10 Things You Should Never Buy New

10 things you should never buy new


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10 things you should never buy new

Secondhand Supremacy

Now that the market for gently used goods is immense, spanning from online shops to mom and pop thrift stores, there's little reason not to buy used goods. Buying things secondhand is good for your pocketbook, yes. But it's also sustainable and fun. In this list, we've gathered 10 things that you should always buy thrifted for practical, financial, and ecological reasons.

Books on display in the corner of a second hand bookstore

1. Books

A good read doesn't get less exciting because someone else has flipped through the pages, so voracious readers should save their dough and buy secondhand. What's more, used books come with an unexpected bonus: insightful marginalia from past readers.

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2. Jewelry

Vintage bling has a story, and let's not forget, it often comes at a fraction of the cost. Plus, pre-owned pieces tend to be unique, adding an extra dash of personality to your style.

Vintage Toys
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3. Toys

Kids outgrow toys faster than they can say "I'm bored." Save your wallet (and the planet) by opting for second-hand toys. They're often just as good as new after a quick clean.

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bicycle wheels, close-up

4. Bicycles

Bikes depreciate faster than you can pedal down the street. A used bike can be just as reliable and much lighter on your budget. Just be sure to inspect the frame and scrutinize the bike's parts just as you would a car.

Used Clothes and Shoes at Thrift Store

5. Clothing

Shein? Never heard of her. Here at Cheapism, we prefer to buy our clothes secondhand, whether that’s from the local thrift shop or online.

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7. Musical Instruments

Musical instruments develop character over time. Plus, buying used can hit the right note for your budget, especially for beginners who might not stick with the hobby.

Picking out favorite games
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8. Video Games

Once someone’s conquered the final boss, games often end up collecting dust. Buying them used means you get the same thrill, minus the hefty price tag.

Porcelain at a flea market

9. Glassware

From quirky mugs to elegant vases, second-hand glassware adds character to your shelves and won’t break the bank. Look for fun pieces at thrift shops or online on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

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10. Recreational Vehicles

RVs, campers, and boats depreciate quickly. Buying them secondhand can save you a small fortune, and they're often just as good for creating those memorable road trips and adventures.