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Costco Rotisserie Chicken Now Tastes ‘Chemically,’ Redditors Say

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The rotisserie chicken at Costco has many loyal fans thanks to its low $4.99 price, but recently even true believers have been carping about a perceived change to the chicken.

After a Costco customer asked on Reddit what's up with the rotisserie chicken, having tasted a "distinct chemical flavor" in a recently purchased bird, the post racked up almost 400 comments.

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Though some hadn't noticed a change, many commenters on the social news website and forum agreed, describing the flavor as soapy or chemically.

Theories ranged from different suppliers (and one being lower quality) providing chickens or a chlorine rinse before cooking that left a yucky residue. Others blamed the bird's off taste on coming in contact with the container's plastic lid.

Costco said it had no comment regarding the complaints, but if you're concerned, remember, Costco accepts returns — even if you've taken a bite already.

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