Redditors Commiserate On Climbing Costs Of Living

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Times Are Most Certainly Tough.

It's all at once horrifyingly remarkable and daunting to assess as a whole the inflating state of, well, pretty much all of the things we purchase to get by in this life. Across the board, costs seem adamant on continuing their determined climb. If "money never sleeps" could inflation go into hibernation for a while? 

This AskReddit thread brings folks together to justly commiserate on how far inflation has gone, and how even with a bright, shiny new job promotion, you can find yourself living paycheck to paycheck. Read on for some of the top comments.

Inflation Reddit

The Game of Life Ain't Cheap.

It's no overpriced "easy" cookie to swallow when you lead a healthy lifestyle, work on being smart with your money, and then still barely make ends meet


The Struggle Is Real And Felt By Many.

Now that's just plain old downright unfair. 


Eating Out Is A True Indulgence Nowadays.

It shouldn't be such a financially stress-inducing event to eat out at a restaurant when you have numerous job raises underneath your belt. 


The Paycheck Just Doesn't Hit Like It Used To.

If this describes your situation, at least you know you're not alone. 

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A Salaried Gig Shouldn't Feel Like A Minimum Wage Gig.

Yet, yet, here we are. Too many folks are muddling through intensely demanding salaried jobs, only to again and again come to the bitter collective realization that they're receiving paychecks that in no way align with all their hard work. 

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Now This Is Just Blasphemous.

Sometimes you read something and all you can do is shake your head in overwhelmed disappointment. This might be one of those times. 


Still Though, Good For Them.

This is definitely one of those outlier cases, but if they are truly struggling on the $100K ... yikes, indeed. 

Reddit Gas

Those Gas Prices Will Get Ya.

It seems to always come back to those gas prices


They've Just Thrown In The Towel Altogether.

Well, that's certainly one approach. 


Not The Pasta.

Clearly, nothing is sacred anymore. Inflation shouldn't have brought pasta into this.