7 Things To Do at Night To Make Mornings Suck Less

Evening tasks

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Evening tasks
Cheapism / Edwin Tan/istockphoto / Sergey Kirsanov/istockphoto / Goodboy Picture Company/istockphoto

Minimize Morning Madness

Mornings suck. Especially when you have to make breakfast, fuel your car up, do chores, and complete a laundry list of other to-dos before you can head out the door. 

Planning ahead the night before a busy morning is always a safe bet, and there are tons of different ways to approach that. From getting a jump-start on meals to doing certain chores to begin the next day with a clean slate, here are some things you can do at night to make you want to rip less hair out of your head the next morning.

Gas refueling

1. Fuel Up

We are all guilty of driving home after work, noticing our low fuel light come on, and telling ourselves, "I'll just leave a little earlier in the morning to get gas." Then you carry on with your evening. You go to bed. You wake up. Without fail, you have the morning from hell and scramble into your car just in the nick of time with not a second left to spare to make your morning commute. There's the low fuel light again, taunting you. Don't tell yourself you'll get gas in the morning. Get it the night before and make your life easier. 

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2. Do the Dishes

Not only will doing the dishes at night give you some satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, but it might save you some sanity the morning after, too. If you're looking for your favorite frying pan to cook your eggs, the last place you want to find it is at the bottom of a sink, buried by other dirty dishes. 

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3. Prep Your Breakfast ...

You'll want to make sure you're eating a balanced breakfast to start your morning right, but sometimes mornings starve you of the time to do that. Get ahead by prepping your breakfast at night. Whether you're making overnight oats or whipping up eggs with veggies to set in the fridge, you'll be glad you did this. 

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Nurse Packing Lunch for Work
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5. Pick Out Your Clothes

Remember doing this when you were in school and it made you feel like you were so on top of things? Wouldn't ya know, it has the same effect as an adult, and this takes hardly any time at all to do. 

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6. Set Yourself Up for a Good Night's Rest

There are so many way's to prepare yourself to get some worthwhile shut-eye. From screen detox time and meditating to journaling and sticking with a bedtime routine, do what you can to make sure you're getting quality rest so you start your morning feeling rejuvenated rather than groggy.

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7. Figure Out What's for Dinner the Next Day

We know we told you to prep breakfast and pack lunch already. So you might as well think about dinnertime, too. You don't necessarily have to do any prep work here (although if you're going for a slow cooker recipe, you could), but figure out what's on the menu the next day so you know if you have to pull anything out of the freezer in the morning.