8 Things Parents Should Never Let Kids Do When Flying

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things not to let kids do on a plane cover photo
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Sky-High Parenting

Traveling with kids is rarely an easy thing to do. Incidentally, parenting is also something that isn't always easy to do. Combining the two things is a beast all its own, and trust us: We get it. Still, there are some obvious ways you can reel your little ones in on an airplane, including these eight things you should absolutely never let your kids do when flying.

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1. Load Up on Sugar

If you've already pressed "Activate" on your brain's vacation mode setting, you might feel more laid back about what snacks you let your kiddo indulge in pre-flight. The smorgasbord of gummy worms, cookies, and chocolate bars they picked out from the airport convenience store flew right under your radar. The sugar buzz that will hit them once you're 31,000 feet in the air, however, won't go so unnoticed. 

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2. Be Bored to 'Build Character'

Maybe you've sworn off screens for your kiddo. You want them to use their (cue the rainbows and butterflies) imagination like you had to when you were a youngster. It's good for them, after all. 

Listen, we don't disagree, but for the sake of an easier flight, just keep your kids entertained

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3. Kick the Seat in Front of Them

If this isn't a no-brainer, it really should be. Parents, when you're driving your car and your little one is in the seat behind you, kicking the back of your seat, does it feel like a Shiatsu massage or does it make you want to brake-check your own child? It's the latter, and we all know it, so don't let your kid do the same thing to a stranger on an airplane. 

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4. Use Electronic Devices Without Headphones

Little Timmy's tablet comes in handy on a long flight, occupying him with games, movies, and everything in between. Just remember the headphones. Sure, parents and other plane passengers alike will be grateful they don't have to listen to Timmy whine about being bored, but the obnoxious soundtrack to his favorite preschool show is better left to Timmy's ears and his alone.

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5. Play Catch at the Gate

Whether you're an ultra-responsible flier and you always arrive at your gate well in advance or you're stuck waiting at the gate because of a daunting delay, we get it: Your kids are going to be bored and restless. But tossing around a football in a crowded gate, repeatedly almost drilling unsuspecting passengers with the pigskin (or worse, actually accidentally hitting someone) is probably an activity best left to the backyard unless your kiddo is a mini Jerry Rice. 

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6. Run Up and Down the Aisle

We don't imagine this is something most parents find acceptable to let their little ones do on an airplane, but the world is always busy surprising us, so we'll throw this out there anyway. If your kids are twiddling their thumbs on an airplane, complaining about how they need to stretch their legs, "go for a jog down the aisle" is probably not the best advice to give them. 

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7. Press the Call Button Excessively

Maybe your headphones are or you're nose-deep in a good book, so you don't see that your little one is no longer taking a nap or engrossed in their iPad. We've all been there. But if you see your kid pressing the flight attendant call button like their life depends on it, maybe a "knock it off" is in order, or a gentle reminder that the button is not a toy — whatever suits your parenting style best.

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8. Not Ensure Everyone Is Seated Together

If you're taking a flight with your children, make sure you get seated together as a family. Getting separated on a plane can lead to results ranging from slightly uncomfortable to absolute dumpster fire.