figure in our lives. Thus, having your mental game established to a certain level where you don't find yourself battling a case of nerves is an easy way to set yourself apart, and apparently many folks that are financially very well off have this especially mastered. 

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They'll Spontaneously Hire A Private Chef.

Oh boy, that must be nice. Maybe you find yourself feeling particularly unmotivated or just flat-out burned out by working yourself to the bone just to make ends meet, and you simply reach out to your private chef to get your dietary obligations fulfilled. 

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They're Used To Riding Around In The Back Of Very Nice Cars.

This one almost seems like common sense. Redditor u/LanceFree writes, "Years ago a friend of mine’s dad was trying to sell his start-up company and picked-up an investor at the airport. He was proud of his classic Rolls Royce and noticed the investor looking around, playing with the air vents. So he said “Is this your first time in a Rolls Royce?” The guy said no, but it was his first time in the front seat."

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