Walmart Employees Reveal the Retailer's 'Easiest' Jobs



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Easy Money

Both formal and informal labor complaints have damaged Walmart's image as an employer — and that reputation extends online. Many of the discussions on r/Walmart, where the subreddit's mascot is a frowning worker, often revolve around the retailer's sub-optimal working conditions. That said, not all jobs at Walmart are created equal, according to a recent thread. In the popular discussion, employees shared what they thought were the easiest jobs at Walmart. While some comments will give readers a look behind the scene's, other (tongue-in-cheek) responses are sure to make you chuckle.

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As a Walmart shareholder, you can sit back, relax, and watch your portfolio grow — all from the comfort of your home! And depending on how much stock you own, you can expect to make bank. Over the past five years, Walmart stock has increased by more than 50%; meanwhile, Walmart workers have only seen a 33% increase in their minimum wage, from $9 to $12 an hour. No wonder employees think being a shareholder is a good deal.

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Sales Floor Associate (Closing Shift)

As far as retail jobs at Walmart go, Redditors say working the closing shift as a sales associate is easy work, though it can get monotonous. "It's not really physically demanding, but like all positions in the store, you'll end up having your good/bad days," one commenter wrote, adding that the work "gets repetitive."

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Walmart Bakery
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Want an easy job? Just be a Walmart shopper. According to the old American adage, the customer is always right. So feel free to waltz into Walmart, make a few demands, and expect to be treated as royalty! (Do not actually do this).

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Walmart Cart Pusher
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Cart Pusher

While it's a physical job that'll have you outdoors all day, one Redditor argues that being a cart pusher is "pretty easy" if you're in good shape and dress for the weather. Their advice? Keep your head down, put in an earbud, and don't get trained for any other positions.

The manager of a Wal-Mart store
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Store Manager

If you've got a knack for bossing people around, you might fit in as a store manager at Walmart. "You just scream at people and delegate the entirety of your job to underlings," one Redditor writes. Another employee complained that their store manager disappears and plays on his phone while making significantly more money than "the rest of us."

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Door Greeter

Door greeter, one Redditor claims, is one of the easiest jobs at Walmart, which makes sense. You spend most of your time, well, greeting people. But not all Walmart employees agree. One Walmart employee called the job "mental torture," complaining of the work's tedium ... not to mention rude customers.

Doug McMillon
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Multiple Redditors said that Walmart's CEO has the cushiest job. While we can't confirm how hard CEO Doug McMillon works, we do know that McMillon (or better yet: McMillion) makes a lot of money. Business Insider reports that he has a $22 billion salary, which would take a typical employee around 200,000 years of non-stop work to accumulate at Walmart's $12 minimum wage.

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Overnight Shifts

Walmart employees in various departments consistently brought up overnight work, from working as a maintenance worker to shelve stocker. Nevertheless, many employees pushed back on that assessment, with one overnight worker calling their store "brutal."

Walmart Cashier
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There Isn't One

Maybe there simply isn't an easy job at Walmart. Some workers certainly seem to think that's the case. "Every job has its easier days and its harder days, but everyday is work," one comment reads.