'Ban the Food Samples!’ and Other Unpopular Costco Opinions


Costco by Mike Mozart (CC BY)

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Costco by Mike Mozart (CC BY)

Costco Contrarians

The problem with most online communities is that they become so niche and insular that everyone starts saying the same thing. The r/Costco subreddit is no exception. If you’re a member, there’s a good chance you love the rotisserie chicken and would do anything to bring back the combo pizza. 

But thanks to a few free-thinking Costco contrarians in a recent thread, the subreddit came up with some hot takes that are bound to make some fans’ blood boil. And who doesn’t love a good hate read?

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Kirkland Signature Toilet Paper Is Good

For months, Costco superfans have been complaining about the warehouse store’s toilet paper, with one user calling it “sandpaper.” But a brave soul on Reddit was courageous enough to admit that they liked the low-cost TP — and a few others agreed. While it’s not exactly a glowing review, one Kirkland TP defender said that it is “soft enough to not hurt but durable enough to get the job.”

Samples @ Costco
Panegyrics of Granovetter / Flickr

Samples Should Go

Samples are such a big deal at Costco that major outlets like CNN and NBC News treated their post-pandemic return like breaking news. That said, a vocal minority of Costco shoppers want the samples gone. Critics complain that they generate litter and cause “massive traffic jams.” “YES! Ban the food samples!” one commenter writes. “They don't even need to ban them completely, just limit the days/hours they're out, and publish and enforce those hours.”

Costco Business Center checkout
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Express Lanes Would Be Better Than Self-Checkout

Scrap the self-checkout lines and replace them with express lanes for shoppers with 10 items or fewer, one Redditor suggests. The problem with the current system, another Redditor explains, is that Costco has effectively combined the two systems, as the self-checkout lane is often staffed by workers who scan your groceries. “Either have a self-checkout (and actually let people do it themselves) or have an express lane, but let people pick one!!” they write.

Costco cafe pizza
Costco Smoothie
Costco Smoothie by Paul Quesnell (CC BY-NC)
Costco Rotisserie Chicken
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Costco Gas Station
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