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Complicated menu hacks for fast-food restaurants go viral on social media all the time, but now some Waffle House employees are fed up with the elaborate (and expensive) orders.

These hacks are generally ways that people come up with to game the ordering system to save a few bucks or create new, dazzling menu items altogether, but almost always make things overly complicated and difficult for the staff. We've seen it mostly recently at Chipotle, where corporate had to step in and turn off online ordering for single tacos after an obnoxious hack went viral. 

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Now it's happening at Waffle House — but Waffle House employees, some of the best short order cooks around, aren't into your latest TikTok trend. A video has gone viral showing a handmade sign displayed on a Waffle House register that reads, "Order from the menu we are not making anything you saw on TikTok!!"

What you "saw on TikTok" probably refers to the latest viral hack called the Waffle House sandwich. A video posted by shantellxoxo a week ago shows the creation, which already has over 8 million views. The sandwich appears to be two whole waffles with a giant hamburger patty, cheese, and bacon between them, plus a big cup of sliced pickles on the side. It's cut into four wedges so it's not a huge floppy mess, and could certainly feed at least a couple people.

Frankly, if you're a fan of Waffle House — or you're having pregnancy cravings, as shantellxoxo apparently is from her hashtag — then this creation looks delicious. But it's also one heck of a special order, and not many WH employees are going to want to deal with it unless maybe you're 9 months pregnant. 

Not to mention the fact that it's a ton of food, and you're going to pay for it all. A number of TikTok users who have successfully convinced an employee to make it for them say it cost at least $20. In a video with 4.6 million views posted by user toroitich, who appears in a Waffle House uniform in some of her videos, she confirms the price. "So stick to a Texas bacon cheesesteak melt or Texas sausage, egg, and cheese melt because that's yeah, about $20."

Now, if you're looking to have your hash browns scattered, smothered, diced, chunked, peppered, covered, or any number of other variations that Waffle House offers, feel free to customize away.

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