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Inflation is insane. The cost of living is crazy. Wages are out of whack. And we're all left wondering where the hell our paychecks went after we paid the bills and filled the fridge. 

If you're making just enough money to pay for the necessities and there's no feasible way for you to build yourself a nest egg, what economic class are you even in? What's the weight of your wage at that point? 


Is $50 an hour the new middle class?

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TikToker Freddie Smith (aka @fmsmith319) went viral after poking holes in what we can even consider middle class at this point. In his video, Smith points out that there are jobs available everywhere for individuals with no experience to work in the fast-food industry starting around $16 an hour, and at the same time, other job postings that require a bachelor's or even master's degree that offer a similar starting wage. 

After rattling off the average person's monthly expenses compared to their monthly income, Freddie admits those wages aren't exactly livable, yet that's what's being offered to educated and experienced individuals. 

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To add perspective, Freddie mentioned that he talked to someone who quit his job as a school teacher in favor of a role as a bartender because he only made $50,000 a year as a teacher, but as a bartender can make upwards of $100,000. 

In the end, a lot of companies are just out of touch when it comes to compensation. Even at $35 an hour, Freddie concludes that wage is still barely enough to get by. Yet, the middle class makes up half the country. Let that sink in.

Commenters were quick to add their own "it stings because it's true" thoughts from "$30 an hour feels like minimum wage now" to "$250K a year is the new $50K a year."

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