Walmart Employees Share Their Biggest 'Pet Peeves'

Walmart Employee

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Walmart, Manchester, CT
Walmart, Manchester, CT by Mike Mozart (CC BY)

The Worst of Walmart

It’s rare that you hear what employees really think because, well, they don’t want to lose their jobs. That’s why the customer is always right. But what if workers had a place to air their grievances anonymously? That’s precisely what Reddit has become for Walmart employees who recently revealed their “quirky work pet peeves.” (Their subreddit's mascot is a frowning Walmart employee). Keep in mind that these are mostly “small things that really shouldn't annoy you” and not earth-shattering serious complaints.

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Walmart Bakery
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Asking for Sliced Bread

The original poster, a cake decorator, said that slicing bread was their biggest pet peeve, especially when customers make demands. “I don't know why, but it makes me seethe to no end,” the Redditor wrote. “I have to stop decorating my cakes (which in some stages is time-sensitive) and do this stupid task. Today our bread slicer stopped working, and this man demanded I hand-cut it.”

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Buyer hands with football and basketball in sports shop

Bouncing Basketballs

A stray basketball in Walmart? The perfect distraction to keep your kids occupied! But it can be pretty irritating for workers. “The toy department is right next to sporting goods, so I have to hear that all day,” one Redditor wrote. “Worse (are) the kids who walk around bouncing the ball for twenty-thirty minutes while their parents shop. I don’t know how their parents don’t get annoyed!”

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Shot of a female store worker helping a customer in a supermarket

Asking for Something Walmart Doesn’t Carry

Multiple Redditors said it was frustrating when customers insist that Walmart carries a product when, in reality, the retailer has never sold it.

Walmart Out of Stock
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Requesting Out-Of-Stock Products

While not all Walmart employees agreed on this, multiple Redditors complained about having to check the backroom for out-of-stock products. “I ain’t going back there unless I’m pulling freight to the floor to stock,” one employee wrote.

Detail of a man shopping in supermarket
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Getting in an Employee's Way

Everyone (even shoppers) knows the feeling. Someone gets in your way, so you move to take a different route … and then they block you again. “I just want to flip their cart,” one employee wrote.

Walmart Cashier
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Arguing Over Prices

Another worker finds it irksome when customers dispute prices at the register without proof. In that case, “you’re gonna have to pay the price it says,” the Redditor wrote.

Bad boy in supermarket

Bringing Rowdy Kids to the Store

If there’s a common theme throughout the thread, it’s that unruly kids can be a huge headache for workers. From blocking the aisles to bouncing basketballs and riding bikes, multiple Redditors called out customers’ children.

Employee or owner feeling bad at working on supermarket
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The thread’s most-upvoted comment goes to this doomer who said that his biggest pet peeve is, well, everything about his job. “All of the things. From when I clock in, to when I clock out. I know, kind of quirky,” the Redditor wrote.