Dollar Store Beats Walmart

51 Items Cheaper at the Dollar Store Than at Walmart

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Dollar Store Beats Walmart

Battle of the Bargains

Walmart has built its reputation on frugality, but dollar stores such as Dollar Tree and Dollar General have long maintained that their prices are as cheap as it gets. You'd think stores where most items cost $1 would win a matchup with Walmart more often, but the real struggle comes down to unit price. To keep that dollar price tag, the stores often have to shrink their packaging and offer less than they once did, while Walmart can put out cheaper, bulkier items and come out ahead. But dollar stores still beat their big-box rival sometimes. Here are 51 examples for curious bargain hunters.

Editors' note: Prices and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. Dollar Tree sells items by the case online, but individual products are sold in stores.

Saundra Latham also contributed to this story.

Baby Wipes
Dollar General

Baby Wipes: 6% Cheaper

Walmart's Equate brand price: $1.97 per package
Dollar General’s DG Baby brand price: $1.85 per package
While you may be able to reap even more savings buying baby wipes in bulk, sometimes you need only a small package. For a 72-count pack, Dollar General edges out Walmart, and the wipes are still free of annoying scents.

Aluminum Foil
Dollar Tree

Aluminum Foil: 17% Cheaper

Walmart's Great Value brand price: 3 cents per sq. ft.
Dollar Tree's generic brand price: 2.5 cents per sq. ft.
At Walmart, 75 square feet of aluminum foil sells for more than $2 under the retailer's Great Value private label, while Dollar Tree's 40-square-foot nameless roll costs, of course, just $1.

Dollar General

Coolers: 20% Cheaper

Walmart's Igloo brand price: $24.97 per cooler 
Dollar General's Igloo brand price: $20 per cooler 
Dollar General doesn't stick to the "everything for a dollar" ethos of some of its competitors, so it drifts into bigger-ticket items. Its cooler is competitively priced and holds the same number of cans as Walmart's.

Dollar Tree

Sugar: 22% Cheaper

Walmart's Domino brand price: $1.28 per pound
Dollar Tree's Domino brand price: $1 per pound
We'll note that Dollar Tree doesn't sell packages of sugar larger than a pound, so although it wins out on this equal footing, Walmart wins with bulk sizes.

Baby Oil
Dollar Tree

Baby Oil: 23% Cheaper

Walmart's Equate brand price: 13 cents per fl. oz.
Dollar Tree's Angel of Mine brand price: 10 cents per fl. oz.
Parents use baby oil for newborns' skin, but it's also helpful when removing eye makeup or untangling jewelry chains. It’s practically the same stuff in either bottle, so you may as well go for the cheaper buy.

Dollar General

Washable School Glue: 25% Cheaper

Walmart's Cra-Z-Art brand price: 8 cents per fl. oz.
Dollar General’s Imagine brand price: 6 cents per fl. oz. 
Keep dollar stores in mind for back-to-school supplies, particularly if your kid’s teacher doesn’t mind an off brand. Dollar General’s glue beats out one of Walmart's cheapest options, to say nothing of Elmer’s.

No Show Socks
Dollar General

Men’s No-Show Socks: 30% Cheaper

Walmart's Hanes brand price: $10 per pack
General’s Hanes brand price: $7 per pack
Dollar General carries 6-packs of Hanes no-show socks for way less than Walmart, so stock up for less there. Both have wicking fabric to help keep feet sweat-free.

Mouth Wash
Dollar Tree

Mouthwash: 30% Cheaper

Walmart's Equate brand price: 9 cents per fl. oz. 
Dollar Tree's Assured brand price: 6.3 cents per fl. oz.
Both of these products fight plaque and leave your mouth minty fresh, but Dollar Tree's mouthwash does it for less.

Microfiber Cloths
Dollar Tree

Microfiber Car Towels: 31% Cheaper

Walmart's Auto Drive brand price: 72 cents per towel 
Dollar Tree's Driver’s Choice brand price: 50 cents per towel 
Baby your wheels on the cheap by buying microfiber car cleaning cloths at the dollar store. Dollar Tree's towels are even slightly bigger than Walmart's.

Dollar Tree

Batteries: 32% Cheaper

Walmart's Rayovac brand price: 24.6 cents per battery
Dollar Tree's Sunbeam brand price: 16.7 cents per battery
Dollar Tree customers can get a six-count pack of Sunbeam AA batteries for $1. Walmart, by contrast, has eight-count packs of Rayovacs for almost $2. Consumer Reports notes that dollar-store batteries contain less stored energy than brand-name batteries, but if you're using them in low-energy devices such as remote controls, they'll get the job done.

Dishwasher Detergent
Dollar Tree

Dishwasher Detergent: 33% Cheaper

Walmart's Great Value brand price: 6 cents per oz.
Dollar Tree's Home Store Ultra Shine price: 4 cents per oz.
At $3.87 for 75 ounces, Walmart's powdered dish detergent is still 87 cents more costly than three 25-ounce boxes of Dollar Tree's generic brand. The same holds true for liquid detergent, although Dollar Tree still hasn't figured out pods, which are pricey compared with most Walmart offerings.

Dish Soap
Dollar Tree

Dish Soap: 33% Cheaper

Walmart's Ajax brand price: 5 cents per fl. oz.
Dollar Tree's The Home Store brand price: 3.3 cents per fl. oz.
At Walmart, the Great Value house brand actually costs a couple cents per ounce more than Ajax. Dollar Tree's dish soap still comes in cheaper, at $1 for a 30-ounce bottle. Reviewers note, however, that it doesn’t create as many suds as other brands, and doesn’t appear to clean as well.

Party Balloons
Dollar Tree

Party Balloons: 35% Cheaper

Walmart's price: 10.9 cents per balloon
Dollar Tree's generic brand price: 7.1 cents per balloon
For your next party, Walmart will give you 72 helium-ready 12-inch latex multicolor balloons for just shy of $8. But buying Dollar Tree’s smaller packs is the better bet here, especially if you don’t need so many.

Dollar General

Men’s Deodorant: 38% Cheaper

Walmart's Speed Stick brand price: $6.22 per 2-pack
Dollar General’s Speed Stick brand price: $3.85 per 2-pack 
You never know when you’ll find a name brand for less at the dollar store, but here’s one example. Dollar General wants less than $4 for a twin pack of the same size and scent Speed Sticks, while Walmart charges more than $6.

Birthday Banner
Dollar Tree

'Happy Birthday' Banners: 43% Cheaper

Walmart's price: $1.75 per banner
Dollar Tree's generic brand price: $1 per banner
It's one of the cheapest elements of any birthday party, but even a cheery "Happy Birthday" banner gets a huge discount at the dollar store. It's these little savings that really start to add up when planning a full party. Dollar Tree’s banner is a bit larger, too.

Plastic Table Covers
Dollar Tree

Plastic Table Covers: 44% Cheaper

Walmart's Unique brand price: $1.79 per cover
Dollar Tree's generic brand price: $1 per cover
Both of these plastic table covers fit a 108-by-54-inch table, but you’ll overpay if you choose the Walmart version. The same goes for many other party supplies — make the dollar store your first stop.

Mesh Laundry Bags
Dollar Tree

Mesh Laundry Bags: 48% Cheaper

Walmart's Mainstays brand price: $1.94 per bag
Dollar Tree's Essentials brand price: $1 per bag
Looking for a basic way to haul your laundry? These no-frill laundry bags are nearly identical. Both are the same size, made of breathable mesh, have a convenient drawstring closure, and are themselves machine-washable.

Dinner Plates
Dollar Tree

Dinner Plates: 49% Cheaper

Walmart's Mainstays brand price: $1.96 per plate
Dollar Tree's Royal Norfolk brand price: $1 per plate
Dollar Tree has a surprising assortment of ceramic, stoneware, and glass plates that not only go for $1 apiece but make it easy to cater place settings to your needs. These same-size competitors are both stoneware, although Walmart’s version has a more pronounced rim.

Device Charger
Dollar Tree

Device Charger: 50% Cheaper

Walmart's Onn brand price: $2 per charger
Dollar Tree's E-circuit brand price: $1 per charger
Interestingly, Dollar Tree’s cheaper charging cable gets better reviews than Walmart’s, and it comes in more colors. Don’t expect name-brand quality at these prices, but if you need a spare in a pinch, this should work just fine.

Vacuum Storage Bags
Dollar Tree

Vacuum Storage Bags: 50% Cheaper

Walmart's Magicbag brand price: $1.99 per bag 
Dollar Tree's Essentials brand price: $1 per bag
Need a little more room in your drawers? Vacuum storage bags are perfect for socking away out-of-season clothing without taking too much space. These bags are about the same size and equally well-reviewed, so why pay double at Walmart?

Dollar Tree

Bandages: 55% Cheaper

Walmart's Equate brand price: $2.23 per box
Dollar Tree's Assured brand price: $1 per box
If you're klutzy around the kitchen, can't venture into the garage or garden without slicing yourself, or have a cat that hates you, it helps to have a lot of bandages. A box of 80 assorted Equate bandages costs more than twice what you’ll pay for the same number in Dollar Tree’s Assured brand.

Birthday Candles
Dollar Tree

Birthday Candles: 57% Cheaper

Walmart's Great Value brand price: 4 cents per candle
Dollar Tree's generic brand price:  1.7 cents per candle
Sure, Walmart will sell you birthday candles for about a dollar. But 24 won’t last you nearly as long as the 60-count pack you can snag at Dollar Tree.

Pot and Pan Brush
Dollar Tree

Pot and Pan Scrub Brush: 58% Cheaper

Walmart's Great Value brand price: $2.37 per brush
Dollar Tree's Scrub Buddies brand price: $1 per brush
Why pick up cleaning supplies anywhere else? Not only is the Great Value version of this brush more than twice as expensive, but reviews of the Dollar Tree brushes suggest they're quite durable.

Wine Glasses
Dollar Tree

Wine Glasses: 60% Cheaper

Walmart's Libbey Peristyle brand price: $2.49 per glass
Dollar Tree's Brand-Name Perception brand price: $1 per glass
Once you’ve had a little too much vino, you might appreciate having a set of wine glasses that aren’t expensive to replace. Dollar Tree’s glasses hold 20 ounces, too — slightly more than the most comparable glasses at Walmart.

Body Wash
Dollar Tree

Body Wash: 62% Cheaper

Walmart's Suave brand price: 11 cents per fl. oz.
Dollar Tree's Silkience brand price: 4.2 cents per fl. oz. 
Lather up for less with an indulgent cocoa butter body wash when you buy it at Dollar Tree, where it’s less than half the price of Walmart's similar name-brand Suave.

Measuring Cups
Dollar Tree

Measuring Cups: 63% Cheaper

Walmart’s Good Cook brand price: $2.68 per set  
Dollar Tree’s Cooking Concepts brand price: $1 per set 
Not only are Dollar Tree’s plastic measuring cups a lot cheaper than Walmart’s, they come with a nice bonus: measuring spoons. They’re also dishwasher-safe on the top rack (though not quite as clearly marked).

Dish Wand
Dollar Tree

Dish Wand: 64% Cheaper

Walmart's Scotch Brite brand price:  $2.78 per brush
Dollar Tree's Scrub Buddies brand price: $1 per brush
Dollar Tree sells a Scrub Buddies brush with a soap reservoir for $1. The most comparable item at Walmart is a Scotch-Brite for $2.78. Unless you are unnaturally serious about scrub brush design, the former will be more than enough.

Glass Cleaner
Dollar Tree

Glass Cleaner: 64% Cheaper

Walmart's Great Value brand price: 7 cents per fl. oz.
Dollar Tree's LA's Totally Awesome brand price: 2.5 cents per fl. oz.
Dollar stores were pretty much built on glass cleaner. At Dollar Tree, consumers can find a 40-ounce bottle of LA's Totally Awesome glass and multi-surface cleaner with vinegar for a buck. At Walmart, the Great Value brand is $1.98 for 32 ounces.

Lip Gloss
Dollar Tree

Lip Gloss: 66% Cheaper

Walmart's Wet n Wild brand price: $2.93 per tube
Dollar Tree's L.A. Colors Expressions brand price: $1 per tube
Let’s face it: Lip gloss never stays put anyway, so why overspend? Dole out just a buck at Dollar Tree for its well-reviewed brand versus nearly triple for most shades of the Wet n Wild brand at Walmart.

Pillar Candle
Dollar Tree

Pillar Candles: 66% Cheaper

Walmart's Mainstays brand price: $2.97 per candle
Dollar Tree's Luminessence brand price: $1 per candle
Light up your life a little less expensively by picking up candles at the dollar store. Unscented white pillar candles that are nearly the same size are way cheaper at Dollar Tree. You’ll also find a bunch of scented options, taper candles, and jar candles to choose from.

Pregnancy Test
Dollar Tree

Pregnancy Tests: 66% Cheaper

Walmart's Equate brand price: $2.97 per test
Dollar Tree's Assured brand price: $1 per test
Lots of women swear by dollar store pregnancy tests — taken at the recommended time, they're incredibly accurate. If you don't like dropping a whole bunch of cash, the cheaper test isn't a risk; it's a discount.

Travel Hand Sanitizer
Dollar Tree

Travel Hand Sanitizer: 66% Cheaper

Walmart's Equate brand price: 97 cents per fl. oz. 
Dollar Tree's generic brand price: 33.3 cents per fl. oz. 
We love these silicone-wrapped bottles of hand sanitizer for staying germ-free on the go. While Walmart's sub-$1 bottle appears to be the better deal at first, it’s only a third the size of Dollar Tree's bottle, which is just a few cents more.

Travel Toiletry Bottles
Dollar Tree

Travel Toiletry Bottles: 66% Cheaper

Walmart’s Equate brand price: $2.98 per set
Dollar Tree's generic brand price: $1 per set
While Dollar Tree’s TSA-friendly travel bottles are cheaper than Walmart’s, the latter do come with some extras: one extra bottle, color-coded caps, labels, and a clear travel bag. If a mini-spray bottle is a necessity, however, Dollar Tree has a version with one of those.

Dollar Tree

Vases: 66% Cheaper

Walmart's Libbey brand price: $2.97 per vase
Dollar Tree's generic brand price: $1 per vase
If you’re lucky enough to be surprised with a flower arrangement every once in a while, an inexpensive vase is good to keep on hand. But why spend more than necessary? Both options are glass, close to the same size, and equally capable of propping up a fragrant bouquet.

Cookie Sheets
Dollar Tree

Cookie Sheets: 73% Cheaper

Walmart’s Mainstays brand price: $3.77 per sheet
Dollar Tree’s Cooking Concepts brand price: $1 per sheet
Plenty of reviewers are happy with Dollar Tree’s super-cheap cookie pans, which are the same size as Walmart’s much pricier but nearly identical-looking store-brand pans. One thing to watch for: The cheaper pan lacks a nonstick coating, which can make cleanup easier.

Shampoo and Conditioner
Dollar Tree

Shampoo and Conditioner: 73% Cheaper

Walmart's Suave brand price: 11 cents per fl. oz.
Dollar Tree's Silkience brand price: 3 cents per fl. oz.
You certainly get more bang for your buck by picking up the Dollar Tree shampoo and conditioner combo, but buyer beware: Most reviewers say they weren’t happy with the formula, which didn’t lather well and didn’t leave their hair feeling as clean as usual.

Cereal Containers
Dollar Tree

Cereal Containers: 75% Cheaper

Walmart's Mainstays brand price: $3.98 per container
Dollar Tree's Sure Fresh brand price: $1 per container
These Dollar Tree containers come in two sizes: 54 ounces, which holds almost 7 cups, and 114 ounces, which holds just over 14. And consumers rate them as highly as Walmart’s customers rate the Mainstays version, with an average of 3.9 stars.

Dust and Broom
Dollar Tree

Dust Broom and Dust Pan: 75% Cheaper

Walmart's Mainstays brand price: $3.98 per set
Dollar Tree's generic brand price: $1 per set 
Even with all the fancy vacuums on the market these days, it’s hard to beat a small broom and dust pan for quick cleanups, especially on a tight budget. Walmart's similar set is considerably more than Dollar Tree’s.

Plastic Tumbler
Dollar Tree

Plastic Tumblers: 75% Cheaper

Walmart's Arrow brand price: $1.98 per tumbler
Dollar Tree's generic brand price: 50 cents per tumbler
The cups sold in two-packs for $1 at Dollar Tree aren't just far less expensive than the ones at Walmart but 7 ounces larger per cup, as well, and more highly rated.

Laundry Detergent
Dollar Tree

Laundry Detergent: 77% Cheaper

Walmart's Great Value brand price: 7 cents per fl. oz.
Dollar Tree's LA's Totally Awesome brand price: 1.6 cents per fl. oz.
Reviewers are marginally happier with Walmart’s store brand than the Dollar Tree buy, but we’re willing to bet your wallet would beg to differ with this big a price difference.

Water Bottles
Dollar Tree

Water Bottles: 78% Cheaper

Walmart's Pioneer Woman brand price: $4.50 per bottle
Dollar Tree's generic brand price: $1 per bottle
No, Dollar Tree doesn't have a 34-ounce water bottle like the Pioneer Woman model, nor does it have a non-plastic option. But you can get a 54-ounce bottle for a dollar or still make out better per ounce with a BPA-free 25-ounce bottle.

Measuring Tape
Dollar Tree

Measuring Tapes: 79% Cheaper

Walmart's Komelon brand price: $4.77 each
Dollar Tree's Tool Bench brand price: $1 each
Walmart's pricier 16-foot tape measure looks a little more rugged, but it’s hard to beat $1 for the same length at Dollar Tree, where you still get a locking mechanism and even a wrist loop.

Flexible Chopping Mats
Dollar Tree

Reusable Chopping Mats: 79% Cheaper

Walmart's Mainstays brand price: $2.33 per mat
Dollar Tree's generic brand price: 50 cents per mat 
Protect your counters while you slice and dice your way to a filling meal with these flexible chopping mats, a versatile alternative to bulkier cutting boards. While Walmart's mats are more colorful and slightly larger, both choices are easy to clean in the dishwasher.

Dollar Tree

Sunglasses: 79% Cheaper

Walmart's Ozark Trail brand price: $4.82 per pair
Dollar Tree's generic brand price: $1 per pair
Cheap sunglasses are built to be lost, scratched, and otherwise brutalized. They aren't long for this world, which is why the dollar-store approach makes sense.

Dollar Tree

Headphones: 80% Cheaper

Walmart's Onn brand price: $4.88 per pair
Dollar Tree's E-Circuit brand price: $1 per pair
If you've mangled enough earphones at the office or gym to see headphones as expendable, you're already familiar with the low end of the market, so you probably have nothing to lose but a buck by trying Dollar Tree’s cheaper version.

Dollar Tree

Wastebaskets: 80% Cheaper

Walmart's Mainstays brand price: $4.88 per basket 
Dollar Tree's generic brand price: $1 per basket
A small plastic wastebasket will function the same no matter what, especially in an office or other low-demand area. While Walmart's version is a little bit sleeker, Dollar Tree's options are the same size and much easier on the wallet.

All Purpose Cleaner
Dollar Tree

All-Purpose Cleaner: 81% Cheaper

Walmart's OxiClean brand price: 16.4 cents per oz.
Dollar Tree's LA's Totally Awesome brand price: 3.1 cents per oz.
Both of these products can be used to get tough stains out of laundry, carpet, upholstery, and just about any other surface around your house. Both are highly rated. The biggest difference: At Dollar Tree, you’ll pay a lot less.

Pain Relief
Dollar Tree

Pain Relief Gel Packs: 83% Cheaper

Walmart's Equate brand price: $5.94 per pack
Dollar Tree's generic brand price: $1 per pack 
One of the most convenient ways to soothe aches and pains is with a reusable gel pack that can be frozen or microwaved. While Dollar Tree's doesn’t look as slick as Walmart's, the function is the same and the sizes are fairly close.

Travel Mug
Dollar Tree

Stainless Steel Travel Mugs: 87% Cheaper

Walmart's TAL brand price: $7.51 per mug
Dollar Tree's generic brand price: $1 per mug
Dollar Tree’s sole stainless-steel option will hold 16 ounces of your favorite beverage and comes with a flip-top, screw-on plastic lid. Walmart’s most comparable mug holds 18 ounces and it’s vacuum-insulated, which can keep your drinks hot or cold for longer.

Mini Aluminum Flashlights
Dollar Tree

Flashlights: 90% Cheaper

Walmart's Ozark Trail brand price: $9.62 per flashlight
Dollar Tree's generic brand price: $1 per flashlight
Little LED flashlights make great gifts and are ideal for stashing around the house or in the car. It's tough to beat Dollar Tree's, which come with AAA batteries and carabiner clips. One downside: The batteries cannot be replaced, so when the juice runs out, these flashlights have to be tossed and replaced. Walmart’s bigger base model requires three AAA batteries and has three modes. At 200 lumens, it also emits more light.

Picture Frames
Dollar Tree

Picture Frames: 50% Cheaper

Walmart’s Mainstays brand price (5"x7"): Starting at $2 per frame
Dollar Tree’s Special Moments brand price (5"x7"): $1 per frame
Picture frames can get unexpectedly pricey, but if you just need the basics and care more about the style than material, Dollar Tree is a great place to look. It carries plenty of options, including faux wood and metallics, matted frames, and more.